Growing Spine!

 Nahida Exiled Palestinian

Another attempt to ostracise a devoted and dedicated activist,
 but this time it has failed.

Finally, some in the Solidarity Movement appear to be growing some spine! They refuse to apply the Talmudic method of “Disavowal”

Unlike PSC in UK, and instead of slandering, defaming and ostracizing an active founding member Greta Berlin, Free Gaza Movement defended her and declared their support .

This attempt by crypto-zionist stooges to character-assassinate effective activists by means of intimidation and defamation, presenting themselves as “racists-detectors“, “anti-Semite-filters” and “holocaust-deniers-inspectors“, only to push visionary-activists out of the Movement.

 Thus working as  Controlled Opposition, by framing the debate, blocking information and restricting the boundaries of  freedom of thought, disavowing those who cross their “red line”,  and promoting only those who follow their agenda.

We support justice in Palestine not demonizing each other

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