Hamas to Mursi: "May God have Bless Mubarak" .. Open crossings and free Aqsa!!

Hamas to Mursi

In a second call directed to Egypt in order to break the siege of GazaFathi Hamad the Hamas interior minister demanded the States Arab revolutionsto to hold a special conference and immediately break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, and prepare for the Liberation of Aqsa

Observers say that the call is an attempt to put pressure on the Egyptian brotherhood regime to actually move away from slogans and open border crossings blocked by the Egyptian government for the flow of people and materials.

The Arab” quoted sources close to the government in Gaza that leaders of Hamas feel overwhelming angrily on Mursi attitudes towards Gaza, especially after his explicit rejection of the idea of ​​the free zone, which was hoping by Gazans” to escape the siege.

The sources said that one of the influential leaders of Hamas said angrily: May God bless Mubarak, he besieged us and we were cursing him day and night, “thisin reference to the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, he is doing the same and we have to thank him

There is a conviction in Gaza that Mursi has completely changed since he visited the United States on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations and meeting with U.S. Secretary of StateHamas leaders He says that Washington asked Mursi to chose between American aid peace  and the relationship with Israel or supporting Hamas, and he decided to turn his back to Hamas, and blame Gazans for what is happening in the Sinai.

The sources are talking about severe pressure experienced on Hamas senior leadership to control resistance factions and stop the rocket launchers in order to calm down and stabilize the situation to give the brotherhood time to rule then look at what can be done to Gaza and Palestine.

The sources say that representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader in various meetings demanded Hamas to listen, obey and wait for orders.

Hamas minister Hammad said , during the graduation of university officers in Gaza, there is no universal or an Arab or an Islamic decision  that prevent Arab countries from breaking the Gaza blockade imposed since mid-2007We therefore call explicitly for new type of revolutions in the Arab countries that support the Palestinians and break the siege and move for the Liberation of Jerusalem.” Hammad added

Hammad called the Arab nation to “rise from slumber for the liberation of AlAqsa Mosque, groaning under occupation,” he said, adding “you may wake up one day and find no Aqsa while you are busy with your internal affairs.”

He continued, saying if it wants Arab states want to improve its administrative, economic and political, military, and all the affairs of life it must support the resistance in Palestine and lift the siege on Gaza.”

Palestinian criticism has focused recently against Egyptian President Mursi and his regime emanating from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood on the lack of seriousness in the siege and employing the suffering people of Gaza to serve their politicak aganda in the Arab world.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization popularity is influenced by failing to act effectively to lift the siege. Supporters of the Brotherhood are wondering with amazement how Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is besieging their  allies in Gaza?

Obsevers say the Brotherhood since they arrived to power has turned their back on the old principles, and opened the doors wide open for pragmatism, and did not pay any attention for the Palestinian cause. 

They noted what happened in Tunisia, when al-nahda movement during the election campaigns demanded that the new constitution should criminalize normalization with the zionist entity and now is in the government they rejects what they demanded.

Sahbi Atiq one of its leaders and the President of the mass in the Constituent Assembly claimed that his movement consulted Meshaal and Haniyeh and both said that there is no reason to criminalize normalization in the Constitution, Hamas denied.

While the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has placed many street plaques on the walls of Arab historical sites near the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem inscribed with alleged Hebrew names as well as hints claiming the so-called temple of Solomon was once in the area, in a speech at the inauguration of the first conference of the Egyptian and Palestinian scholars organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in Gaza City  Ziad al-Zaza, deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister in Gaza, said that the government looks forward to excellent relations with Egypt, and that the Egyptian eastern gate will remain fortified against any aggression or violation.

Speaking on behalf of the visiting delegation, Dr. Salah Sultan Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, stated that the Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said during an earlier meeting with Egyptian scholars and preachers, that the security of Palestine is part of Egypt’s security, and that he will not allow attacks on Palestinians and Gaza.

In Tunis, during the opening of the first founding conference of the Maghreb Center for Development of Jerusalem in Tunisia, Ghannouchi said that the nation is heading towards liberating its political, cultural, media, economic and military will which will (AFTER Another 80 years) enable it to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine… Al-Nahda leader also called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to “make use of intellectual, economic, cultural and military powers” in order to convince the West to give up supporting Israel.

In the final anal-ysis of Khalid Hamayreh, it is not written in the HOLLY QURAN, that Jerusalem should be liberated during the lifetime of Ghannoochi.

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Egypt to Destroy Gaza Tunnels

An armored vehicle patrols the border with Gaza Strip during a security sweep of the Sinai in Rafah September 12, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih )
Security sources have revealed that the security services in North Sinai governorate are preparing to destroy the most dangerous underground tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip in the town of Rafah.
The location of these tunnels was determined via extremely accurate intelligence and investigations. The sources noted that the extensive security operation to demolish the tunnels will start in a few days
The sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the security services are preparing to carry out the attack on the criminal outposts located on the outskirts of the towns of Al-Arish, Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah with the assistance of members of the Special Operations Forces and Special Military Forces. Heavy weaponry will be used to crack down on militants wanted by the security forces.
On the ground, additional reinforcements have reached North Sinai, including army and police forces, to address the state of lawlessness in the governorate
Witnesses told Al-Masry Al-Youm that 14 armored vehicles belonging to the armed forces arrived at the Security Directorate of North Sinai yesterday [Nov. 8] evening, accompanied by over 20 microbuses carrying members of the armed forces, three soldier carriers and police cars carrying officers and soldiers sent by the Interior Ministry
Dozens of police cars were seen patrolling the area of Jisr al-Wadi in the city of Al-Arish, where policemen were attacked last week as a number of fully-armed soldiers deployed at the bank of Wadi al-Arish
Some tribal chieftains in North Sinai said that the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip are behind the phenomenon of lawlessness in the governorate. They demanded the closure of the tunnels that are operating at full capacity, particularly the tunnels through which individuals pass to and from the Gaza Strip, which increase chaos and diminish security
They added that security will not return to the Sinai as long as the state of lawlessness is being addressed by “painkillers,” rather than conclusive solutions to the problems. They stressed that Sinai today is out of security control

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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