What do they want from Syria?

A general view of the scene of a car bomb explosion in Jaramana, a mainly Christian and Druze suburb of Damascus, on November 28, 2012

A general view of the scene of a car bomb explosion in Jaramana, a mainly Christian and Druze suburb of Damascus, on November 28, 2012
Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:25AM
The terrorist war on Syria, which the Western media trumpet as a ‘pro-democracy uprising,’ is aimed at precisely the opposite of pluralist coexistence. What the terrorists want is to tear the tolerant soul out of the country and plunge its people into an internecine, hate-filled sectarian bloodbath.”
“What do they want from Jaramana? The town brings together people from all over Syria and welcomes everybody.” These were the anguished words of one distraught resident in the Syrian town of Jaramana that was devastated by multiple deadly explosions this week.

The death toll has yet to be confirmed. Early reports on the blasts said 34 were killed. Later, the toll was put at more than 50, with over 120 injured, many critical. All of the victims were civilian.

Over the past 20 months, Syria has witnessed dozens of massacres and horrific car bombings in its capital Damascus and in other cities and countless villages across the country. But the latest atrocity in Jaramana, located close to the capital, is distinguishable perhaps because it most clearly shows the vile Machiavellian mentality of the perpetrators in their broader strategy towards the Middle Eastern country.

As the words of the shell-shocked resident above indicate, Jaramana can be seen as an exemplar of the pluralist nature of the Syrian society, “welcoming everybody”. The town is particularly known for its Christian and Druze Muslim communities, who by all accounts have coexisted peacefully for centuries. The populace is also largely supportive of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

This Wednesday morning, as workers, mothers and school children were going about their usual daily routine, two massive no-warning explosions ripped through the heart of Jaramana. The second blast was detonated minutes after the first one when bystanders were rushing to the scene to aid the wounded. The heinous calculation of the perpetrators was to maximise the killing and suffering.

“What do they want from Jaramana?” The answer is revealed in the resident’s subsequent words: “The town brings together people from all over Syria and welcomes everybody.”

The terrorist war on Syria, which the Western media trumpet as a “pro-democracy uprising”, is aimed at precisely the opposite of pluralist coexistence. What the terrorists want is to tear the tolerant soul out of the country and plunge its people into an internecine, hate-filled sectarian bloodbath.

The targeting of Jaramana is a deliberate, brutal calculation to precipitate such a bloodbath. The town has been inflicted with several similar, although less deadly, bombings in recent months. On 29 October, a car bomb killed 11 people.

There are no military or state security installations in Jaramana. As noted, it is a urban district known for its tolerance towards mixed religions and cultural heritage. But, for the terrorists and their fiendish mentality, that civic virtue made Jaramana a prime target.

The armed militants in Syria are driven by Sunni extremists of Wahhabist or Salafist tendencies, who see pluralist coexistence of Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Druze, Christian, Jews and non-believers as anathema to their demented puritanical ideology.

Other elements within the Syrian armed militant groups would appear to be simply “soldiers of fortune” – mercenaries and criminal opportunists who have no particular religious affiliation.

However, taken together, these various militant factions are united by one criminal goal: to smash Syria, ruthlessly and recklessly.

The Syrian society, as it currently exists with its emphasis on secular pluralism, must be destroyed at all costs by these extremists and criminal opportunists. The most effective way to sabotage Syria is to unleash a sectarian bloodbath and to pit communities at each other’s throats. That will ensure the collapse of the central government and the splintering of society into sects. In this intended milieu of violence, chaos and fear, Syria will then be at the mercy of those who want to dominate this proud, historic country.

The enemies are well known. Western governments have had their knives out for Syria over many years, seeing it as a strategic obstacle of popular resistance to Western imperialism and Zionism in the Middle East. The Sunni regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and latterly Egypt under Mohammed Morsi want to see Syria roped into their camp, with the added appeal of undermining Iran’s regional influence.

Saudi Arabia’s autocrats are particularly obsessed with defeating what they perceive jealously as the Shia Crescent represented by Iran, Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Both of these agenda converge on the objective of isolating Iran and setting up the Islamic Republic for an all-out military assault.

Syria is therefore a crucial geopolitical prize for the West and its regional allies. The supposed advocacy of democratic reforms by Western governments and their corporate media mouthpieces is of course a cynical cover for their criminal imperialist agenda. That particular ridiculous lie is exposed by the West’s collusion with the most repressive dictatorial regimes on the planet – the Persian Gulf monarchies – in “liberating” Syria.

Also, if Saudi Arabia and Qatar are so concerned about the welfare of their Arab Muslim brothers in Syria, why aren’t these supposedly chivalrous monarchs sending weapons and fighters to help the besieged Palestinian people of Gaza?

A measure of the Syrian prize is the criminal lengths to which the enemies of Syria are willing to go in order to vanquish the country and install their self-styled regime.

The massacres of families and children in villages like Houla and Qubair; the cold-blooded execution of civilians forced to kneel before their killers; and the callous bombing of civilians as seen this week in Jaramana are techniques of terror that the Western governments and their allies have perfected elsewhere over several decades. The Americans used such demonic scientific terrorism in Central America; the French in North Africa; and the British in East Africa and more recently in Northern Ireland.

Syria is witnessing the worst of all possible criminal assaults – the evolution and amalgamation of Western state terrorism fuelled with the petrodollars of mindless Arab despots.

Adding to the abomination, many of the crimes in Syria have been filmed by the perpetrators and subsequently released claiming that they were the action of government forces. One incident was the explosive demolition of a mosque by the mercenaries in Aleppo, who were filmed laughing at their war crime. Western media claimed it was the Syrian national army, only for it to emerge that it was actually the members of the so-called Free Syrian Army.

Recent claims that the Syrian armed forces are using cluster bombs to kill children have been given the usual Western media prominence. But given the track record of the Western-backed mercenaries and the Western propaganda machine, the weight of suspicion surely lies on them.

Within hours of the mass murder of the innocents in Jaramana, the United Nations General Assembly in New York adopted a draft resolution condemning the Syrian government for what it called “widespread human rights abuses”.

The condemnation was co-sponsored by the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey – the very sponsors of Western state terrorism plunging the Syrian people into a bloodbath. The UN stands as an institution that is not just a debased propaganda tool, it is a propaganda tool splattered with the blood of innocents.


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American Holocaust of Native American Indians (FULL Documentary)

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

FACTS: WMS (Weapons of Mass Salvation)

When truth is obfuscated

When crimes are ignored

When imprisoned if you believe”

When imprisoned if you deny” 

When truth-seekers are attacked

When truth-speakers are kicked out

When poison is offered with honey

When gatekeepers run the show

When wolves put on sheep-clothing

When Injustice becomes the Law

When criminals are defended

When robbers are absolved

When obscenity is glorified

When babies-slaughter becomes the “norm”

When their blood is “nothing new”

When their screams . . . “we’ve heard that before”

When genocide is downplayed . . . “so what… everyone did it”


RAGE friends RAGE 

RAGE is a virtue

Righteous anger… absolutely justified

RAGE my friends RAGE

Let your rage ignite the den of demons

Let your rage break the chains

Let your rage bring truth to life

Let your rage nail sleaze with FACTS

FACTS friends FACTS 


Exclusive: Inside Future Movement’s Syria Arms Trade

It was soon revealed that the source had been working with Sakr for more than a year as part of an operations room established to support the Syrian uprising. (Photo: Haytham al-Moussawi)
Published Thursday, November 29, 2012
Al-Akhbar has obtained recordings of Future Movement MP Okab Sakr organizing weapons transfers to the armed Syrian opposition at the behest of Future leader Saad Hariri.
The phone call is the first hard evidence of the role Sakr and his backers in Future were playing in providing arms and logistical support to the Syrian rebels.

In a three-part series built on documents, audio recordings, and interviews with sources close to Sakr, Al-Akhbar will shed light on Sakr’s attempts to hijack the Syrian uprising for his own means while running the armed opposition into the ground.

A few weeks ago, Al-Akhbar’s offices in Beirut received an anonymous phone call. The caller claimed he was in possession of “audio recordings which will expose MP Okab Sakr and his role is destroying the [Syrian] revolution.”
The news did not come as a surprise. Sakr’s connection to the Syrian opposition was well-known, and his role as an arms dealer to the rebels had been documented in the press.
Neither was it the first time that information about the existence of audio recordings of Sakr’s conversations had circulated.
Al-Akhbar initially doubted the caller and his motivations, but he promptly sent the first recording. It sounded a lot like Sakr’s voice, which was later confirmed by audio experts.
A few days later, the anonymous caller made another phone call to Al-Akhbar and gave his email address. Further communications were carried out over email and phone to identify the extent of the recorded material and its importance.
The source did not reveal the number of recordings in his possession, saying only that there were dozens. For further confirmation, he sent an excerpt from a second recording.
It was Sakr’s voice again and the voice experts were also inclined to believe so. Yet the recordings raised more questions about the identity of the source, including how the recordings came into his possession and what he hoped to gain by leaking them to the press.
It was soon revealed that the source had been working with Sakr for more than a year as part of an operations room established to support the Syrian uprising.
According to the source, there are several operations centers: one in Antakya, one in Adana, and one in Istanbul. He mentioned that Sakr had his own building in the Floriya neighborhood in Istanbul where meetings are held from time to time.
He also said that around 20 young men from various Syrian regions are charged with running military operations from the rooms. They coordinate with commanders of armed opposition groups to provide needed funding and hardware, and then they direct fighters toward areas under attack or siege, all under the supervision of Turkish and Qatari intelligence officers.
According to the source, all of this was coordinated through satellite communications devices, especially Thuraya and Iridium satellite phones. He added that the men regularly visit Syria to distribute money to opposition leaders.
The source also said that Sakr is very close to the abductor of the nine Lebanese pilgrims, known as Abu-Ibrahim. He claimed the latter received a monthly salary of $50,000, hand-delivered by young men from Sakr’s office.
As for his motivation to provide the recordings, the source said that “Sakr ruined the revolution with his crazy dealings.”
“During the meetings, we would object, for example, to his decision to send weapons to a particular area that we wanted to remain a safe haven for those fleeing the fighting,” the source told Al-Akhbar. “But [Sakr] would hysterically insist on his decision, indifferent to the lives of people.”
He went on to accuse the Lebanese MP of “dealing out money to the commanders of armed groups without discriminating between mercenary killers and patriotic opposition.”
“By God, if the money and weapons were dispersed by Okab in the correct manner, [Syrian president] Bashar al-Assad could have been toppled four times over,” he complained.
The source also mentioned some incidents that “showed Sakr’s real nature,” explaining that Sakr “provided armed support to topple the regime because he hated the regime, not because he loved the Syrian people.”
On several occasions, the Lebanese MP refused to give out financial support to the wounded or civilian refugees, saying “there are humanitarian organizations they can go to,” according to the source.
Despite the source’s boldness and the amount of information he carried, he mentioned that he was fearful of Sakr and wanted to move out of Turkey to a safe place in Syria. Following his move, he became less agitated, although he was “certain” that the Lebanese MP would try to find him.
He did not regret betraying his former patron, however, insisting that he acted out of pity for “the innocent tearful eyes.”
He spoke of several incidents where “Sakr sent my friends out to die, knowing they will definitely be killed, because he doubted them or had a disagreement.”
He mentioned the “limitless influence” of the Lebanese MP within the Turkish intelligence services and the “blind trust” accorded him by the Saudis, whom he felt they trusted more than Saad Hariri himself.
According to the source, Saudi Arabia is not the only Gulf state with whom Sakr maintained warm relations. “His relationship with the Qataris is also exemplary, despite the fierce competition with the Saudis,” the source said.
He also confirmed that Sakr had been spending most of his time in Turkey “to follow up the Syrian revolution minute by minute” for the past several months. He left to Belgium for a short period of time, following disagreements between the Turks and the Saudis. He remained for two months and returned, but has been slightly less active since.
The source revealed that Sakr held regular meetings with field commanders in the presence of Turkish, Qatari, and Saudi intelligence officers. The MP designated his personal friend Louai al-Mokdad, spokesperson for the Higher Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to follow up on some of his duties and refused to delegate to anyone else.
As for the picture published recently showing Sakr and Mokdad together, the source confirmed that the latter leaked it at Sakr’s directions, after receiving information that their relationship had become known.
He said that the MP was put on alert several times after receiving information about incriminating audio recordings from several media and security sources who wanted to warn him.
As for Sakr’s recent appearance from France on Future Television, the source said that the episode had been planned prior to the assassination of Lebanese security chief Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan. He said that Sakr left Turkey the same day of the interview, to give the impression that he was away from Turkey and deflect suspicion.
The recordings obtained by Al-Akhbar reveal the role of the Lebanese MP – nicknamed “Abu-Sakr” by some in the Syrian opposition – in distributing weapons shipments and supervising military operations in Syria.

