Syria / Turkey: NATO leaves Erdogan out in the cold – No Casus foederis

Syria / Turkey: No Syrian excuse because Investigations are still ongoing.

The news of last Thursday were coined by the events on the Syrian-Turkish borders and it is still sad that Western media only rarely confess that Turkey is the host of a lot of foreign armed fighters at their border to Syria and that the party of Erdogan allows these armed mercenaries and foreign fighters to cross this border as they like.

This Turkish government even supports these religious fanatics and radical fighters in a lot of ways while some U.S. Intelligence agents and other agents from other Western Intelligence services care about the replenishment and distribution of weapons and ammo.

Not to mention that even ambulances are used to transport these armed fighters and that the Red Cross were already in the news because they delivered food to the armed fighters and not to the civilians in a small Syrian village some months ago. That`s really not the way how the Red Cross should act in any case.

Yesterday`s report by the German State television channel ZDF at 16:00 o`clock said clearly that the “Syrian rebels have perpetrated the attack on Turkey”. In the news shows called “Heute in Europa” (“Today in Europe”) it was clearly audible for every consumer at home.

But now, this part of the report about the Syrian / Turkish border problems is suddenly missing. That is truly not the way how the so-called “free press” should act and to re-edit own reports always stinks. Of course, the most Germans will not hear or read about this.

The most Germans do believe what their evening news is telling them and do not put these reports into question. They grew up with the opinion that their “Free Press” is the best press and always near the truth. Of course, this makes a lot very easy for the German media and, in addition, for the German government (eminently).

Even if this statement that “the Syrian rebels were responsible for the attack of a Turkish border village” was just a slip of the tongue, why re-edit it and to delete this small piece? Of course, the editorial office of the German State television channel ZDF did this willfully after the broadcast of this report when they have noticed that they have either made a fatal slip of the tongue or used too much truth in their coverage of Syria accidently.

After all, they have reported that the so-called Syrian rebels have attacked Turkey that is not mentioned anywhere else. But as already stated yesterday, considering the locations and reactions, it is truly possible that the Western-backed armed fighters and Obama-supported al Qaeda groups are responsible for this and that some sides wanted to create another pretext for an NATO alliance case (Casus foederis) to finally enter Syria and to create buffer zones for further military actions.

The Article 5 of the so-called NATO Treaty governs mutual defense in the event of an attack on a member nation of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization / some call it North Atlantic Terror Organization).

In addition to the statement that the Syrian rebels are responsible for the provocation against Turkey, the video reports of both German state television channels, ARD and ZDF, have always shown the flags of Turkey, the Syrian rebels (French mandate flag) and some al Qaeda flags, while the correspondent was never willing to explain that these flags are typical flags of al Qaeda groups.
Of course, these correspondents should mention this because the people in the West have a huge claim to hear the truth and these descriptions of flags and symbols. There was no official flag of Syria in these reports. No Syrian flag was visible.

Thus, it seems like the most soil on the Turkish-Syrian border is occupied by these armed groups and that the Syrian army is not really around in some areas. In addition, the place from which the attack on the Turkish border village was launched is known as a place where regularly fights between the Western-/Erdogan-backed fighters and the Syrian Arab Army.

In addition, the easy question “Who benefits from the attack and a possible NATO involvement” should give a correct answer of who could be responsible for this attack and the attempt to create another pretext by a false-flag action.

Made the German media station ZDF a mistake or was it the truth that they have not really told to their audience since the beginning of the situation within Syria? What has caused this reporting? And as if this message should be corrected quickly, one is able to suddenly find some headlines, which make clear that the Syrian government side is responsible for the shelling, of course. In addition to the afterwards edited clip by ZDF.

Of course, for Western media of the democratic states it is immediately clear and certain that the Syrian Arab Army is responsible for the attack of this Turkish border town, even if the investigations are still ongoing and even if there is, to be honest, still no evidence for this. As usually, these Western so-called journalists act like speaking trumpets of their governments that are partly blackmailed by other states and organizations.

Or like France and Germany, which are also interested in the economic benefits after the fall of the Syrian government and the (killing?) fall of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But to be honest, also the German and French government knows that this would just trigger more violence first. It seems that some leaderships of Western countries are either stupid or schizophrenic; not to mention that they have already proven that they do not care about murdered Syrian civilians and the truth of events as long as it serves their imperialistic policy and questionable geo-political goals.

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(Weapons for peaceful protesters in Syria)

Who cares about evidence and the truth as long as one is able to blame the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army? It seems no so-called journalist in the West cares about the truth or facts. The investigation is still ongoing and as al-Jaafari has told, the Syrian side has not yet excused for this. Why not? Because nothing is confirmed and the investigations are continued.

The bulletin news by Reuters were again false and just another propaganda piece. As usually, these media agencies like Reuters, BBC, ARD, CNN, FoxNews, ZDF, and so on, report what they want and are not interested in excuses afterwards, even it was already confirmed that their coverage of this event was false.

In addition, journalists from BBC still act like they are the criterion for true reports and objective coverage. It is questionable if they either swallow unknown drugs or if they are really that dumb and arrogant to not recognize the biased crap that BBC is reporting since months, even since years, about different events on this planet.

Some would say that’s just the general British attitude but this is sure wrong. There are British people on social media networks like e.g. Twitter, who are smart, honest, and able (also willing) to recognize the contradictory and biased reporting. Not to mention that these people also put the dubious sources of these reports into question. (For example, the really strange and ludicrous Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) For example, British people should follow Mr. Charles Shoebridge ‏(@ShoebridgeC) at Twitter.

