Final Call

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

Bani Israel 
You’ve dug yourselves a hole
You keep digging… Fools
The flood is behind you
Tears and blood and floating body parts
For those of you with hearts that see
Those who want to save themselves
Very little time left
Give up your guns
Give up your greed 
Give up your arrogance
 Give up your support of a doomed ideology
Join humanity
 Face your demons
  Climb down from your pedestal 
 Come begging for forgiveness
Without which redemption is no more
 Shed off your delusions:
Your “chosen-ness”… Heh
Your “chosen-ness” is your biggest downfall
The call of all prophets:
Hear O Hear, Bani Israel

The darkest of your nights

Has been announced
 Clocks are ticking . . .
Retrieve your conscience
Come running 
You have been warned
The End Game is upon us
 The day of your atonement is within sight 
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