In today’s installment, Al-Akhbar publishes a recording showing Sakr receiving a list of needed supplies from a field commander.
The recording will also be broadcast tonight on OTV News at 8 pm and will become available on Al-Akhbar’s website at the same time.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

First Recording: Okab Sakr Arming Syrian Rebels

Abu al-Numan (a leader of an armed group): Assalamu alaikum.

Okab Sakr: Wa alaikum assalam. Go ahead.

AN: Mr. Okab, our group is stuck and surrounded. One or two days and the region will fall. Here we are being bombed by airplanes and artillery. They are attacking from all fronts. Please help; we need weapons.

OS: Please tell me, the weapons you want, what are the quantities.

AN: We need around 300 rocket-propelled grenades and twenty launchers. And if it is possible to provide 250,000 Russian rounds [for AK47s], 300 machineguns, and some special pieces of arms.

OS: All of this, for which region do you need it exactly.

AN: Azaz, Tal Refaat, Andan, and the whole of Rif Halab [Aleppo’s countryside]. You know what is happening here. Since yesterday, they managed to enter from around three fronts from Idlib…and inside Aleppo, we have the Shabiha [government thugs].

OS: So who will receive and where will the deliv

ery happen. How will the operation take place?

AN: Delivery, as usual, will be divided up…Abu al-Baraa will be there with the guys and the cars will take them and bring them to Aleppo. But we need to do it as fast as possible, because there’s a big need and the shelling continues. People are scattered and there’s no ammunition. The men, each one barely has one or two magazines and there’s a lot consumption. Try to get them in any way possible, God bless you. I don’t know what to say, after God, there is only you.

OS: Will you be there at the delivery?

AN: No brother, Abu al-Nour will be there with the guys and the cars. They will take them from you as usual.

Tomorrow on Al-Akhbar – Under Sakr’s Command: Military Operations Rooms Between Lebanon and Turkey


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New Egypt draft constitution upholds Sharia

Flanked by bodyguards, Egypt’s Islamist then president-elect Mohammed Mursi salutes tens of thousands of Egyptians he addressed in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square on June 29, 2012. Mursi paid tribute to Egypt’s Muslims and Christians alike and symbolically swore himself in as the country’s first elected civilian president. (Photo: AFP – Mohammed Hossam)
Published Thursday, November 29, 2012
An assembly drafting Egypt’s new constitution voted on Thursday to keep the principles of Islamic law as the main source of legislation, unchanged from the previous constitution in force under former President Hosni Mubarak.

The issue was the subject of a long dispute between hardline Salafi Islamists and liberals in the assembly which will vote on each of 234 articles in the draft constitution before it is sent to President Mohamed Mursi for approval.

After that, Mursi must put it to a popular referendum.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that nominated Mursi for the presidency, hopes that quick approval of the constitution will help end a crisis ignited by a decree that expanded his powers.
While Article Two of the constitution – describing the source of legislation – stays the same, the constitution includes new provisions explaining what is meant by “the principles” of Islamic law, known as sharia.

The assembly also approved a new article that states that Al-Azhar, a seat of Sunni Muslim learning, must be consulted on “matters related to the Islamic sharia”.

The final draft makes historic changes to Egypt’s system of government. For example, it sets a limit on the number of terms a president may serve to two. Mubarak stayed in power for three decades.
It also introduces a degree of civilian oversight over the powerful military establishment, although not enough for some critics of the document.

The process has been plagued by disputes between the Islamists who dominate the body writing the constitution and secular-minded parties who say the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies have marginalized them in the process.

Prominent assembly members including former Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa have withdrawn from the assembly, as have representatives of Egypt’s Coptic Church.

Egypt’s new draft constitution can be found on the Al-Ahram website, along with those of several other local media.

The constitution draft should technically lead to Mursi eliminating a polarizing decree passed last week which gives him legal immunity from the country’s judiciary.

The Islamist-dominated drafting panel was accused by secularists and Coptic Christians of railroading the charter. Protests have mounted over President Mohamed Mursi’s assumption of sweeping powers, which has plunged the country into its worse crisis since he took office in June.
A court had disbanded a previous constituent assembly and was due to rule on the validity of its replacement on December 2. Liberals and representatives of Christian churches had already withdrawn from the panel.

Mursi last week stripped courts of the power to disband the panel in a decree that gave him broad powers which cannot be challenged by courts, sparking a judicial strike and largest opposition rallies since his June election.

The official Al-Ahram newspaper reported that Morsi would give an address at 1700 GMT Thursday, in which he is expected to defend his decree.
More to follow…

(Reuters, Al-Akhbar, AFP)

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Behind the Scenes: US Proposes Meeting with Iranian Officials

Local Editor

Pope in LebanonHezbollah delegation to the Vatican received a warm welcome from the Vatican circles and the Pope assistants.

The delegation’s visit scored high success which caused uneasiness and bitterness among the March 14 coalition, who is trying to tarnish Hezbollah’s image inside and outside Lebanon.

March 14 coalition’s visit to Gaza has yielded counter results to what its organizers have aspired.

The presence of Lebanese Forces party MP Antoine Zahraa among the visitors made the Gazans very upset, some of them wanted to boycott the occasion and others leveled heavy criticism for receiving who they dubbed them ‘the disbelievers in Lebanese resistance.’ Other Palestinian sources dismissed the visit as “opportunistic” and “hypocritical.”

In Gaza!!!

According to well-informed sources, the Americans have recently renewed their proposal to meet with the Iranian officials to discuss a bunch of different strategic regional issues. The Iranian side, insists to include all important and sensitive issues as full package, a thing which according to the same sources had received a positive answer from the Americans this time.

US, Iran flags

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Qatari poet gets life sentence in secret trial

Published Thursday, November 29, 2012
A Qatari poet was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday on charges of insulting the emir of the small Gulf state in a trial shrouded in secrecy.

Mohammad Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami was arrested on 16 November 2011 on charges of “insulting” the emir of Qatar and “inciting to overthrow the ruling system,” AFP reported.

Ibn al-Dheeb’s lawyer, Nagib al-Naimi, confirmed the court’s sentence, and indicated that he would appeal the verdict. Al-Naimi said his client has been jailed in solitary confinement for almost a year during which he has not seen his family.

According to activists, the evidence used by the prosecution against Ibn al-Dheeb centered on his “Jasmine poem,” written in 2010 in support of the Tunisian uprising.

The insult charges appear to be based on the verse: “we are all Tunisia in the face of the repressive” regimes. The poem can be heard below:

A document allegedly obtained from the court detailing Ibn al-Dheeb’s sentence was circulating online on Thursday, sparking outrage from advocates.

Amnesty also denounced irregularities in Ibn al-Dheeb’s trial, since court sessions were reportedly “held in secret.”

Al-Naimi was reportedly barred from attending one of the court sessions, and had to provide a written defense, Amnesty reported.

Ibn al-Dheeb’s ruling stands in stark contrast to Qatari ruler Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani public advocacy for freedom of expression. He set up the Doha Centre for Media Freedom in to promote press freedom in 2008.

But freedom of expression is strictly controlled in the oil-rich nation, which is a close ally of the United States.

“Inciting to overthrow the regime” is a charge punishable by death in Qatar, while “insulting the emir” carries a five-year prison sentence, the watchdogs said.

Human Rights Watch denounced Ibn al-Dheeb’s incarceration as “further evidence of Qatar’s double standard on freedom of expression.”

(Al-Akhbar, AFP, Reuters)

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The fall of Mursi’s Islamic Republic and the fall of the Syrian Islamic Republic سقوط جمهورية مرسي الاسلامية وسقوط الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية

سقوط جمهورية مرسي الاسلامية وسقوط الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية

لن أبالغ ان قلت بأن الربيع العربي وزوجاته (الثورات) الأربع في مصر وليبيا وتونس وسورية والذي أنجب لنا بضعة جمهوريات اسلامية ربما بدأ يشهد ترنح بعض مواليده من الجمهوريات الاسلامية .. هناك بالطبع جمهورية اسلامية سقطت من بطن أمها (الثورة) وتهاوت قبل أن تصل وهي على الطريق الى المشفى في تركيا .. وهي “جمهورية رياض الشقفة الاسلامية في سورية” والتي سيصير أقصى ماتتمناه القوى الاسلامية الآن هو اطالة عمر الأم قبل رحيلها المحتوم .. وهذا ماسنتحدث عنه لاحقا .. وأما جمهورية محمد مرسي الاسلامية في مصر فقد بدأت تهتز .. في حين أن جمهورية راشد الغنوشي التونسية ستتعرض للارتجاجات والاهتزازات المرتدة عن سقوط جمهورية رياض الشقفة الاسلامية قبل ولادتها وستتأوه جمهورية الغنوشي أيضا كلما تألمت جمهورية محمد مرسي في عذاباتها في ميدان التحرير حيث بدأت ترجم بالحجارة كما ترجم الزانية في دولة “قانون الشريعة”..
لاتبدو أوضاع الشيخ محمد مرسي في “جمهوريته الاسلامية” على مايرام رغم كيل المدائح وعملية التطهير الثوري والاستحمام في حمامت حماس التي منحه اياها خالد مشعل ورمضان شلّح اللذان غسلا قدميه بدم الشهداء ودلّكا ظهره بالمدائح وماء الورد وأغدقا عليه الألقاب الفخمة وخلعا عليه الصفات المقدسة ونصّباه فارسا رغم أنه لافرس له ولاسيف وليس له من الكاريزما ورجل الدولة أي شيء .. بل أن مصر لاتستحق هذه الاهانة في شخص رئيس بلا هيبة تحاول الحركات الاسلامية تصويره على أنه هبة ا لله.. رغم أن أكثر تسمية تناسبه هي (ابن الحظ)..
كما لاتبدو أمور الشيخ محمد مرسي مريحة أبدا لأن الحقيقة الساطعة هي أن الاسلاميين لم يصلوا قط الى السلطة في مصر بل وصلت اليهم السلطة عندما تدحرجت واستقرت في حجرهم ووجدوها ملفوفة بمنديل أنيق وعليه توقيع هيلاري كلينتون يقول: بالرفاه والبنين ولاتنسونا من الدعاء ..
وبات وضع الاخوان المسلمين يشبه الجائع الذي وجد نفسه فجأة أمام مائدة السلطة العامرة .. فصار يزدرد كل الأطباق بسرعة لأنها فرصة لاتتكرر وجاءت بعد جوع دام قرابة تسعين سنة .. ولم يخف هذا الجائع شراهة ونهما للسلطة بأشكالها التشريعية والتنفيذية حتى أصابته الغصة وهو يلتهم الطعام بسرعة .. فصار يحشو جيوبه بما لذ وطاب ليحمل كل مايقدر الى بيته في “المقطم” حيث مرجعية الاخوان.. وأخذ “ابن الحظ” محمد مرسي يتصرف بخشونة لابعاد بقية المدعوين عن مائدة الثورة بحجة حمايتها من الطفيليين .. حتى وقعت الواقعة بينه وبين الجميع .. وبدا صاحب الدعوة (الشعب) الذي لم يتمكن من استبعاده في حفل الاستقبال “الثوري” غير قادر على تحمل هذا الطفيلي الجشع..
سلوك الاخوان المسلمين في مصر وعجلتهم تكاد تفضحهم وتفضح نواياهم .. والعجلة ناجمة عن خوف وهلع من فقدان الزخم الثوري الذي يجلل شعاراتهم بعد أن ظهر واضحا أنهم تخلوا عن الشعارات وألبسوها ثياب البراغماتية وأنهم صاروا لايحملون القرآن في حقائبهم بل “مشاريع وصفقات” .. فالاسلاميون أظهروا بالفعل نفاذ صبر واستعجالا في انفاذ مايرونه أمر الله (في استخلافهم في الأرض) وعقيدته لبناء الجمهورية الاسلامية المصرية على غرار ووزن وموسيقا الجمهورية الاسلامية الايرانية أو نموذج جمهورية أردوغان العثمانية .. ولكن التعجل في عملية أسلمة الدولة والمجتمع (أو بالأصح أخونة المجتمع والدولة والدستور) لم تكن حصيفة ..

