Brotherhood Complicity in Israeli aggression on Gaza regime to impose new security arrangements

“Today we declare victory against the blockade through this historic visit,” he said. “We say thank you, Emir, thank you Qatar for this noble Arab stance … Hail to the blood of martyrs which brought us to this moment.”

This aggression came a few days after the declaration of the alliancebetween the “Hamas” Brotherhood and Qatar, the U.S. and Israeli front base in the region, which was crowned on “Nationial Day” by Qatari Emir  LANDMARK, and HISTORICAL visit to Gaza, who fled Gaza after his security found a gun in the Haniya’s headquarters.


It also came after Mursi, instead of easing the siege on Gaza, tightened his criminal siege by closure of the official crossings, and destroyed tunnels used to smuggle arms besides food and medicine in collaboration with USA experts equipped with devices able to detect tunnels fro above the ground.

Moreover, while following the events in Gaza, I noted that Israel tried to assasinate Dr. Mahmoud Al-zahar, who recently met Nasrallah and visited Tehran.

The Israeli military continued its aggression on the Gaza strip besieged by the Zionist Entity and Egyptian Brotherhood. Two days ago, the later brokered a cease-fire that stopped firing of rockets at Israeli cities and towns, as admitted by Hamas leaders yesterday.

In a press statement to Al-Jazeera, Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman blamed “Israel” for not abiding the understandings that have been reached through Egyptian mediation.

“The occupation has opened the gates of hell on itself,” said a statement from the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, which vowed its militants would “continue the path of resistance.”

The air, land and sea aggression has led to the martyrdom of nine citizens so far, injuring more than seventy, mostly civilians, including the military commander Ahmed Al-Jaabari, who was martyred by a missile from the drone.

The Israeli military sources said “that Jaabari’s assassination will not be the last, and other leaders are on the list of assassinations.”
Israel’s Shin Bet domestic intelligence service has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that it had killed Jaabari because of his decade-long anti-Israel activities.

Martyre Ahmed Jabari (third from left) before handing over Shalit to the Egyptian side. According to Zionist TV: Jabari was planning for capturing Israeli soldiers

Israel gave al-Jaabari the title “Chief of Staff of the Hamas movement,” and says that it is him who planed and supervised the implementation of capturing Gilad Shalit,al-Jaabari has appeared Jabari days delivery Shalit to the Egyptian side. 
In a later development Israeli television reported that the resistance in Gaza was able to hit Israeli warship with a Korneet” anti-tankmissile which led to the killing of an Israeli soldier and wounding three others.

Feeling cornered by the Israeli strike, and Hamas calling the Egyptians to take the street, Egypt Brotherhood, FJP, demanded Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi Mubarak to reconsider the Egyptian-Israeli relations, and to review all ties with Israel, adding that the Israeli attacks require “swift Arab and international action to stop the massacres.” So, the American Brother’s regime announced the withdrawal of its Ambassador from and called for an urgent meeting of the Security Council.

“The Israelis must understand that we do not accept this aggression, which could lead to instability in the region,”  Mursi said in televised remarks. “Shortly before dawn, I called President Obama and we discussed the need to put an end to this aggression and to ensure it does not happen again,” he said.

“We discussed ways to promote calm and to stop these acts… and to achieve peace and security.”

“I explained Egypt’s role, Egypt’s position, that we have relations with the United States and the world, but at the same time we totally reject this aggression.”

This move was interpreted by observers as a familiar “Dirty Media Game”, to cover brotherhood’s secret plans to impose new security arrangements on Gaza to stop the flow of Iranians and Hezbollah arms to the Non-Hamas resistance factions in Gaza, such as Islamic Jihad and PFLP and others, given that these factions are the resistance in Gaza, after the involvement Hamas Merchants of Venice (GUN), in the American /Arab /Brotherhood alliance.

Note that on ground Hamas has become Hamasan (Two), that Hamas in Gaza is at odds with its external wing represented by Mishaal and Abu Marzouk, and insisting on resistance priority over anything else as expressed by Hamas leaders visiting Iran and Hezbollah without the consent of Mishaal, The ungrateful “son” of Hamas and his group.

The “quality” of arms that appeared yesterday’s evening in the Gaza Strip in the hands of non-Hamas resistance brings to mind the Israeli media claims that Iran and Hezbollah stopped arming “Hamas” since Khalid Mishaal hired his gun for the destruction of resistance.

 According to a latest reports the Resistance Factions in Gaza were able to target the southern suburbs of Tel Aviv for the first time from Gaza by three long-range missiles, which prompted a hysterical Israelis response to the Gaza Strip. It is reported that explosions were heard in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

As usual, the Majic turns against the Magicians, both the Zionists and the International brotherhood’s magicians. The gate to hell is oppened, a Fajr 5 missele just hit TEL AVIV, leaving parts of it without electricity, 4 settlers are killed, 28 injured. Resistance misselss are not blind. Thanks to Ayyoub.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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