Sabir Nureddin swallowing his "pride" again

“DON’T INVITE THE WOLF TO YOUR FRUIT GARDEN !” Wrote my brother Danial Mabsout. “In Arabic we say :” Never bring the wolf to your fruit garden” because the wolf will eat it all..”

Sabir Nureddin, a “true Libyan”, (AS Called by Gordon Duff) is one of the Libyan traitors who invited Nato wolves to Libya.  On March, 21 2011, he claimed: The West is doing the right thing in Libya “that opposition by the left and the anti-imperialist and anti-war movements to the NATO military action in Libya is misplaced and deeply flawed'”  he argued. His only regret was “that it did not take place earlier and thereby spare the lives of thousands of innocent civilians murdered by Gaddafi’s hired hands.”

As “an anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, progressive pan-Arab nationalist. …” Sabir witnessed with dismay his “friends and natural allies, from the anti-war movement and George Galloway in the UK to Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Daniel Ortega in Latin America, condemn the military action against Gaddafi as an imperialist plot whose aim is to seize Libyan oil.”
As it is unlikely that NATO will have the stomach for a ground intervention, because it is rejected – so far – by Libyan repels, and because forming and training an Army would take so many years to oust Kaddafi, disappointed Sabir called for a direct military intervention by Arab or Muslim troops. More

According to Duff,  “there was one “journalist present”. In this case, he was commanding a unit that had been tracking, had been hunting Gaddafi for weeks. Below is his story.”
Gordon is not talking about the French “Independant Philospher, Bernard-Henri Levy, born in Algeria, who has worked also in support of “human rights projects around the world” such as South Sudan, Darfour, Afghanistan, and Libya….

The “independant journalist” commanding a unit – hand-picked squad -” after “tracking,hunting Gaddafi for weeks.”…..”on Thursday morning, 20 October, intercepted communications from his son Mu’tasim ordering his men to assemble in District No. 2 by 4 a.m.”

The hand-picked squad were appox half a km behind him but in the desert, south of the road they were using.” Out of sudden, “a French Raphael jet appeared and hit his convoy several times.

The hand-picked squad just managed … corner Gaddafi, ….grabbed him and his son, pulled them out of the sewer. Injured Gaddafi ” was escorted into an ambulance, “barely able to walk which headed west to Misrata.”

At that point, after the ambulance headed west to Misrata”, the independant journalist” followed one of his “golden rules of survival (when your mission is accomplished, never hang about or dwell on things but just simply leave) I bid farewell to some of the fighters and headed for Benghazi. By the time I arrived there I heard that Gaddafi was dead. I have no idea what happened to him exactly and, to be honest, I really don’t care.”

On November 2012, the same “independant journalist” discovered that Libya on the edge of a precipice, and is again inviting the wolves to the Libyan garden

 “in Libya’s second city, Benghazi, and cradle of the revolution that toppled the tyrant Muammar Gaddafi, a car exploded outside a police station, wounding four police officers….This kind of gangsterism has become the norm in Libya. Almost everyday incidents similar to the ones described above take place across the country…with the country flooded with weapons and up to 1,700 militias wreaking havoc and lawlessness, it is time to take drastic action….the Libyan people will take many years – perhaps generations – to recover from the years of stagnation under Gaddafi. But as matters stand right now, we need help and we need it urgently.”

 As a Libyan, Sabir Nureddin, is sad to say that his “compatriots cannot organize a piss-up in a brewery, to use an English colloquialism. ….Libya will continue its inexorable descent into chaos and violence, unless the international community – the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the United Nations or even the devil himself, it no longer matters..….dispatch a sizable peacekeeping force to establish law and order, disarm the militias – by force if necessary – …If Libya is to survive as a state, then steps must be taken right now to mobilize an international peacekeeping force and authorize it to intervene to disarm the militias, bring about security and train an army and police force. It is better to bite the bullet, swallow our pride as Libyans and do this now before it is too late.”

Next time, Nurreddin, may bite the bullet and call for changing the people…

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