A Letter to Baroness Warsi

 The Jewish Chronicle reported that Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has complained to the Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights about Richard Falk’s posting of an “unacceptable” cartoon on his blog.

Richard Falks, a Jewish Professor of Law at Princeton believes that transformation of the Palestine/Israel situation will come about through the campaigns and actions of civil society, including boycotts.

The lady clearly needs some help in understanding the cartoon and why it is acceptable and appropriate.


Dear Baroness Warsi,
                                What is it that you don’t get about Richard Falk’s posting of a cartoon and of his call for a boycott of Jewish Settlement companies?
Please can I help?
The crucial point in the cartoon – please try to remember this – is that the dog, clad in Israeli nationalist garb and Jewish religious garb, enclosed in a USA
protective garment, is peeing on the Statue of Justice. Deprivation of Justice is inseparable from deprivation of Liberty. 
  • Israel has for decades, with USA aid, continued an illegal  military occupation of Palestine. (An offence against Justice and the Liberty of Palestinians). 
  • The State of Israel evicts Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem and demolishes their houses, whilst building thousands of houses for Jews only on Palestinian land .(The Judaisation of Jerusalem, as well as the demolition of houses, is unjust, illegal, an offence against Palestinian Liberty) 
  • The State of Israel illegally imprisons and frequently tortures 7,000 Palestinian children a year. (Unjust to those youngsters and their families and an offence against Palestinian Liberty).
  • The State of Israel has imposed sanctions against and imprisoned 1.5 million Gazans behind a Wall (I forgot to mention, that they first stole their land and destroyed Gaza’s 44 villages. Today the descendants of the refugees are deliberately kept without clean drinking water, sufficient food, medication, educational materials and so on. Maybe here, we might ask the honourable lady if she would consider this an injustice if it happened to her and her family? another injustice and offence against Palestinian Liberty perhaps?)
  • The State of Israel controls Palestinian Air, Sea and Land space with it’s “state of the art” military techno-power, reinforced with it’s arsenal of nuclear weapons in case they are ever needed. (an offence against Justice and Liberty to which the Gazans make known their objection with paltry Qassam rockets.)
  • The State of Israel implements targetted assassinations against elected Palestinian political leaders, spiritual leaders and civilians. (an OAJL*)
  • The State of Israel prevents Palestinians travelling for purposes of Work, Education,Religious observance and Social activity (an OAJL)

    * OAJL  this is an abreviation for Offence Against Justice and Liberty
 Richard Falk, a kindly and just man, gets a little upset about his fellow human-beings, especially small children, suffering privation, unwarranted misery and death. (Hence the dog chewing up the bones of humans). As a good Jew, he knows from personal experience that much of Israeli and World Jewry, among many others, supports the above malign system and that some are even financially benefitting from it. He gets upset at the injustice of Jews and their friends  building houses, colleges, universities and companies on stolen land, selling and buying goods manufactured illegally on another people’s land. This tender-hearted Jew has therefore asked decent people around the world not to buy goods derived from stolen Palestinian land. He feels that to do so is to support a malign and illegal system and to show disrespect for the rule of Law. He knows that Peace can never grow on such rotten soil. 
I do hope the above explanation helps.
Anne Candlin
West Lancashire

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