What is this magic that has happened between some notorious Sunni figures of the Arab world and Israelis ? No sooner Islam reaches power in some countries that immediately you see the Israeli connection activated . Previously the Christians were selected to make this connection especially in Lebanon , but now the Sunnis are surpassing them even if- in Sudan- it is the Christians of the south that have taken the lead regarding this matter .

It is no more a secret that the Arab spring has been designed for the sake of Israel , and even if Arab countries needed more democracy or civil liberties, what they needed more was to get rid of Israel. It is Israel that is poisoning life in Arab countries before anything else, and after Arabs- who know well Israel- realized that it is subject to defeat and has been defeated , and masses were starting rallying around the victorious Lebanese Resistance, it became necessary to intervene in order to prevent any development of the massive support to the Resistance witnessed in the whole Arab world, that will lead ultimately to the fall of all Arab regimes which have not opted for armed struggle.

This siding with the Resistance was the most dangerous threat to Israel due to which Arabs will be granted the right for a change but not in favor of the armed Resistance . This change -arranged by the western powers –was to operate through Google and face book and monitored by al Jazeera . The masses will be deprived from rallying around the Resistance. Instead, they will have to rally against their rulers, the same rulers who would have fallen without difficulty had the Arab masses shown their massive support to the armed Resistance in a extensive and effective way .But this was not allowed. Instead, the rulers were replaced by others even more accommodating, and we ended up with social discords and internal conflicts threatening the security of the various societies and threatening their unity.

Because of this all this paraphernalia had been prepared, and various comparses trained to figure in due time and give ready speeches that will have their places and effects in” operation Arab Spring” . For this Qatar and the prince of Qatar and Sheikh al Qaradawi , and al Jazeera and Google and Face Book and Twitter and hundreds of NGOs and sectarian groups had been created , some to promote democracy and freedom , others to promote sectarianism and Sunni Islam, and others to wage for the moderate mild Islam, and others to wage for terrorism and fanaticism, and others to call for social justice and social rights and women’s rights and freedom of speech and you name it, and all to call for change of regime in Syria .

All these eminent figures and multiple organizations and movements and parties, from the terrorist to the liberal, passing by Sunni Islam and not ending by secularism, have in common this particularity to be open to Israel and to be against Syria . Never the less, even if all these tendencies that abide by the same principles have been encouraged , it is Sunni Islam that has been selected as the most appropriate to counter part the Armed Resistance to Israel, and the most suitable to replace the toppled stooges, and the best to accommodate the needs of Israel. And the Sunni Islam longing to rule has made the necessary changes, and undergone the required surgery, to appear fit and eligible for its new role .

This is how HAMAS operated the necessary changes and started tuning to the enemy, and this is how Sheikh al Qaradawi- backed by Qatar and Israel- issued his various fatwas to topple Arab rulers and liberate Tripoli and Damascus after heading the prayer of Maidan al Tahrir- in front of millions- under the cameras of al Jazeera- before inviting NATO to occupy Libya taking the millions of devotees to their unknown destiny.

Youssef Al-Qardaoui, Bernard-Henry Lévy : même combat?

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