Brotherhood’s Sectarian War on Syria

Ismail Haniyeh of Gaza Islamist group Hamas condemned the attacks. (AFP)Palestinian sources said that Syrian security shot two Hamas leaders in Dera’a camp for Palestinian refugees in Syria.

“We feel the pain of our (Palestinian) people in camps in Syria, of martyrs and wounded … May the criminal hand release its grip on children of our Palestinian people in Syria,” Haniya the head of the Hamatan government said in his sermon for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.
A week ago (Ma’an) Gunmen from the Free Syrian Army on Friday assassinated a Palestinian leader in Deraa refugee camp, the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command said.

Free Syrian Army rebels shot dead PFLP-GC leader Adel Hasan in the southern Syrian city, PFLP-GC said in a statement.

PFLP-GC added that Palestinians would continue to support the Syrian people and resist “terrorists” trying to overthrow President Bashar Assad.

On June 27, 2012 Hamas mourned Kamal Hosni Ghanajah, known as Nizar Abu Mujahid,” who was murdered in his home in the Syrian capital, saying that it was investigating the case. until today Hamas said nothing about its ivestigation.

According to the Merchants of Vinice in Ankara, Cairo, Tunis and Gaza, Syria, now is the  “gigantic crime against humanity”

For non-arab readers,
GUN = Bundiqiya
Vinice= Bundiqiya
So, Merchant of Vinice, refers to both Shyloc’s story and the Ex-Freedom fighters who sold there guns, and those who rented their guns to the wrong enemy.

Hamami from London to Mishaal
Leave Damascus now

11 months ago, Hamami, a whore based in London, imagined himeself in Nasrallah shoes he “Sincerely” Promised our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that’s a promise!”

After brother Obama’s decliration: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital”, the Whorehood’s first Qibla, and second Haram is no more in Jerusalem, Erdugan and his Nato Mufti, will declare Amawiyade’s Mosque in Damuscus ‘soon’ as second Haram and third Qibla

Sectarian Khalid Hamayreh, silent on American Brothers deeds, mocked Ramallah traitor for saying ” Israel was created in order to stay for ever.” he called “Fatah to distance itself from Abbas’s scandalous remarks”

“Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean belongs to the Palestinian people and the Muslim Umma, not to the Abbas’ family. Which begs the question of whether Abbas had consulted with the Palestinian people and Muslims around the world before uttering these stunning words.” Hamayreh added, ignoring that the all the red lines were crossed by Arafat since Oslo, where PLO recognised Israel’s right to exist on 78% of historic Palestine.

‘Abbas’s remarks have been vehemently rejected and condemned by many Palestinian intellectuals, who called the remarks, inter alia, catastrophic, shocking and crossing all redlines.” Hamayreh said “Abbas should have thought elaborately before uttering the unutterable.

“if Muslims can not liberate Palestine due to their military weakness, they have no right to come to terms with the usurpation of Muslim land.” he added “In the final analysis, there is no verse in the Holy Quran stating that the Palestinian problem must be resolved during Mahmoud Abbas’s life time.”

In Hamayreh’s final analysisPalestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean belongs to the Palestinian people and the Muslim Umma, not to the Abbas’ family.”

According to Hamayreh, Palestine belongs to Mursihood, “representing” 1.5 billion Muslims, But as “the Zionist entity is powerful militarily, thanks to its domination of the American government.” and whereas there is no verse in the Holy Quran stating that the Palestinian problem must be resolved during Haniya’s life time, and whereas the “Umma Leader” the rights of the Palestinian people will restored by “diplomatic action”.

According to Nasrallah and the Shiits of “Iblis” as called by the sectarian thug, the Zionist entity is weaker the than a spider web. Nasrallah reminded the Brothers of America that Al-Quds is the central cause, that the American Administration

“is the one occupying your Palestine, violating your Al-Quds, threatening your Holy mosque, and it is the one responsible, even before the enemy, of holding thousands of Palestinians in prisons, and of displacing, torturing, and besieging them in Gaza and the West Bank.”

On 1982, in stead of moving to Damascus, Arafat dropped his gun and moved to Tunis. Three decades later, Mashaal left to Qatar, and turned the Gun to fight Syria, the historical cave for Palestinian resistance. 

According to confirmed sources, Syria Truth, a Syrain opposition site, claimed that Ghanajah was involved in terrorist operations carried out by Syrian and non-syrian armed groups, Syria, against institutions, Syrian and palestinian people, close to the regime including the “Palestinian Liberation Army”, whose arms depots in the suburbs of Damascus were looted at the hands of armed groups supervised by Ghanajah personally.

Another source said “it is now confirmed that Ghanajah provided infrastructure for armed Islamist groups in the suburbs of Damascus, and specifically for those associated with the Muslim Brotherhood,” including hideouts, weapon warehouses , 4 wheel cars, Dushka guns and means of communication .. etc. “. More

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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