والأكثر من ذلك فانها دليل على أن وصول الاسلاميين الى حكم مصر “صناعي” وليست منتجا طبيعيا لتحرك 25 يناير والا لما كان هذا الخوف من انزلاق السلطة والعمل على تسييجها بالدساتير والقوانين واقصاء كل من لاتريده .. وفوق كل هذا بدا وصول الاسلاميين “صناعة رديئة” .. لأن سلطة الاسلاميين المصريين هي نتاج صفقة بدأت روائحها تزكم الأنوف في زواريب الشرق الأوسط وتغلب روائحها على روائح أكوام القمامة في القاهرة .. ولو كان وصولهم الى السلطة طبيعيا لما حدث هذا الاستعجال لابتلاع كل السلطات بسرعة قياسية في عملية حرق للمراحل والاسراع بالطبخ قبل أن يتنبه البعض ويسترجع المبادرة .. كما أن الأمراض والبثور والفقاعات الالتهابية التي ظهرت على جلد السلطة الاسلامية في مصر هي أعراض الثورات المصنعة المصابة بنقص المناعة .. وليست أعراض وأزمات الثورات الطبيعية ..

والاستعجال المصري في محاولة اجتياح المجتمع المصري يأتي لشعور طاغ من أن قوى المجتمع الحقيقية بدأت تتحرك وأن ألاعيب وتمثيليات الاسلاميين صارت ممجوجة وأن انتخابات الرز والسكر قد لاتتكرر لأن هناك تيارات علمانية مصرية لم ترق لها عملية تقاسم التسلط على مصر بين أمراء وملوك المال في الخليج العربي والامريكيين .. فأمراء المال تولوا عملية السيطرة على القواعد الشعبية المصرية بشراء الانتخابات والتأثير فيها ماليا واعلاميا .. فيما بقي تسلط القرار الأمريكي على المستويات العليا دون تغيير عبر صفقة “السلطة” .. وماحصل عليه الشعب المصري بعد ماقيل انه ثورة 25 يناير هو أن الحكومة المصرية تخضع للغرب فيما مجلس الشعب يخضع لأمراء المال الذين سيقررون منذ اليوم شكل مجلس الشعب المصري بالتنسيق مع الغرب بدل جمال مبارك وأحمد عز .. وربما سيصير مرشحو مجلس الشعب المصري يقومون بزيارات روتينية الى الدوحة لضمان استمرارهم تحت قبة البرلمان .. ومما لاجدال فيه أن ذلك هو أسوأ مما كان عليه الأمر قبل 25 يناير حيث كانت السلطة مثمثلة في حسني مبارك خاضعة للغرب ولكن مجلس الشعب خاضع للسلطة ..
وبدأ شعور عام متنام بأنه مهما قيل عن الاسلاميين وجنوحهم للعملية الديمقراطية وقبولهم باللعبة الانتخابية فان هذا خداع للنفس وجهل ببنية العقل الديني السياسي الذي يؤمن بنوع واحد من الديمقراطية هي ديمقراطية الاله .. وديمقراطية السماء .. وهؤلاء لايصلون الى السلطة ليتركوها لأن سقوطهم من السلطة يعني سقوط نهج الاله .. والدفاع عن نهج الاله هو واجب شرعي وهو قلب عقيدتهم النابض .. ومن يدافع عن ديمقراطية الاله لاتعنيه ديمقراطية البشر..

ومايفعله مرسي وجماعته اليوم بالتعديلات الدستورية ان تم اقراره فالمستقبل يعني أن تطرح تعديلات دستورية متلاحقة يصوت عليها مجلس شعب الرز والسكر (القطري السعودي) .. وتتحول مصر ديمقراطيا وبالتدريج الى .. جمهورية مصر الاسلامية ..

والتجارب الدينية تقول بأن وصول الصيغة الدينية الى الحكم لايعرف التراجع ولاالتعديل .. وان وصلت دولة الى مرتبة جمهورية اسلامية أو مسيحية فمن الصعب اعادتها الى مجرد جمهورية بلا دين أو نزع هذه الصبغة الدينية عنها ..وفي نموذج الجمهورية الاسلامية الايرانية دليل على ذلك ولكن الفارق بين جمهورية مصر الاسلامية المزمع انشاؤها مستقبلا على يد الاخوان كما يبدو وبين جمهورية ايران الاسلامية هي أن جمهورية الأخوان نالت السلطة في صفقة لاجدال فيها على حساب القوى الرئيسية التي تحركت في المجتمع المصري ..

أما في ايران فقد قامت ثورة طبيعية عارمة وكان لها قائد واضح الملامح وله برنامجه ومشروعه منذ الأيام الأولى دون أي لبس أو مجاملة لأحد في الشرق أو في الغرب .. وتعتبر احدى ثلاث ثورات بشرية شاملة (الفرنسية والبلشفية والايرانية) .. وفوق هذا فان اضافة اسم “اسلامية” كان بعد اقامة “الجمهورية الايرانية” على أنقاض حكم الأسرة القاجارية، ولم يكن بقرار ثوري بل كان عبر انتخابات شعبية وصوّت 90% من الناس على اضافة تلك التسمية “الاسلامية”.. ومايريد الاخوان المسلمون المصريون فعله هو اضافة كلمة “الاسلامية” بعد تسمية “جمهورية مصر” وذلك عبر سلسلة من الاجراءات والتلاعبات الديمقراطية التدريجية .. تحت شعار حماية الثورة .. ولكنها في الحقيقة حماية مشروعهم القادم ..والذي لايريد النزول عن قمة الهرم الى يوم القيامة..
وربما من أسباب تعجل الاخوان المسلمين للسطو على كل مصر هو اقتراب تسوية شاملة في المنطقة .. يسمع بأصدائها وهمساتها الجميع .. ويبدو الاسلاميون المصريون متوترين من احتمال أن تعترف الولايات المتحدة بنهاية الجزء السوري من المشروع الاسلامي دون أن يحالفه النجاح وهذا قد يدفع بقوى علمانية في المنطقة من تركيا الى مصر وتونس لتحدي استمرار القدر الاسلامي كسلطة .. ويبدو أن جمهورية سورية الاسلامية لصاحبها رياض الشقفة لن ترى النور .. وأنها اقتربت من لحظة قبول الحقيقة بأن المجتمع الدولي سيسلم بأن سورية لن تكون جمهورية اسلامية بل جمهورية “مارقة” على ارادة الغرب .. وأن الغرب يتهيأ لذلك الخيار باعلان تعيين مندوبين وسفراء كنوع من الاقرار بأن عملية انتزاع السلطة في سورية على أرض الواقع مستحيلة ولابد من التعويض عنها بانتزاع شرعيتها ومعاملتها معاملة دولة مارقة ومعاقبتها ديبلوماسيا ..

ولو كان الغرب على يقين من انتصار الاسلاميين السوريين لفضّل انتظار لحظة الحسم .. ولكن تعيين سفراء الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية (مندوبي الائتلاف السوري) قبل قيامها اعتراف أن قيامها على أرض الواقع ليس مرئيا ولابد من نقل المعركة الى المجال الديبلوماسي والدخول الى مرحلة المعارك الديبلوماسية المعروفة بنفس طويل للغاية لايقل عن سنوات بانتظار تغير ما في الخارطة .. أما عند حدوث الهزيمة النهائية للمعارضة فان صرف هذه المجموعات الديبلوماسية من الخدمة سهل للغاية ..بل ان اي تغيير في اي حكومة غربية قد يعني تبديل الاعتراف بها من قبل الحكومات الجديدة ..
وصار غنيا عن القول بأن تماسك الجبهة السورية سيضعف كثيرا وبشكل حتمي من جمهورية أردوغان العثمانية التي خسرت كل شيء في الغرب في رهانها على المشروع الاسلامي في الشرق .. وخسرت كل الشرق بخسارتها للجسر السوري والممر الوحيد والاجباري الى كل الشرق .. واذا ماتراجع اسلاميو تركيا واستعاد العلمانيون زمام المبادرة تجنبا لمشاكل طاحنة داخلية .. فان هذا سيشجع القوى العلمانية والوطنية في الشرق وفي مصر وغيرها على استرداد زمام المبادرة وتحدي سلطة الاله وديمقراطية السماء واسقاط النموذج الاسلامي للحكم الذي لايرفض شعبيا لاسلاميته بل لأنه ليس صناعة شرقية بل اسلام الاستيراد وتجميع قطع غيار لايعرف مصدرها..وربما أظهر تمرد الشارع المصري على جمهورية محمد مرسي الاسلامية أن الأمل في ايقاف المد الاسلامي يتعاظم وأن هناك شعورا أن قوى اخرى معتبرة في المنطقة معنية باسقاطه .. وأن تحدي المشروع الاخواني صار أمرا يجب التسليم به
أما من يريد أن يعرف كيف سقطت الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية ومستقبل كل الشرق فليذهب معي الى حلب .. أو ليذهب معي الى ريف دمشق .. أو الى ريف حمص .. وهناك سيعرف كيف سقطت الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية .. والتي تجر خلفها جمهوريات الاخوان المسلمين في الشرق كله ..هناك سيرى الزائر لهذه المناطق النفور الشعبي العارم من الاسلاميين وهناك سيرى (المرتدين) عن الثورة والنادمين على انجرافهم خلف التحريض .. وهناك سيرى ثورة على الثورة السورية .. وهناك سيرى ضباط الجيش السوري الذين يديرون عمليات المواجهة ويدرك أن مثل هؤلاء الرجال ستتعب منهم الحرب ولن يتعبوا من مقارعة المشروع الديني الغريب..

بل ان أكثر مايجعل أحدنا يدرك خطورة الاعلام هو زيارة ميدانية الى حيث تتموضع وحدات الجيش السوري .. وقد جمعت في أرشيفي عددا لانهائيا من التقارير والأخبار والتحليلات من كل المواقع والقنوات المعارضة منذ بضعة أشهر والتي بعد أن قرأتها أشفقت على الناس لأن بعض من يصدق هذه الاخبار ويرى الصور ومقاطع الاستعراض والعضلات العسكرية لايشك أبدا أن رياض الشقفة صار قاب قوسين أو أدنى من اعلان الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية .. على نفس وزن وموسيقا الجمهورية الاسلامية الايرانية .. ولكن في طبعة أمريكية ونكهة اسرائيلية لأنه وعد بكسر عظم المشروع الايراني “الشيعي”..كما تطلب اسرائيل دون زيادة أو نقصان..

من يعرف الحقائق على الأرض يدرك سبب هذا الاستقتال الاخواني والتركي تحديدا لاسقاط سورية لانقاذ المشروع الاخواني .. فلم يكتف الأتراك بتقديم قربان اسمه خالد مشعل وحماس التي تم ذبحها والتضحية بها من قبل الأتراك في سبيل معركة تركيا مع سورية .. ولم يكتف الأتراك بالمقامرة بالقضية الكردية والطائفية .. بل صارت تركيا تدفع بالقرابين البشرية بشكل لايصدقه عقل لخوض قتال خاسر مع جيش محترف مدرب ومسلح تسليحا وبتكنولوجيا متفوقة ..
ترددت كثيرا قبل أن أكتب عما استمعت اليه من بعض العسكريين الذين تحدثت اليهم عبر مختلف الوسائل .. والذين وصفوا لي مشاهد مثيرة للاستغراب .. وهي ظاهرة الانتحار الجماعي لمجموعات المقاتلين الذين تدفع بهم المعارضة السورية عبر سياسة الأمواج البشرية الحمقاء.. ونقل أحد المراسلين الاسبان الذي وصلتني ملاحظات يسيرة من تقرير سينشره قريبا اثر عودته من حلب ووصفه لبعض المشاهد والتي تظهر احدى المعارك الطاحنة (ريف حلب) والتي -كما يقول- “..

