Damascus to Ankara: We’ll Arm Every Kurdish Man with A Rocket

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The United States has called for a contact with Syria at the United Nations, as Damascus told Ankara it was heading to arm Kurds, Nidal Hamade wrote in his “Friday Stance” at al-Manar Website.

The US delegation that took part in the UN General Assembly’s meeting has asked for a contact with the Syrian delegation through Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Arab sources in France told al-Manar Website that the US wanted to discuss the issue of Syria’s chemical weapons.

According to the sources, Syria stressed, with a Russian guarantee, that these weapons would not be used in any mean inside Syria during the conflict between the government and the militant opposition which has been supported by the US and its Arab and Turkish allies.

The Arab sources said that the Syrian delegation stressed that the chemical weapons have been secured and far from danger, and it would not be used but in case of foreign attack against Syria. And in this case, the countries which have been inciting and taking part in this attack, would be a “legitimate target” for the Syrian rockets which are loaded with chemical warheads, including countries neighboring Syria.


The Arab sources noted that the Zionist entity and Turkey were definite targets for the non-traditional Syrian rockets in case of foreign military intervention in Syria, something Qatari Emir and Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi have called for in the UN.

Turkish soldiersIn the same context, Kurdish sources close to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria, which is considered as the Syrian branch for the PKK, said that Syria has sent a letter to Turkey saying that the Turkish interference in Syria, which reached the extent of a direct military interference on the border and Idlib, would prompt Damascus to arm every Kurdish man in both Turkey and Syria.

The Kurdish source added that the regime in Syria is heading towards arming the Kurdish militants with heavy and advanced weapons including cornette rockets which the Kurds need during their fight against Ankara, in addition to mortar bombs and many other weapons and equipments.

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