Palestine, Shylock Peres and the MB Merchants of Vinice

Haniyeh: The visit of Qatar’s Emir to Gaza is national day

He (Haniyeh) pointed to the Egyptian arrangements for the prince’s reception in Arish airport and then heading to the Rafah crossing, accompanied by an Egyptian minister representing Egypt in his visit to Gaza till his return.

Haniyeh noted that President Mursi confirmed Egypt’s readiness to enter all construction materials, and necessary equipment for the reconstruction of Gaza.

Haniyeh thanked Qatar and Egypt that helped ease the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip caused by Israel’s ongoing assaults, and its siege.

He called on the Palestinian people in Gaza to get out on Tuesday to receive the Prince of Qatar and to thank Qatar and its people.

Haniyeh concluded by saying: “we will hit the wall of the blockade, today in Gaza and tomorrow in Jerusalem, Welcome for the Emir of Qatar on the land of Palestine and the besieged Gaza.”


Tomorow in Jerusalem = Crusades created kingdoms and fiefdoms in Palestine and elsewhere in the region which lasted for a longer duration than has Israel.
But, the Crusades met their ultimate fate because they couldn’t overcome the basic dichotomy between their colonialist dreams and the geographic and demographic realities of the Middle East.

Eventually, Israel will have to meet the same fate of Crusades


Being desirous of maintaining and strengthening the cordial relations which so happily exist between our two countries, I have chosed Mr. Atef Mohamed Salem Sayed El Ahl to be our ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary.

I request you to please, grant him your support, your patronage… especially since I had the honour to convey to you what I wish happiness for your, and your country.

With highest esteem and consideration
Your “loyal friend” Antonio known as Mohamad Mursi

The Islamists in General and especially “Muslim” Brotherhood from Khaled Mashaal, and his HAMAS who left Syria and sold his rifle in Qatar….to Islamist Rashid Ghannouchi who wrapped his gun as a gift with Red Ribbon at AIPAC headquarters in New York And returned with a red carpet and authority armchair…..

What disgusted is Islamic justifications breaking the bones cutting the necks of the large question marks and signs, excluding the exclamation marks from language burying it in secret without funeral…. These liars were preaching us that Israel settlements is trembling by the voice Mohamed morsy, that the rate of migration of Israelis has doubled due to fear of Islamists reaching the South borders of “Israel” that the Zionism heart is beating strongly its face yellowed…
The result was that the number of Egyptian Christians fleeing from Egypt has doubled not the Zionists fleeing Israel. in realty immigration to Israel increased particularly after the “spring” of Arabs.

For the Islamists the so-called East spring means clencing Christians from Syria and Iraq and Lebanon, The Islamists who refused dictatorships opposing Jihad are covering their betrayal using their new popular drug (give us an opportunity for stability, don’t rock our boat, give us time and we shall not fail you).
Under this logo, they justifyed the letter of Atantonio, the Egypts “merchant of Venice”. Its a Taqiya Fatwa to justify the Islamists relationship with the West and Israel, a Fatwa for dodging and maneuver until they get stronger and able to “throw Israel into the sea” and achieve their Sincere Promise released decades ago. According to their malicious preliminary estimates they need 20 years to regain their guns sold by red carpets and chairs!! …

Have you seen more of this hypocrisy and stupidity???
BTW, we call the donkey in arabic HUMAR, and those who remember the debate at de-Libaration with the sectarian Khalid HAMAYREH, about the so-called Shiits Tuqiya, will realise who are the true liars. In HAMAYREH’s final anal-ysis Israel will have to meet the same fate of Crusades.
It’s the tale of the man who was sentenced to death by the King, the stormed his mind and to save his life promised the King that he could teach the Kings donkey to sing in five years, the King decided to give him a chance, otherwise he will kill him after five years in case he failed to hear his donkey singing…
When asked about his impossible promise the man said: within the five years one may die either me, or the king or the  donkey…

According to the Islamist’s spring in waiting twenty years to hear their sold gun sold singing the Islamist’s Jihad song in Palestine, the Muslim Brotherhood gun either die (or rust) or Israel die by a heart attack … Or people die (The Brotherhood’s donkey)..

According to well informed source there is document with the Russian intelligence indicating that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood soled Iskandaron province, a piece of arab land soaked with Syrian blood to the Erdogan, the Turkish Shylock on the pretext of demarcation and recognition of the new realities and limitations of disagreement ….
It is wholesale and retail selling of guns and real estate … And what Mursi wrote was nothing but a deed selling Jerusalem, for a chair and read carpet. 

“Today we declare victory against the blockade through this historic visit,” he said. “We say thank you, Emir, thank you Qatar for this noble Arab stance … Hail to the blood of martyrs which brought us to this moment.”

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