ظهرت أمواج بشرية من مئات المقاتلين في منطقة منبسطة نسبيا يرفعون البنادق ويمكن سماع تكبيرات كما قال لي المترجم وهم يركضون باتجاه قوات الجيش السوري النظامي التي يطلق عليها المعارضون اسم قوات الأسد .. وكان المهاجمون يطلقون النار بشكل غزير لايوصف تتقدمهم سيارات دفع رباعي.. وماحدث أن الجيش النظامي قام مباشرة باطلاق وابل هائل من النيران على القوات المهاجمة وتحولت الأمواج البشرية خلال نصف ساعة الى أكداس من الموت .. وبدأت الامواج البشرية تهرول في الاتجاه المعاكس” .. ولفت المراسل الى “أن قسوة المشهد كانت لاتطاق والمقاتلون يتراكضون بحثا عن النجاة ويدوسون رفاقهم الجرحى الذين كانوا يطلبون نجدتهم “.. ويضيف في قصاصة أخرى من تقرير طويل: ” .. ولكن مافاجأني هو ماقاله لي أحد العسكريين السوريين الذين سألتهم عن تكتيك مواجهة الموجات البشرية اذ قال لي بأن ضباط احدى الوحدات السورية المتمركزة في احدى المناطق الاستراتيجية اضطروا لايقاف اطلاق النار الكثيف الذي يلاحق فلول القوات المهاجمة لأنهم كانوا يرون مجزرة مريعة تقع أمام عيونهم في مجموعات مقاتلين غير مدربين فرت بشكل هستيري فوضوي مذعور وغير منظم في كل الاتجاهات وتركت كل سلاحها .. وختم مشاهداته التي سينشرها في تقرير مفصل خلال فترة قريبة كما قال بأن العسكريين السوريين يدركون أن هؤلاء المقاتلين المهاجمين مدفوعون بلامبالاة من قبل الاتراك الذين لايهمهم أن تموت القوات المهاجمة عن بكرة أبيها طالما أنهم يواصلون الهجمات المتواصلة التي قد تثمر عن مشهد استعراضي لبثه والادعاء بأن المعارضة ستطيح بالنظام ..
اذا المشروع الاسلامي الذي تعثر في سورية يبدو في أعلى مراحله شراسة وصار يدفع بكل مالديه من مقاتلين وامكانيات لاحداث أي خرق في خطوط التماس الرئيسية .. وصار يلجأ الى الخواصر الضعيفة وغير المحمية لأن مواجهة الكتلة النارية للجيش السوري في النقاط الرئيسية جعلته يدفع ثمنا باهظا ..

ويبدو أن خطة نصب شبكات الباتريوت لصد هجوم صاروخي سوري على تركيا لن تغير شيئا في المعادلة وأنها جاءت متأخرة كثيرا .. ربما لأن تكنولوجيا الصواريخ السورية والايرانية أكثر ماتهتم به الآن هي تزويدها ببرامج التشويش والتضليل والأهم تكتيك الاغراق الصاروخي .. أي اطلاق كميات كبيرة من الصواريخ بحيث تحتاج تركيا أن تضع على حدودها كل ماأنتجته شركة راثيون المنتجة للباتريوت حتى الآن عشرين مرة لتتمكن من رصد كل الصواريخ والتعاطي معها ..

أما ان كانت الغاية تحييد الطائرات السورية وفرض حظر جوي فان أردوغان قد يفعلها قبل أن يغادر مبنى رئاسة الوزراء الى بيته الريفي منهيا حياته السياسية .. انه دخول في الحرب علنا ..
ان الربيع العربي سيشهد اما وفاة زوجاته الأربع (الثورات العربية) أو طلاقهن جميعا خلال فترات متقاربة .. أما جمهورياته الاسلامية التي تبدو فتية فان أمورها لاتسر أباها كثيرا وقد تدخل العناية المشددة فجأة ..
وماتتناقله الصالونات السياسية من أن نجاة سورية من الحكم الاسلامي ليست بشارة خير لجمهورية أردوغان العثمانية .. وبالطبع ليست بشارة خير لجمهورية محمد مرسي الاسلامية .. الجمهوريتان الاسلاميتان متوترتان .. وحفلة رجم الزنا في ميدان التحرير قد تتواصل .. وقد تصل الحجارة الى استانبول ..
والحقيقة أن هذا الكابوس المفاجئ والذي لايزال صعب التخيل في عشية وضحاها يثير قلق شخص واحد أكثر من أي شخص آخر الى حد عدم النوم وهو زعيم حماس ..خالد مشعل .. الذي صارت جماعته تهدد الجمهورية الاسلامية الايرانية بأن اجهاضها لولادة الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية لصاحبها رياض الشقفة سيغضب الجمهوريات الاسلامية في مصر وتونس وليبيا وتركيا ..
خالد مشعل وجماعته لايتخيلون كيف سيكون موقف جمهورية حماس الاسلامية أن سقطت جمهوريتا أردوغان ومحمد مرسي الاسلاميتان

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    Syria: New Video of kidnapped Journalist Anhar Kochneva

    Susana Al Halabi

    Syria: Staged Video with Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva.

    The Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva was kidnapped in Syria some weeks ago. It is already over 45 days ago that an armed group has kidnapped the journalist. Meanwhile, the Syrian and Ukrainian sides were contacted in order to help in the process that she finally is set free from this group of the so-called “Syrian rebels”.

    The Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva is clearly a hostage of a group that is in relation with the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). This has been already confirmed by a previously published video.

    Just recently, a new video with the journalist Anhar Kochneva has appeared on the internet. In this video, which was probably recorded in Syria, the armed kidnappers have forced the journalist to say that she is a spy.

    So the Ukrainian woman Anhar Kochneva confesses in front of the camera that she is a spy – and it is clear that she was forced to do so. It even goes further. The journalist who was so fearless to still work and travel in Syria, after all the threats by the members and supporters of e.g. the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the staged foreign opposition like the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the new staged “Syrian National Alliance” (SNA), was even forced to confess in front of the camera that she was working for the Syrian military as a translator and that she has also contributed in the fighting. That is, honestly, a complete nonsense.

    anharkochnevavideo Syria: New Video of kidnapped Journalist Anhar Kochneva
    Anhar Kochneva – Video by the Kidnappers.

    After all, it is nothing new that armed groups within Syria force some hostages to confess such things. The Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva has disappeared for over 45 days and that she was kidnapped by one of the Western-backed groups in Syria was never far-fetched. The first assumptions were already correct, sad but true. Anhar Kochneva needs help and is hopefully released soon by the armed gang.

    Of course, one might think that the circulating picture of Anhar Kochneva carrying a Kalashnikov suggests that she is a spy or that she contributed in the battles, but that is really nothing more than pure nonsense. In addition, the statements that are also circulating and also made in this new clip with Anhar Kochneva from Syria are to put into question.
    In previous statements and earlier reports about the course of events of the kidnapping of this Ukrainian journalist in Syria, there was no information about any captain from the Syrian army and who had the duty to protect Anhar Kochneva.

    Anhar Kochneva wanted to get back to Damascus after a lecture in the Syrian coast town of Tartous but as a colleague of her has told some time ago, Anhar seemed to be on a new story suddenly and she has changed her plan to get back to the Syrian capital.

    This new video with the journalist Anhar Kochneva that was recorded by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) thugs in Syria (perhaps around the Syrian city of Homs) is a bad but sad joke and a huge farce. Anhar Kochneva is no spy, neither for the Syrian nor for the Ukrainian side that would even be standing to reason, considering that she is a Ukrainian journalist and not a Syrian journalist or a Russian journalist like it was first assumed by some.

    After over 45 days of her kidnapping by Al Qaeda FSA terrorists near the city of Homs, central Syria, the kidnappers release another video of the kidnapped prominent Ukrainian Journalist Anhar Kochneva forcing her as it seems to state that she was a spy and was working for the military as a translator, and that she contributed in the battles. (Source)

    Like the Blogger apxwn has pointed out, it seems to be a smear campaign against the media agency ANNA-News or, at least, it looks like this, considering some further statements and mentioned dates. Honestly, it is no surprise that the armed thugs, Islamists and groups of fanatics in Syria, which are still supported by foreign powers, want to get rid of ANNA-News.

    The media agency ANNA-News (even it is small compared to a lot of other agencies) had and has no fears. It still reports from places in Syria, now even together with Kreml TV. For example, there is almost daily a new “live stream” by ANNA-News and Kreml TV from Syria (e.g. in and around the Syrian capital Damascus).

    The new video with the kidnapped journalist Anhar Kochneva is a huge stunt and staged clip. Anhar Kochneva was forced to say all what she has said in this new video. One can only hope that this fearless Ukrainian journalist is still alive and will be released by the armed thugs in Syria.
    This video is another staging by the religious fanatics and mercenaries in Syria and although it includes stupid statements, one can be sure that the lowbrow supporters and radical religious followers of the staged “revolution” in Syria will buy it.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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    Gaza No More Weakest Link in Struggle with Zionist Entity

    Marwa Haidar
    Officials of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Lebanon said the resistance went beyond the red lines during the latest offensive against Gaza, stressing the besieged strip was no more the ‘weakest link’ in the struggle with the Zionist entity.
    Ali BarakehIn an interview with al-Manar website, Hamas representative in Lebanon, Ali Barakeh, asserted that the Zionist entity was really weaker than a spider web.
    He said that Gaza had many repercussions on the Palestinian cause. It has assured that the resistance is the rightful path to return the Quds and not that of talks and compromises.
    “The will of the Palestinians is more powerful than the occupation’s,” Barakeh told our website, stressing: “Gaza is no more the weakest link in the conflict with the Israeli enemy.”

    The interview was conducted during a conference in Beirut, titled by: “The Islamists in the Arab World and the Palestinian Cause.”

    “The Palestinians are not alone in the front, the nation stand beside them. For, this victory is for the nation, it is not exclusive for the Palestinians,” Barakeh said.

    He praised the popular embracing of the resistance saying it was part of the equation that led to Gaza victory.

    Barakeh added that the other element in this equation was the resistance’s weapons, “some of which were local-made and some were Iranian-made.”

    In this context, he stressed the importance of the nation’s support to the Palestinian resistance.


    On the Iranian support to the Palestinian resistance, he asserted that the relation with the Islamic Republic has not been cut despite the disagreements on the Syrian crisis.
    “The relation and the coordination between Hamas and the Iranians are still going on,” Hamas official said.

    “We praise the Iranian role in supporting the resistance and the Palestinian people. We thank the Iranian assistance which has an important role in the victory we have achieved.”

    On the other hand, Barakeh stressed that the relation with Hamas and Hezbollah was good.

    “There is cooperation and coordination between the two parties concerning the struggle with the Zionist entity.”

    “We have usual and periodic meetings,” he said, adding: “We are in the same trench together.”
    “He also hoped that the relation would develop in the coming period “especially following the victory in Gaza, since the struggle with the Zionist entity would not come to an end by this ceasefire.”
    “This truce is just a round and the struggle will persist until the real victory which will be achieved when all the Palestinian territories are liberated,” Barakeh said further.


    Abu Imad RifaiFor his part, Islamic Jihad representative in Lebanon Abu Imad Rifai said that following the latest Israeli assault on Gaza, “every spot in the occupied Palestine can be reached now by the Palestinian resistance’s rockets.”

    “The latest victory has included new geographical areas in the equation of the confrontation with the Zionist entity, like Tel Aviv.”

    “This equation has a great impact not only on the image of the Israeli enemy but also on the red lines which were fallen as every spot in the occupied Palestine can be reached by the resistance’s rockets,” Rifai told al-Manar Website.

