World, I Love You

Nahida -exiled Palestinian

In times of great upheaval and when darkness prevails, it is the remembrance of what is important that will keep us going.
Hope thrives by sustaining and fostering our humanity, amidst the gloomy hours of turbulence and anguish.

The other day
I looked into your eyes

I saw Heaven 
My heart smiled
Fluttered its wings
and flew away

Looking above, I saw my heart growing


Growing… growing
Pouring out love
Embracing All


Trees swayed in jubilation 
Hills and mountains imbibed within 

 Flowers and meadows twirled with elation

 Soil and sand trembled of devotion

  Babies, dolphins, birds and butterflies

with beautiful grins, bounced around 

With a child’s heart
 Playing hide and seek
Rivers and oceans pounded with joy

 Earth, planets, galaxies and stars
Danced while nesting inside
 My heart contained
All there is

 Besotted, swept off my feet
I swirled with joy


In disbelief, I looked at me . . . shrinking
Rose Petals . . . scattered
A speck of dust . . . faded away
 I am gone


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  1. I feel it too, Nahida, Love is all we have which is free, unbridled and filled with promise. Love is in the air, earth and water, in our hearts and in our minds. Love knows no bounds, appreciates all life and nurtures the downtrodden, oppressed and forlorn. Love heals and overcomes all sorrows, afflictions and grief. Love is bigger than all of humanity, bigger than the earth and it's creatures, trees and flowers. Love is why we live, how we live and what we live, Love is all things to all people. Love is what I feel for such a one as Nahida, for Palestine, for Palestinians and for all people no matter whom they are what they say do or feel, love is unconditionally mine to give wherever whenever and however Allah sees fit. Love is eternal.

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