One has to wonder, who is really interested in an escalation of the situation in the Middle East and particularly between Syria and Turkey. As the Syrian and Turkish people have already proven, the most people of these two countries are not interested in an escalation of their relationships. In addition, it seems like the most Turks do reject the anti-Syrian policy of Erdogan and his party.

The side that is interested in an escalation of the situation between Turkey and Syria is everybody, who has repeatedly called for an “international intervention” in Syria in recent months.

But such a “no-fly zone” (Libya is a very bad and sad example of NATO hypocrisy) and the establishment of so-called “humanitarian corridors” would only provide fields of action for more terrorism, violence, and further military actions against the sovereign and secular state of Syria. In addition, much more civilians would be killed by NATO imperialism that is covered by the phrase of bringing democracy and freedom to a foreign country.

Who brags again and again that he has occupied (ehm “liberated”) the Syrian villages at the Syrian-Turkish border and also brags again and again that he has successfully occupied the whole border area between Turkey and Syria? Yes, it is the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) that is supported by Turkey, the West, and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Thus, when the border area and border towns are occupied by the Western-backed terrorist groups, it is just logical that the launch of the attack at the Turkish border village was carried out by this persons and not by the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, because allegedly, according to the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), there are no Syrian soldiers anymore in this area.

All these questions can be answered. The “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and Turkey. Why should the Syrian government in this delicate situation, just attack the neighboring country that is a member of NATO and force the implementation of Article 5 and so on..? That would be stupid, and somehow, it would also be suicidal.

The Syrian government or regime is not interested in an open war with Turkey or the whole NATO member states. In addition, the Syrian President, but also other Syrian politicians, have always stated that they have no interested in harming the Turkish people because the Turkish people are not responsible for the violence in Syria and the Turkish people are Syria`s sisters and brothers.

One should consider whether this shelling was not an intended provocation by the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), in order to provoke a war. The armed terrorists, radicals, and religious fanatics of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the other Obama-backed al Qaeda groups realize again and again that their strategy in Syria has failed. They have no real chance against the Syrian Arab Army and the most inhabitants of Syria do not support these armed radicals. Thus, these armed NATO-backed groups have already changed their strategy a bit and have increased their terrorist acts, bombing, and the inhuman violence against Syrian soldiers and civilians.

With the events of Wednesday, the shelling from Syria at the Turkish border town Akcakale, it is not yet absolutely clear who was behind the attack and what led to the grenades that have crashed into the city. In addition, the fast response by Turkey and the quick meetings do raise questions.

Unfortunately, the whole mass media in the West has quickly condemned the Syrian Arab Army without having any evidence for their headlines or claims. The German State television channel, a German propaganda agency, the ZDF, has then reported in their regularly news show “Heute in Europa” that the Syrian rebels have forced the provocation and were responsible for the attack at the Turkish border town. As stated, the editorial office from ZDF has changed these lines afterwards. The same night of the day of the attack of the Turkish border town, Turkey has responded to this attack with the shelling of Syrian military bases.

A NATO emergency meeting was triggered, of course. On Thursday morning, the Turkish parliament has passed a bill which justifies the retaliation that was already carried out. In addition, this bill allows the Turkish army to carry out attacks on Syrian soil in future. The bill was adopted by a large majority that is 320 against 192 votes. No surprise, Erdogan`s dangerous party has long ago cared about the fact to have a huge support in the Turkish parliament and that “unwanted” generals of the Turkish army are arrested.

Both the Turkish opposition and peace activists have protested outside the seat of the Turkish Parliament. Their protest was abruptly brought to an end when police targeted them with tear gas and used more and more violence against the peaceful protesters.

Nothing new: The Turkish policy (of Erdogan`s party) and Erdogan’s dreams, the Ottoman Empire, at least to partially erect the Ottoman Empire again, do not allow any peaceful protests that are not congruent with Erdogan`s visions and politics.

That Erdogan does not care about some killed Turkish or Kurdish persons at the border area of Turkey was already clear. In recent months, there were regularly clashes between pro-Syria protesters and the Turkish security forces.

Erdogan wants a war to prove that he is a good NATO slave and American friend.

Since the NATO emergency meeting has not yielded to the desired goals, Turkey tried it in the UN Security Council, but Russia has blocked here. Lavrov said that is was tragic and sad mistake by Syria if the “attack was really carried out by the Syrian Arab Army”.

Even if the UN Security Council (UNSC) has strongly condemned Syria, the Panel remains almost incapacitated. Yet the calls on Syria to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors sound very provocative and ridiculous because which Western country and imperialistic war monger does respect the Syrian sovereignty? Nobody.

In contrast, they support armed groups and al Qaeda fighters in Syria. Deliver weapons, ammo and other equipment to them; and the nice uncle Erdogan is even the willfully host of armed Islamists, mercenaries and other radical persons. Turkey is involved directly in the Syrian crisis from the beginning.

It now remains to be seen how today’s Friday will be. The waves between Turkey and Syria seem to have decreased a bit. The negotiations must be conducted with the current Syrian government, but unfortunately, the Western-backed gunmen, the religious fanatics, and the Obama-supported fighters of al Qaeda have other interests than negotiations.

It may be that this scenario will continue for a long grueling time, as long as these radical fighters and inhuman religious animals are supported with money and weapons by so-called democratic governments in the West. Not to mention the sons of Judas Iscariot in the Gulf (the regimes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia), who betray their Arab and Muslim brothers since a long time.

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