    “The Israeli assault against the Palestinian people is a continuous aggression, and the latest offensive on Gaza had several goals of which all were thwarted.”

    “It is enough to foil the Zionist goals to say that what happened in Gaza last week was a distinct victory. And that what boosted the choice of resistance,” he added.

    Rifai also noted that one of the Israeli enemy’s aims of the latest assault on Gaza was “to test the change which the region has witnessed in the last two years.”

    “What distinguished this year’s offensive from the assault on Gaza in 2008-2009 are the changes in the region.”

    “The so-called “moderate Arabs” are not like before, despite that their support to Palestine is not enough yet,” he said further.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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    Wayne Myers: Why I am no longer a Zionist

    DateThursday, November 29, 2012 at 8:29AM

    Gilad Atzmon


    GA: An interesting article by an ex-student of mine appeared on the Independent yesterday. Some people out there are moving rethinking and reevaluating their positions.

    Why I am no longer a Zionist

    In this highly personal guest contribution, a British and Jewish blogger reflects on his youth membership of Zionist movements, the recent conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas, and how his relationship with faith changes as he gets older

    I’m a nice Jewish boy from North West London. I was brought up in a family that was never particularly religious – we belonged to a Reform synagogue, not an Orthodox one – but where my Jewish identity was considered extremely important, and where support for Israel was an absolute given. Not blanket, unquestioning support, but support nonetheless.

    As a teenager I was heavily involved in RSY-Netzer, the Zionist Jewish youth movement affiliated with the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain. In 1987, at the age of 16, I spent a summer in Israel with RSY, and two years later took a gap-year there. Half that year was spent on Kibbutz Lotan, one of the two Reform Synagogue affiliated kibbutzim, and the other half was spent on a course known colloquially as ‘Machon’, at the Institute For Youth Leaders From Abroad in Jerusalem, run by an arm of the Israeli state known as the Jewish Agency.


    On Machon, along with dozens of other young Jews of my own age from a range of different Zionist youth movements, I received training in youth leadership skills, Jewish history, and what is known in Hebrew as ‘hasbarah’. Hasbarah literally means ‘explaining’, but it has another meaning, which is essentially ‘propaganda’.

    RSY-Netzer was at that point one of the three most left-wing Zionist youth movements – the other two are the explicitly socialist Habonim-Dror and HaShomer HaTzair. We were encouraged – and at the age of 18 or 19 we needed no encouragement – to spend much time discussing and arguing the fine points of Zionist ideology and Israeli politics both among ourselves and with members of the other movements.

    The left-wingers among us were highly critical of many of Israel’s actions from the War in Lebanon to the whole of the Occupation, and we all argued strenuously that it was a fundamental necessity for Israel to behave ethically at all times; moreover we left-wingers argued that it was of prime importance that we as Zionists stood up and criticised Israel when it did not do so.

    However, none of that criticism was ever allowed to cross the red line of rejecting the idea of the Jewish State itself. We did not go so far as to accept the idea that Zionism was racism or that Israel ought not exist – indeed we had special sessions on Machon where we were explicitly taught strategies for arguing against these ideas. The concept of a democratic secular one-state solution for all inhabitants of the Holy Land, under which Jews and Palestinians would be equal citizens in the eyes of the law, was not at any point on the table.

    Unlike most of my colleagues on the Machon course, I made a particular point of learning Hebrew, and while in Jerusalem I met and fell in love with Ayelet, an Israeli girl my own age. She was not long out of basic Army training and had taken up a post as a remedial Hebrew teacher at an Israeli Army school. We spoke only in Hebrew and were for a while very much in love, though she thought I was a complete lunatic not just for being a Zionist – among Israelis the word ‘Zionist’ means something somewhat different to its meaning in the wider Jewish community – but also for being on the Machon course at all and for seriously considering moving to Israel permanently: her ambition at the time was to move to New York.

    Sexual Zionism

    I remember joking then that the most potent form of Zionism was not Religious Zionism, Revisionist Zionism, Political Zionism, or Cultural Zionism, all of which we had been taught about in class at Machon, but was rather Sexual Zionism, which we had not been taught about even once. Looking back, I now understand why hardly anyone, Ayelet included, found my joke funny.

    As a Jew, despite being born in London, I had and still have the right at any time to move to Israel and immediately take up Israeli citizenship under the Israeli Law of Return. The only reason that I did not do so straight away was that I had a place at Oxford for which, as a state-school applicant, I had worked very hard, and on which I had no intention of missing out. My plan at the time was to get my degree from Oxford and move to Israel afterwards.

    Once back in the UK, my obsession with Zionism continued. At Oxford I changed my degree from Maths and Philosophy to Oriental Studies (Hebrew), a course comprising Hebrew literature and Jewish history; on the history side I made a special study of Zionism up to 1948. It astonished me at the time that my parents were implacably against the idea of me becoming an Israeli, but I was 19 and – like all 19 year olds – knew deeply that I was as right about everything as my parents were wrong about everything.

    Life at university was something of a shock for two reasons. The first was that as a state-schooler at Oxford, surrounded by the products of public and private school educations, the trappings of extreme privilege to which most of my contemporaries were so effortlessly accustomed seemed enormously strange and discomforting to me. Despite this I largely fit in well at my college, Balliol, which had a reputation for being very left-wing. The second shock was that for the first time in my life I was meeting both Jewish and non-Jewish anti-Zionists.
    All my Hasbarah training came out.

    I became involved with both the Oxford Jewish Society and the Oxford Israel Society, and ended up spending a lot of time arguing with people about Israel on all sides. With those on my right, I was arguing that Israel was not and had not for some time been behaving ethically, and that it was the absolute duty of anyone who called themselves a Zionist or a supporter of Israel to stand up and call Israel out on these ethical transgressions. With those on my left I was arguing that while Israel might indeed be as ethically dubious a state as any other state on the planet, nothing that it did in any way impinged on its right to exist as a Jewish State.

    Many of my left-wing friends at Balliol were utterly shocked to find that I was a Zionist, but I continued to argue passionately for a position on the extreme left of Zionism; I was critical of Israel’s moral transgressions, critical of the Occupation, supportive of the putative Palestinian state, supportive of the idea that Jerusalem should be again partitioned de jure (as it already is de facto) so it could be both the capital of that Palestinian state as well as the capital of Israel, but at no point did I dare to cross the red line that questioned the legitimacy of the Jewish State itself.


    While I was at Balliol, Ariel Sharon was invited to speak at the Oxford Union; this resulted in an extremely busy time for me. I was involved in organising the pro-Zionist counter-demonstration to the anti-Zionist demonstration outside the Union; as a Zionist critical of Israel, I was also involved in ensuring that strong criticisms of Israel in general and Sharon in particular were made during the debate. Later that evening, as a guest of the L’Chaim Society, an alternative Jewish student organisation then run by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, I ended up having dinner with Sharon, along with thirty or forty other people, and was astonished at how charming he seemed in person, for all that I strongly disagreed with all aspects of his politics.

    I was also pleasantly shocked by Sharon’s stories of how his closest friends were not other Israelis at all but were rather Palestinians living in the West Bank for whom – he explained – hospitality and personal relationships trumped any notion of tribal hostility.

    By 1993, when I left Oxford, things in my personal life had changed. Ayelet, quite reasonably unwilling to spend three years of her early twenties in a long-distance relationship with a complete lunatic, had left me, and I was now romantically involved with Abigail, a rather posh Jewish girl from one of the old established Anglo-Jewish families from before the wave of immigration from Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century that had brought my own great-grandparents to London. Abigail was about as likely to move to Israel as she was to grow feathers and a beak, and I found myself strongly reconsidering my decision to move there myself.

    My political position, however, did not change. As a Zionist I felt passionately that it was of prime importance that Israel’s moral transgressions – especially those in the Lebanon war of 1982 and the ongoing indefensible occupation of the West Bank and Gaza – be censured. I felt that the Occupation had to end, and end now, and that the Two State Solution was the only way forward. Since the idea of the right of national self-determination was at the core of my support for Zionism, I found it hard to understand how any Zionist could be against the two state solution.

    If the Jews should have self-determination in Israel, I argued, surely it is only logical that the Palestinians should also have self-determination in Palestine. I simply could not understand how those Zionists to my right – which was basically all of them – could not see this.

    On Jerusalem, I also could not understand the mainstream Zionist position. Having lived there for some time, and being well aware that the city was effectively divided into Jewish West Jerusalem, where you could safely go, and Palestinian East Jerusalem, which was dangerous and to be avoided at all costs, I simply could not grasp any of the stuff about the ‘unification’ of Jerusalem that I had been taught.

    It might have been unified legally as far as a Zionist was concerned but it certainly wasn’t unified in any way in practice, and it seemed to me only right that a repartitioned East Jerusalem should be the capital of the forthcoming Palestinian state just as much as West Jerusalem should remain the capital of the Israeli state. I was sure that Palestinians felt just as passionately about Jerusalem as I did myself, and repartition seemed to me to be the just and reasonable answer to this question.


    In 1994/5 I spent a further year in Jerusalem on the One Year Graduate Program at the Hebrew University. This was supposed to be my year to ‘check out’ whether or not I really wanted to go and live in Israel, before I made a final decision. Jerusalem is and was a miserable and tedious place for a young secular man in his early twenties; it soon became clear to me that I did not wish to live there after all, and I began drinking heavily.

    Mostly this went on at a bar called ‘Mike’s Place’ run by a burned out Canadian ex-photo-journalist called Mike, and populated almost exclusively by Israeli leftists and members of the international press corps who were old friends of Mike’s. Abigail came to visit, and hated it all even more than I did. I began to make arrangements to go home early.

    Before I left, however, I was befriended at Mike’s Place by a member of the press corps, an American called Stefan Ellis, who considered his time in Jerusalem to be basically R&R away from the really hideous places in the world he had worked before, like Cambodia. Stefan was horrified by my youthful ideological support of Israel. Life as a photo-journalist specialising in war-zones had inoculated him against all forms of ideology. As far as he was concerned, all sides committing atrocities, everywhere, were all as bad as each other.

    It was his job as a journalist to get close to those atrocities in order to document them so that the rest of the world could see. Of course they wouldn’t – he was all too aware of this – but it was his job nonetheless.

    I did not, at the time, remotely understand him.

    Fast-forward to 2008.

    I’d long split up with Abigail. I was still in London. I’d had two failed careers, first as a freelance journalist, and then as a computer programmer. Both had gone wrong as I’d also been trying to pursue music in a serious way; there are only so many hours in a day and as a result of pursuing multiple career goals I’d made myself seriously ill twice and (just) survived a complete nervous breakdown. I was at last pursuing music full-time and, as part of this, had finally received my London Underground busking licence. I’d finally recorded and released an album of original music, not that anyone had noticed. At least, I felt, I was now on the right path.

    My position on Israel had not changed.

    I had by this time met Daphna Baram, an Israeli journalist and Guardian contributor effectively in exile in London for her anti-Zionist views. Despite our differences of opinion over Israel we had become close friends, and spent many nights staying up late arguing in a mixture of English and Hebrew over the fine points of whether or not Achad Ha-am, the founder of Cultural Zionism, would have supported the actions of the current Israeli state, or whether the 1947 position of the Zionist youth movement Hashomer HaTzair, that British Mandate Palestine should be formed into a bi-national state for both Jews and Palestinians, had any relevance today.

    Daphna was the first to put to me directly the astonishing proposition that the best solution for the Israel-Palestine problem was a single genuinely democratic state in which all citizens were treated equally regardless of ethnic origin. Currently, that is not the case. While the state of Israel makes just as reasonable a claim to be a democracy as, say, Belarus or Russia, the fact is that Jewish and non-Jewish citizens are not treated equally.


    It is true that there are Israeli Arab Knesset members and that Israeli Arabs can vote, but it is also true that there are huge differences in the way that Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews are treated by the state, ranging from whether or not they are required to join the army at the age of 18 to whether or not their home town or village gets a reasonable annual budget to cover municipal requirements. It is painfully obvious from available statistics that Israeli Arab areas get substantially less support from the Israeli state than equivalent size Jewish settlements, and that in general, while Israeli Arabs may not offically be second-class citizens of Israel, that is certainly what they are in practice.

