This is the Custodian of Palestine!


So full of it: So, Israel & the ‘moderate’ (sigh) Arabs are discovering that this little man, is a useless, corrupt & cowardly criminal, something every Palestinian child (killed or alive) knew all along?

“… The document further reveals that Abbas has serious concerns that he will meet the same fate as Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and ousted Tunisian leader Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali. “In addition, the Saudis are accusing him of lack of efficiency and corruption,” the paper said.

“Several Gulf states are also angry with Abbas for his removal of Mohammed Dahlan … However, the Foreign Ministry also recommended offering the PA some rewards.

According to the paper, if the Palestinians refrain from approaching the UN, Israel should negotiate a Palestinian state on provisional borders with the PA until the Arab world stabilizes and Palestinian elections are held. However, if the Palestinians decide to go ahead with their plan and receive upgraded status, Israel would consider it as the crossing of a red line which merits a tough response.

The Foreign Ministry claimed that Abbas chose to take his bid to the UN now realizing he needs to improve his popularity among Palestinians in light of his perceived inability to handle domestic challenges, particularly the economic challenge.

The Palestinian president is also worried about the exposure of more corruption allegations against him. Since he became PA chairman, details about Abbas’ income and assets have been disclosed by opposition elements within Fatah.

According to the paper, Abbas earns $1 million a month. US President Barack Obama’s annual salary, in comparison, stands at $400,000. The paper also quoted data published by the Inlight Press website according to which Abbas holds several Jordanian accounts of more than $500 million, mostly Palestinian tax payer money. ……

The paper claims that Abbas’ sons are given a share of all Palestinian Authorities projects, based on information from the Inlight Press website.

“This explains why Abu Mazen tried to promote a Dead Sea tourism project funded by Gulf states. It is claimed that his sons won contracts for more than $250 million.”

The website had apparently revealed that Abbas had prepared a plan to flee the Palestinian Authority to Jordan more than a year ago….

The Foreign Ministry believes these reports are credible and had relayed the information to the US State Department.

Israeli sources claimed that the CIA is now reviewing the data. …”

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