New Massacre in Al-Haidariya, Armed Group Assure Attacking Town

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Crimes against civilians continue in Syria as an armed terrorist group committed earlier Sunday a massacre against citizens of Al-Haidariya village in Al-Qseir countryside in Homs province, killing over 17 people and kidnapping a number that is not specified yet.

According to Syrian news agency SANA, an armed group early Sunday attacked Al-Haidariya village, shelling it with mortars and machineguns, and killing 17 people.

The news agency quoted a source as saying that “the armed group also perpetrated looting and theft acts in the village.”
For their part, Al-Farouq brigades assured in a statement published in their website that they attacked Al-Haidariya village, claiming that they “completely liberated it”.

The statement said that “the heroes” of Al-Farouq brigades surrounded Al-Ghassaniyah village, and fired rockets at a school that they later broke into, indicating that they “advanced after that towards Al-Haidariya to liberate it”.
Meanwhile, units of the armed forces clashed with an armed group in Bab Hud and Bab Al-Turkman neighborhoods in Homs city, killing a number of them.

SANA further reported that the Armed Forces destroyed six cars equipped with DShK machineguns and killed terrorists in Al-Jandoul roundabout, Baleh town, and Daret Izzeh in Aleppo.

Armed groups were also targeted in Sheikh Suleiman area and in Tal-Abiad town and its countryside in Raqqa province.

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