    Then, in late 2008, Operation Cast Lead began. Having previously largely withdrawn from Gaza in 2005 (though still keeping it surrounded and effectively cut off from the West Bank), Israel began in December 2008 to bombard it indiscriminately, in the name of ending rocket fire into Israel from within the Strip. For the life of me, I could not see how this was supposed to work. I could not see any way of defending this action. As the number of Palestinian casualties grew – far out of proportion to the number of casualties on the Israeli side – it just got worse and worse.

    For the first time in my adult life I began wondering whether the Jewish State was actually worth defending at all on any level if this was the price. I was watching a blatant and brutal massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, utterly disproportionate to the attacks that had provoked it, which had in turn been provoked by earlier Israeli incursions, in an endless back-and-forth cycle, in order to defend what?

    An Israeli State that would allow me – born in London – to become a citizen at a moment’s notice, while Palestinian friends of friends actually born in the Holy Land itself could never become citizens of anything anywhere? Exactly what convoluted justification would stand that up?

    I couldn’t do it any more. On Machon, I’d had training in how to argue against the proposition that Zionism was racism, but no training in how to argue in defence of the indiscriminate massacre of civilian children. That one hadn’t come up.

    I began to consider the possibility that I’d been misled.

    It looked terribly plausible. It was horribly embarrassing and deeply painful, but it began to seem to me an awful lot as if Achad Ha-am, founder of Cultural Zionism, and a somewhat flawed but deeply ethical character, would have himself been implacably against anything calling itself a Jewish State that behaved like this.

    Around the same time, I took up the saxophone, as part of an effort to give up smoking, and had a one-off lesson with the best local saxophonist I could find, who happened to be another Israeli exile by the name of Gilad Atzmon. This was an incredible stroke of luck, as without exaggeration I can promise you that Gilad is one of the best saxophonists alive anywhere in the world; he is also a lovely guy in person and a fantastic music teacher. Additionally, he is highly politically active as an anti-Zionist, and is considered so extreme that most other anti-Zionists consider him totally beyond the pale; he is widely accused by both anti-Zionists and Zionists alike of actual anti-semitism.

    This is of course utter rubbish. It was clear to Gilad from the second he met me that I was Jewish – we even discussed the fact during my first pre-lesson meeting – and had he been a real anti-semite he would never have agreed to teach a Jew to play the saxophone.

    His views are, nonetheless, extreme; for example he is against the concept of secular Jewish anti-Zionist organisations, and believes them all, along with any concept of secular Jewish identity, to be a stalking horse for Zionism itself. This stems from his deeply philosophical approach to the whole Israel-Palestine question, and his view that any secular expression of Jewish identity is inherently somehow supremacist; this has led him – as I understand it – to hold that any kind of Jewish identity itself is deeply flawed outside of the religious context.

    Secular and positive

    I do not agree with Gilad on that. I do believe that it is possible to be a secular Jew with a positive Jewish identity that does not in any way believe in Jewish supremacy. I do not even agree with his view that Zionism is inherently racist. For example, the pre-1948 position of the Zionist youth movement Hashomer HaTzair, which argued, as Zionists, for a secular binational state to be shared equally between Jews and Palestinians, puts paid to that.

    In the 1920s Martin Buber, a humanist philosopher who had absolutely no truck with racism, developed a branch of Zionism centered politically around the concept of a binational state, and sadly, like Hashomer HaTzair, got nowhere. Today it is clear that the racist branches of Zionism have prevailed. But it does not take much more than a cursory view of the history to see that those were not the only branches.

    Nevertheless, post 1948, it is very hard to argue that Zionism has not behaved, since Independence, in a de facto racist way. On that at least, Gilad, Daphna and I can all agree. Right now in 2012 we are watching aghast at yet another massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Yet again this comes just before the Israeli elections; this time we are hearing Israeli ministers such as Eli Yishai assert that “the goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.”

    Not only can I no longer defend any of this, I can no longer defend Zionism at all, not even in an abstract philosophical sense outside of any context involving the actions of the Israeli state. The Law of Return, under which I – an occasional tourist who just happens to be Jewish – can claim Israeli citizenship at a moment’s notice, while a Palestinian actually born in, say, Haifa, but subsequently exiled cannot – that is a racist law. The notion of a Jewish state? That is – as far as it has been put into practice since 1948 – a racist notion.

    Is Zionism racism? It didn’t have to be. There were historical strands within Zionism that were not racist. Martin Buber – Zionist founder, in 1925, of the Brit Shalom organisation advocating a binational state, was not a racist, and nor were the pre-1948 Hashomer Hatzair.

    But right now?

    It’s really very hard indeed to argue otherwise.

    And it’s such a blessed relief to feel that I am no longer obligated to attempt to do so.

    That relief does not, however, in any way reduce the anger I feel at the current massacre of civilians in Gaza.

    This article originally appeared at conniptions.org

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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    Obama II – the purge and the pact

    by Thierry Meyssan

    JPEG - 27.9 kb
    Pete Kimberley

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    رسالة من الشيوعي وليم نصار … إلى حسن نصر الله

    رسالة من الشيوعي وليم نصار … إلى حسن نصر الله
    رسالة من الشيوعي وليم نصار … إلى حسن نصر الله

    وليم نصار

    يا رفيقي يا حسن نصر الله …
    شو بغار منك لأنك مش شيوعي …
    شو بغار منك لأنك بتعطينا الأمل … وما بتنقعنا باليأس متل ما يأسونا بعض الشيوعيين …
    شو بغار منك لمن بتطل .. وبتكون قريب للناس أكتر منا نحنا الشيوعيين .. مع إنو مفروض يكون العكس ..(هيك كانو يخبرونا إنو الشيوعي من الناس وللناس بس يبدو إنو الشيوعي الحالي من الناس بس مش للناس)..
    شو بغار منك يا حسن نصر الله .. لأنك واضح .. وخليت الشيوعي والملحد يحبك أكتر ما يحب رفاقو وحزبو …
    شو بغار منك لمن تقول الاشيا أبيض وأسود .. وما بتحط إجر بالفلاحة وإجر بالبور …
    يا حسن …
    شو بغار من العمامة السودا يلي ع راسك … وما بعرف ليش عم تخليني شوفها أجمل من بيريه غيفارا… شهيدنا الأوحد بالأدغال …
    يا حسن …
    شو قصتك يا رجل؟
    شو سرك؟
    من أي طينة بشر معجون ؟
    آآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآخ يا حسن …… لو إنك كنت شيوعي .. كنا غيرنا هالشعوب العميا يلي ما بتعرف غير طق الحنك … والمكايد … والنضال عبر بوزات الصور والكاميرات والاشاعات.
    لو كنت يا حسن شيوعي … تأكد إنو كل الشيوعيين .. المسيحيين قبل المتاولة يلي متلك كانوا هتفوا باسمك … متل ما هلق عم نهتف باسمك ..
    لو كنت يا حسن شيوعي … كنا برضو حطيناك نجمة على جباهنا متل ما حاطينك شمعة
    مضواية بقلوبنا … ومنداريك من الهوا ومن العيون الجارحة ..
    لك يا حسن …
    لك إنت .. أشرف من أشرف شيوعي …
    أصدق من أصدق شيوعي …
    مقاوم أكثر من أكبر شيوعي طقيق حنك …
    كرمال كل هودي …
    أنت السيد …
    أنت المعلم …
    أنت وصية الرب يسوع لما قال (لم آت لألق سلاما بل سيفا)…
    يا حسن نصر الله .. با أخي .. يا رفيقي ..
    يا سيد …
    السلام لاسمك .. من الآن وإلى أبد الأبدين ..
    آمين ..
    ( خاص بانوراما الشرق الاوسط )

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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    Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage

    Genocidal Yearnings

    Some History
    Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritageBy the middle of the 19th century the multi-ethnic empire was on its way out as the dominant political paradigm in Europe. Replacing it was the nation-state, a political form which allowed the concentration of ethnic groups within their own political borders. This in turn formed cultural and “racial” incubators for us (superior) vs. them (inferior) nationalism that would underpin most of the West’s future wars. Many of these nation states were also imperial powers expanding across the globe and, of course, their state-based chauvinistic outlook went with them.
    was born in this milieu of nationalism and imperialism, both of which left an indelible mark on the character and ambitions of the Israeli state. The conviction of Theodor Herzl, modern Zionism’s founding father, was that the centuries of anti-Semitism were proof positive that Europe’s could not be assimilated into mainstream Western society. They could only be safe if they possessed a nation state of their own. This conviction also reflected the European imperial sentiments of the day. The founders of modern Zionism were both and Europeans, and (as such) had acquired the West’s cultural sense of superiority in relation to non-Europeans.
    This sense of superiority would play an important role when a deal (the Balfour Declaration) was struck in 1917 between the and the British Government. The deal stipulated that, in exchange for Zionist support for the British war effort (World I was in progress), the British would (assuming victory) help create a “ national home” in . It was no oversight that neither side in this bargain gave much thought to the Palestinian native population.
    Years later, beginning in 1945 (at the end of World War II), the British were forced to officially give up the imperial point of view. They came out of this war with a population burdened by extraordinary high war taxes. Retaining the empire would keep those taxes high and so the British voter elected politicians who would transform the empire into a commonwealth, granting independence to just about all the Britain’s overseas territories. One of those territories was Palestine.
    It is interesting to note that in other colonies, where large numbers of Europeans resided, the era following World War II saw their eventual evacuation as power shifted over to the natives. Kenya and Algeria are examples which show that this process was hard and bloody, but it happened. And when it did happen, the official imperial mind set was defeated. That does not mean that all Europeans (or Westerners) saw the light and ceased to be racists, but that their governments eventually saw the necessity to stop acting that way.
    Some Consequences
    Unfortunately, in the case of Palestine, this process of de-colonization never occurred. In this case the European colonists did not want the imperial mother country to stay and protect them. They wanted them out so they could set up shop on their own. They got their chance after the British evacuated in 1947. Soon thereafter, the Zionists began executing a prepared plan to conquer the “Holy Land” and chase away or subjugate the native population. And what of that imperial point of view which saw the European as superior and the native as inferior? This became institutionalized in the practices of the new Israeli state. That made one of the very few (the other being apartheid South Africa) self-identified “Western” nation states to continue to implement old-style imperial policies: they discriminated against the Palestinian population in every way imaginable, pushed them into enclosed areas of concentration and sought to control their lives in great detail.
    If one wants to know what this meant for the evolving character of Israel’s citizenry who now would live out the colonial drama as an imperial power in their own right, one might take a look at a book by Sven Lindqvist entitled Exterminate All The Brutes (New Press 1996). This work convincingly shows that lording it over often resisting native peoples, debasing and humiliating them, regularly killing or otherwise punishing them when they protest, leads the colonials to develop genocidal yearnings.
    There is evidence that the Zionists who created and now sustain Israel suffer from this process. For a long time Israeli government officials tried genocide via a thought experiment. They went about asserting that the Palestinians did not exist. The most famous case of this was , who on June 15, 1969 claimed that “there were no such thing as Palestinians ….They do not exist.” One of the reasons she gave for this opinion was that the Arabs of Palestine never had their own nation state.
    Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage
    Sponsored by:

