Mashaal meets with Kurdish Zionist puppet Barzani in Ankara, the day of liberating Jerusalem is getting near everyday.

With the presence of puppet leaders from Egypt and Tunisia and Palestine, the Justice and Development Party Conference turned into a “Muslim” Brotherhood in the Islamic world.

Though Turkey have increasingly prosperous economic relations with Israel and to protect the national security of the Zionist entity  installed a Nato missile shield against Iran,
Khaled Mashaal confirmed his hostility to  Syrian by swearing allegiance as leader of the Islamic world.

Ignoring that Turkey is a member of NATO and allied with the United States and the West, who are responsible for our Nakba and the core supporters of the Zionist project, the Leader of Hamas (SON OF HAMAS) expressed his Movement’s appreciation for the position voiced by premier Recep Erdogan during the congress in support of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.
Even when Erdogan criticized Israel in the speech, he made no reference to the Israeli occupation and settlements and judaization of Jerusalem, all he said was nothing more than his refusal to normalize his relations with Tel Aviv until “Israel” apologies.

Palestinians wonder about the position Hamas and its Mashaal if Israel apologized and relations between Turkey and Israel to normal.

Hamas hostility to the Syrian regime should never justify the allegiance of Erdogan the leader of Turkey as the leader of the Islamic world. Such acts raise concern and fear of new riots in the Muslim world.

Mashaal knows very well that his reference to the choice of resistance as the only way to liberate the land shall not be welcomed in Ankara which recognizes Israel and was critical to the firing of rockets from Gaza on Israeli settlements.

Unless Hamas is preparing for a new phase in line with Nato spring, Mashaal should have remembered the above mentioned facts before he prepared to address the congress?

His meeting with the Zionist puppet Masoud Barazani (The son of Mustafa Barazani) explains where Hamas is heading.

Mashaal discussed with Barzani the developments in the Palestinian arena, especially the issue of the reconciliation, and the situation in the region in light of the Arab uprisings

Massoud Barzani and Mustapha Barzani have been puppets of the Mossad since 1952..

Maier Amit on left of Mostafa Barazani and David Kron on his right-1966


Mostafa Barazani (on left) with Deputy Mossad Director in Northern Iraq-1966

With Levy Ashkoul 1968
With Dayan 1968

Head of Mossad delegation, Haim Libkob with Mutafa Barazani-1972

In Gaza, the Palestinian minister of religious affairs Ismail Radwan said the Arab Spring uprisings gave the Palestinian people the sense that the day of liberating Jerusalem is getting near everyday. 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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