"Genocidal Supremacy? What Supremacy? This is Blood Libel!"

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian

 “kill the Arabs….butcher the Arabs … I hate Arabs”

 This is how “Israeli-Jews” celebrate the “Wiping of Palestine off the Map”, by spitting at Arabs, by standing in front of Mosque and shouting loud and clear “Death to Arabs“, ” Muhammad is dead“, ” Butcher the Arabs“, ” I hate all Arabs” and “May your village burn down, May your village burn down

This how “Jewish-Israelis” celebrated the murder of humanitarian workers, saying that the “Israeli” army is guilty of one thing:

“they didn’t wipe them All out”

Some “Jewish-Israelis not only celebrated the murder of suckling babies and little children

but insanely they called to “Wipe them all out”

Just a “few more supporters of Jewish-Israelis”emanating light “

as they called to “kill them all”

Another group of “Jewish-Israelis shouting Deport the Jewish “Negros”
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