    Others took a different approach by denying not so much the existence of Palestinians, but rather their humanity. At various times and in various contexts, usually in response to acts of resistance against , Israeli leaders have referred to the Palestinians as “beasts walking on two legs” (); “grasshoppers” (Yitzhaq Shamir); “crocodiles” (); and “cockroaches” ().
    Of course, these sentiments were not confined to the Israeli leadership. They soon pervaded most of the Zionist population because the old imperial superiority-inferiority propaganda had become a core element of their basic education. The Israelis have taught their children the imperial point of view, augmented it with biased media reporting, labeled the inevitable resistance offered by the Palestinians as anti-Semitism and took it as proof of the need to suppress and control this population of “Others.”
    Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritageAnd, from the Zionist standpoint, this entire process has worked remarkably well. Today all but a handful of Israeli Jews dislike and fear the people they conquered and displaced. They wish they would go away. And, when their resistance gets just a bit too much to bear, they are now quite willing to see them put out of the way.
     Thus, during the latest round of resistance rocket fire from and the vengeful killing that came from the Israeli side, we heard the following: “We must blow back to the Middle Ages destroying all the infrastructure including roads and water” (, present Deputy Prime Minister); “There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing….We need to flatten entire neighborhoods…flatten all of Gaza” (journalist in the Jerusalem Post); “There are no innocents in Gaza. Mow them down…kill the Gazans without thought or mercy.” (, member of the ); Gaza should be “bombed so hard the population has to flee into Egypt” (, present Minister of Transportation); Gaza should be “wiped clean with bombs” (, present Minister of Home Front Defense); Israeli must “learn from the Syrians how to slaughter the enemy” (prominent Israeli ); and then finally there were the numerous, spontaneous demonstrations of ordinary Israeli citizens, both in the north and south of the country, where could be heard chants and shouts such as “They don’t deserve to live. They need to die. May your children die. Kick out all the Arabs.”
    Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage

    Soldiers spell out “Bibi loser” in Hebrew

    If it wasn’t for the fact that the outside world was watching, there can be little doubt that the famed Israeli armed forces would have been tempted to do all that these ministers, clerics and citizens wished. After Prime Minister agreed to a cease fire, a group of Israeli soldiers showed their frustration by using their bodies to spell out (in Hebrew) the words “Bibi Loser” (Bibi is a nickname for Netanyahu). It was a pre-arranged photo-op and the picture can now easily be found on the web. What seems to really irk the Israeli citizenry is not that Bibi killed and maimed too many innocent Palestinian civilians, but rather that he did not kill and maim enough of them to grant Israelis “safety and security.”

    Throughout history it has been standard operating procedure to demonize those you fight and demote to inferior status those you conquer. But as Lindqvist’s work shows, there was something different about the way Europeans went about this business. The deeply racist outlook that underlay modern imperialism made it particularly perverse. Now that apartheid South Africa is no more, the Israelis are the last surviving heirs to that dreadful heritage. So much for a “light unto the nations.” That proposition has quite failed. Wherever the Israelis and their Zionist cohorts are leading us, it is not into the light, it is to someplace very very dark.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
    The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

    Al Arabiya false reporting on "an exceptionally quiet night"

    Via FLC

    “… From akram: ” Dear Mr. Abou Khalil: Yesterday midnight, while I was enjoying an American movie during an exceptionally quiet night, a friend called me saying that al-Arabyia, the lousy House of Saud’s propagandist TV station (both lousy actually), followed directly by Sky News Arabic, was displaying, with bold font on a red background, the following “Breaking News”: Intense clashes in al-Abassyieen quarter (this is exactly where I live) …… This isn’t the first time al-Arabyia is caught red-handed. We all remember its scandalous Syria leaks fabrications. But this time, I caught it lying… personally… not analytically, nor have been told through someone else”

    Why a new war on Gaza?

    At most, “Pillar of Cloud” might open the way for an old Zionist plan – the proclamation of Jordan as a Palestinian state, the transfer of the population of Gaza (perhaps also that of the West Bank) into Jordan, and the annexion of the territories thus evacuated.

    “In this case, the military operation must not target all Hamas leaders indiscriminately, but only those who oppose the former poitical head of the organisation, Khaled Mechaal, since he is slated to become the first President of a Palestinian State in Jordan.”


    “Operation Pillar of Cloud”

    Why a new war on Gaza?


    Thierry MeyssanOnce again Israël attacks Gaza, and the international media relays the images of desolation. But the outrage provoked by these daily horrors must not prevent us from analysing the situation and understanding its aims. Thierry Meyssan anwers the question.

    On the 14th November 2012, Israeli armed forces launched the operation “Pillar of Cloud” against the administrative and military installations of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. On the first day of the attack, they assassinated Ahmed Jaabari, the number 2 of the armed branch of the Palestinian organisation. They also destroyed the underground launch-pads of their surface-to-surface Fajr 5 missiles.

    Pillar of Cloud” quickly expanded, as Israeli aviation multiplied its bombing raids. The Israeli military command proceeded with the call-up of 30,000 reserve troops, and rapidly increased that number to 75,000 men, at the risk of destabilizing the economy. In this way, Israel has given itself the capacity to invade the Gaza Strip with ground troops.
    This situation calls for several explanations.

    Why now?

    Tel-Aviv is taking the initiative in the midst of the partial power vacuum reigning in Washington. We are awaiting the nomination of new Secretaries for State and Defense. The new nominations may be ambassador Susan Rice and Senator John Kerry. However, a bitter struggle is currently being played out in the Press in an attempt to disqualify Ms. Rice. In any event, the position of the exiting Secretaries of State and Defense are weakened, and their successors have not yet been named.
    In identical fashion, Tel Aviv had taken a similar initiative with the operation “Cast Lead” during the period of transition between Presidents Bush Jr.and Obama. Certain commentators are also evoking the proximity of the Israeli legislative elections, and suggest that Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman are attempting to polish their image as hard-line hawks.

    This is improbable, since in fact, they are launching this attack without being sure of the result in advance. In 2008-2009, the failure of “Cast Lead” was fatal for Ehud Olmert’s government.

    What’s the aim?

    Traditionally, Israeli armed forces adapt their war objectives to the occasions that arise.
    At the least, the aim is to weaken the Palestinian Resistance by destroying infrastructures and administrations in the Gaza Strip, just as they do at more or less regular intervals. However, the weakening of Hamas will automatically profit Fatah in the West Bank – and Fatah will not miss the opportunity to push a little harder in its demand for the recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations.

    At most, “Pillar of Cloud” might open the way for an old Zionist plan – the proclamation of Jordan as a Palestinian state, the transfer of the population of Gaza (perhaps also that of the West Bank) into Jordan, and the annexion of the territories thus evacuated.

    In this case, the military operation must not target all Hamas leaders indiscriminately, but only those who oppose the former poitical head of the organisation, Khaled Mechaal, since he is slated to become the first President of a Palestinian State in Jordan.

    Is this attack linked to the disturbances in Jordan?

    The war in Syria has strangled the Jordanian economy. The Kingdom has rapidly fallen into debt. On the 13th November (in other words, the day before the start of ” Pillar of Cloud“) the government announced energy price rises as high as 11 % for public transport, and 53 % for domestic gas. This announcement fed a movement of protest which has been smouldering since the beginning of the year. Immediately after the announcement, about half of Jordan’s 120,000 public school teachers went on strike.

    On Friday 16th, more than 10,000 people demonstrated in the heart of Amman, shouting – “Liberty comes from God!“, “Abdallah, your time is over!“, “The people demand the fall of the regime!“. The procession started from the Husseini mosque, and was supervised by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, who have concluded an agreement with the US State Department and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, are already in power in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Gaza. Apart from this, they control the new Syrian National Coalition. Their ambition is to govern Jordan with or without King Abdallah II.

    The best-known member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood is Khaled Mechaal, the ex-chief of the political branch of Hamas. Mechaal lived in exile from 2001 to 2012 in Damascus, under the protection of the Syrian state. In February 2012, he sudddenly accused Bashar al-Assad’s government of repressing his own people, and chose to move to Qatar, where Emir Hamad al-Thani showed him great generosity.

    Is there a link to the unrest in Syria?

    Last June, a peace agreement was concluded in Geneva by the major powers. This was immediately sabotaged by a US faction, which organised leaks to the Press concerning Western implication in the events, thus forçing the resignation of mediator Kofi Annan. This same faction then twice attempted to end the situation militarily, by organising two massive attacks on Damascus, on the 18th July and the 26th September. When these attacks failed, the Obama administration returned to the initial agreement and resolved to implement it after the Presidential elections and the change of Cabinet.

    The agreement calls for the deployment of a United Nations Peace Force, mainly composed of contingents from the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (SCTO). This force would be tasked with separating the belligerents and arresting the foreign jihadists present in Syria. By allowing Russia to re-enter the Middle East, Washington hopes to relieve itself of the burden of Israel’s security. Russia would protect the Zionist state from attack, and would also prevent it from attacking anyone else. The US military retreat from the Middle East would then be able to continue, and Washington would once again enjoy the freedom of action it has lost due to its permanent privileged relationship with Tel-Aviv.

    From this perspective, the partisans of Israeli expansionism have to act in Gaza, and perhaps also in Jordan, before the Russian deployment.

    What are the first conclusions that can be drawn from the current war?

    The war has tested Israeli anti-air defences. The Zionist state has invested several hundred million dollars in the creation of the “Iron Dome“, a system capable of intercepting rockets and missiles fired from Gaza or Southern Lebanon.

    This system did not seem to function correctly when Hezbollah sent a drone to fly over the Dimona nuclear reactor, or when it tested its surface-to-surface Fajr-5 missiles.

    During the first three days of “Pillar of Cloud“, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad retaliated to Israeli bombardements with salvos of rockets and missiles. The “Iron Dome” managed to intercept 210 of the 800 shots fired. However, this statistic doesn’t mean very much – the system only seems capable of intercepting fairly primitive rockets, like the Qassam, and does not seem to be adapted to any more sophisticated form of armament.

    Pete Kimberley

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
    The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

    Is it a date with a new Sadat?


    بهدوء | أهو موعد مع «سادات» جديد؟

    أحدث العدوان الإسرائيلي على غزة ــ وردّها الشجاع ــ الكثير من الخلط والتخليط في المشهد الإقليمي. الخلط مفهومٌ لكونه يرتبط بتعقيدات موضوعية؛ غزة ليست كلها حماس، وحماس ليست كلها قَطرية، ولا يزال هناك حسابات أمنية وسياسية لا بد من تسويتها مع القطاع المضطرب بين مشروعين: مشروع إقامة «دبي» فلسطينية متصلة بمصر ـــ كجزء من تسوية الانفصال عن ضفة غربية متصلة بالأردن ـــ ومشروع المقاومة.

    والمفارقة أن كلا المشروعين يستلزمان الرد العملي نفسه؛ فالذاهبون إلى مناخات التسوية يحتاجون إلى تحسين شروط الهدنة الطويلة المدى (واقعياً = التسوية) بما يكفل الإطار الأمني والسياسي لإمارة غزة المزدهرة، بينما المصرّون على بناء القطاع المقاوم تحيّنوا الفرصة لتقديم النموذج المستقبلي الذي يريدونه. وهكذا، قامت على الأرض المشتركة لهدفين متناقضين، «غرفة عمليات موحدة» ضمّت التيارات والفصائل المتصارعة سياسياً.

    «النصر» في غزة قد يقود إلى سادات فلسطيني آخر أو إلى تجربة تقارب تجربة حزب الله في لبنان. صوت حماس حتى الآن هو صوت خالد مشعل الذي أعاد التأكيد، مجدداً، على خياراته السياسية مع الحلف الخليجي التركي الأميركي، بما في ذلك تكرار التذكير بالخلاف مع إيران في الملف السوري. يعيدنا موقفه هذا إلى السادات الذي كان يصنع «نصره» في «اكتوبر» الـ 73 بالأسلحة الروسية، بينما يشتم موسكو، ويغازل واشنطن، ويرتّب للصفقة المقبلة معها.
    «السادات» شخصية محببة لدى الإخوان المسلمين. وليس بالمصادفة أن الرئيس الإخواني المصري، محمد مرسي ـــ الذي قاطع ذكرى جمال عبد الناصر ـــ منح ذكرى السادات، أعلى وسام مصري. وليست مأثرة «الرئيس المؤمن» الرئيسية، عند الإخوان، أنه أعادهم إلى مصر ومكّن لهم في منتصف السبعينيات، وإنما تكمن مأثرته الكبرى في نموذجه السياسي «البلدي»، شبه الأمي، المحافظ في الثقافة والنيوليبرالي في الاقتصاد، و«الواقعي» ـــ الفهلوي في السياسة، والشعبوي في الأداء. وهذا هو، في النهاية، ما يصبو إليه مرسي وما يُلهم مشعل.

    هنا، نأتي إلى التخليط الذي انحدرت إليه مواقف وفضائيات وصحافة قوى الممانعة؛ حفلة تستخدم اللحظة الساخنة الراهنة لإلغاء العقل والحس النقدي والسعي الجبان لتجاهل التناقضات أو تمييعها بين معسكرين تحددا بالدم في مأساة سورية؛ معسكر المقاومة ومعسكر الرجعية.

    مرة أخرى، عادت المواقف ووسائل الإعلام التابعة لخط المقاومة لتروّج الأوهام حول مصر الإخوانية ودورها الإقليمي، وتبيعنا رجعيين من أزلام قَطر، كـ«مقاومين» يعطوننا دروساً في «الربيع العربي» وأثره في دعم مقاومة الشعب الفلسطيني ضد إسرائيل، بل وفي تمجيد الدوحة والتعريض بدمشق، وفي أحسن الأحوال، السعي إلى عزلها جانباً كملفّ خلافي مع إيران وحزب الله!

    لن نتوقف، هنا، طويلاً عند الحقيقة البسيطة المتجاهَلة المتمثّلة في أن قدرات المقاومة الغزية، جميعها، جاءتها من إيران وسوريا وحزب الله، لا من الإخوان أو قَطر أو تركيا، لكننا سنضع النقاط على الحروف في ما يتصل بثلاثة عناصر رئيسية؛ (1) إن القدرات التسليحية ـــ حتى المتاحة منها في السوق ـــ لا تنتظم وتتراكم ـــ للحركات كما للدول ـــ إلا في سياق سياسي. وقد حدد مشعل وسواه من المتحدثين باسم حماس، سياقهم السياسي في عباءة قطر، وقَطر حدّدته، بدورها، كحظيرة «نعاج»، (2) إن مصر الإخوانية لا تختلف، نوعياً، عن مصر المباركية، فجميع الإجراءات الدبلوماسية والإنسانية التي أقدم عليها مرسي كان مبارك سبّاقاً إليها. الفارق بالرئاسة المصرية، كما يصفه قيادي حمساوي (علي بركة على الميادين)، هو كالآتي: «مبارك كان ينقل رأي إسرائيل إلى حماس، أما مرسي فملتزم بنقل رأي حماس إلى إسرائيل». يا للهول! أصبحت القاهرة، بعد ربيعها الهادر، وسيطاً نزيهاً بين الإسرائيليين والفلسطينيين! (3) إن تيار المقاومة داخل حماس والجهاد الإسلامي لم يعبّر عن نفسه سياسياً حتى الآن، ولا أظنه بقادر على التعبير عن نفسه وسط السُّعار المذهبي الحاصل. ولقد رأيته مهيناً التغني من قبل وسائل إعلام المقاومة، بتصريح يتيم ومبتور لقيادي في الجهاد الإسلامي، يقدم فيه الشكر لإيران على دعمها العسكري، ولا يذكر، في هذا المقام، سوريا أو حزب الله. معنى ذلك أن تيار المقاومة في غزة جهاز عسكري وليس تياراً سياسياً. إنه محكوم، إذاً، بالتراجع. فالمقاومة، قبل كل شيء، هي انحياز سياسي استراتيجي.

    وحده، حسن نصر الله، نجا من الخلط والتخليط، لكن بحياء لا بحسم. صحيح أنه رسم الخط الفاصل بين استراتيجية «النعاج» التي تتبناها الرجعية، واستراتيجية «الأسود» التي تتبناها المقاومة، لكنه استحى أن يواجه القيادات الغزيّة بالاختيار بين الاستراتيجيتين. وصحيح أن نصر الله طالب بالاعتراف الصريح بدور محور المقاومة، إيران وسوريا وحزب الله، في تمكين غزة من الصمود والمواجهة، لكنه وضع مطالبته هذه في مقاربة أخلاقية، من دون أن يوضّح جوهرها السياسي.

    آه… أكلّ هذا التخليط المهين والحياء الرصين حدث بسبب أن محور المقاومة صادف أنه «شيعي»، فهو مضطرٌ، إذاً، للتسلل والاعتذار والجلوس في المقعد الخلفي وانتظار نعمة الشكر، وربما الخازوق؟


    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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    Clashes in Tahrir Square as Egypt Sinks Deeper into Crisis

    Local Editor

    Egypt: clashes erupt in Tahriri squareEgypt on Wednesday plunged deeper into its worst political crisis since President Mohammad Mursi took office in June, with massive opposition rallies nationwide signaling a new “revolution” nearly two years after Hosni Mubarak was toppled.

    Egyptian Police fired tear gas into Cairo’s Tahrir Square early Wednesday, where several hundred protesters spent the night after a mass rally to denounce what they call ‘Mursi’s power grab’.

    Clashes that have been erupting on streets just off Tahrir near the US embassy spilled into the square, with canisters falling into the crowd forcing protesters to run and sending clouds of tear gas over the tents housing the demonstrators.

    The outskirts of the square have seen sporadic clashes now entering their ninth day, in what started as an anniversary protest to mark one year since deadly confrontations with police in the same area.
    Clashes also raged through the night between supporters and opponents of Mursi in the Nile Delta city of Mahalla and the canal city of Port Said.

    In Mahalla, 132 people were injured while 27 were hurt in Port Said, medical sources told Agence France Presse. According to a security official, calm in both towns had been restored by morning.
    Tuesday’s huge turnout for a protest rally marked the largest mobilization yet against the president.
    Protesters are furious at the decree that Mursi announced last Thursday allowing him to “issue any decision or law that is final and not subject to appeal”, which effectively placed him beyond judicial oversight.

    Mursi’s decree also bans any judicial body from dissolving the controversial panel, putting him on a collision course with the judiciary.

    The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday said Egypt can still get its $4.8 billion loan, agreed last week, despite the turmoil as long as there is “no major change” in its reform commitments.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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    Israel’s War on Truth

    DateSunday, November 25, 2012 at 9:59AM AuthorGilad Atzmon

    Kevin Barret wrote today:

    Since Shakespeare suggested killing all the lawyers, I don’t see why killing all the journalists would be going too far.

    Some will quibble, saying “an eye for an eye eventually leaves everyone blind.”

    But a hundred eyes for an eye gets there a whole lot faster.

    Too bad we don’t all think like Zionists; if we did, the world would have gone blind a long time ago, and we wouldn’t have to see all these horrors perpetrated on innocents.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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    When Israel Lost its Deterrence Power…

    Yusuf Fernandez
    Palestinian resistanceThe so-called Operation “Pillar of Clouds”, initiated on November 14 with the targeted assassination of the commander of Hamas military wing Ahmad Jaabari, has been a resounding failure for Israel. Not only hasn´t it achieved its military and political goals, but it has also strengthened Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian resistance organizations.

    In this sense, Israeli goals turned out to be an illusion, as they also turned out during the Israeli operation against Lebanon in 2006.

    As in the previous wars against Gaza and Lebanon, Israel has committed all kind of coward and awful massacres as an angry reaction to its military failure. In this war, Israelis demolished government and particular buildings and killed 161 Palestinians, including 14 members (and five children) of a same family. All these crimes need to be punished for through International courts.

    From the political point of view, more and more people in the world agree that Palestinians have the right to resist Israeli attacks in response to the actual decades-long Israeli genocidal occupation and blockade, which is bringing about the actual physical demise of Gaza´s population.

    From the military point of view and unlike the 2008 war, Hamas did not stop bombing Israeli settlements during the whole conflict. Palestinian rockets continued to fall on Israeli settlements and they were able to hit both Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities and “settlements” that had never, since the establishment of the Zionist state, been within the reach of Palestinian fighters.

    Israeli soldiersFurthermore, Palestinians in Gaza were able to prevent an Israeli ground invasion due to the Iran-supplied long-range missiles. The resistance also has anti-tank Russian-made Kornet missiles with double heads, one that penetrates the tank and the other detonates it.
    Israeli warplanes and warships were targeted. According to some experts, the Palestinian resistance also possesses shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, which would explain the lack of Apache helicopters over Gaza skies. Combat helicopters would be needed for any close support of foot soldiers should a ground attack be launched.

    Palestinian rockets also dealt a blow to the Israeli economy. According to the business information company BDI the costs of the war for the Israeli economy were at about NIS 1.1 billion a week. Meanwhile, 80 percent of all retail and services were shuttered in the south, costing the economy NIS 100 million a day, according to the Federation of Chambers of Commerce. None of these estimates count the still unknown costs of damage to property.

    Facing a disaster in all the fronts, Israel wanted to quickly end the onslaught. According to several sources, Israeli President Shimon Peres phoned US President Barack Obama and asked him to pressure Egypt to force Hamas to accept a truce on the basis of any Egyptian conditions.

    crisis due to blockadeIn the agreement document, the leaders of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza managed to insert a clause in the ceasefire agreement establishing at least a partial lifting of the blockade Israel imposed on the Palestinian area after Hamas came to power in 2006. Border crossings into the Gaza Strip will also be opened soon. The goal is to make it easier for both goods and people to cross into the Strip following years of Israeli blockade.

    Due to this siege, people in Gaza lack proper food and water, medicines, electricity, functioning sewage plants and construction materials. The unemployment level in Gaza is at 50 percent and the psychological and physical effects on the children living in the Strip have been documented extensively. In a document acquired by the Israeli human rights group Gisha, the Zionist government referred to the blockade as “economic warfare.”

    The most important victory for the Palestinian resistance is that Israel´s deterrence has been destroyed, and the Palestinian resistance groups are now in a position to respond to Israeli missile attacks. Hamas and Islamic Jihad´s military power surprised the Israelis, as it also did their upgraded rocket capability.

    Israeli television’s Channel 10 aired a video report of frightened Knesset members dropping to the ground and taking cover, including Labour MP and former Defence Minister Amir Pertez, who was hiding by a wall out of fear of being hit. Another video showed Minister of Environmental Protection Gilad Erdan running alongside a wall in Beir Sabae out of fear to be hit by a Palestinian rocket. Military censorship of the Israeli army’s intelligence agency AMAN has banned the publication of any information about Israeli soldiers being targeted.

    As a result of their victory, Hamas and other Palestinian factions have been able to position themselves as a negotiating partner, guaranteeing them a role as an actor in the Middle East. Simon Shiffer, a columnist for Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, wrote that Hamas has now become the most influential Palestinian power because it forced Netanyahu to undertake negotiations with it while ignoring the Palestinian Authority and its President Mahmoud Abbas.

    Palestinians held jubilant victory rallies across the Gaza Strip the day after the cease-fire with Israel took effect. Each of the Strips resistance factions hailed their military achievements and what they consider as a new era for Palestinian unity.

    Changing Muslim World

    Ahmadinejad, HaniyehGaza´s Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, has attributed the Palestinian resistance´s victory, in part, to a changing region, where the Zionist entity is becoming weaker and weaker. Israel “staged this war in a changing region. Egypt has changed, and the whole Muslim world has changed,” Haniyeh said.

    The Iranian support to Palestinian fighters has also been decisive for their victory. In this sense, Hamas and Islamic Jihad thanked Iran for supplying them with weapons and technology. The statements of gratitude as well as reciprocal remarks from Tehran signal that the alliance between Iran and Palestine is alive and well.

    The region´s new governments, particularly Egypt, have also provided Hamas with political backing in its challenge to Israel. The crisis has propelled Mursi, who negotiated the truce, into the role of an important regional statesman. Saad Al-Katatni, chairman of the ruling Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), and other leading members of the Egyptian parliament visited Gaza during the war to show their solidarity with the population of the Strip. This new Egyptian attitude fully contrasts with the situation in the 2008-9 war, in which Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak adopted an openly pro-Israel stance.

    The reality is that there is now a new political and military equation in the Middle East that clearly shows Israeli geostrategic vulnerabilities. Israeli political leaders appear to be unprepared for this grim new reality, whose main manifestation is the Palestinian resistance´s new capacity to strike deep inside the Zionist entity, an ability that is sure to increase much more in the coming years.

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