On Abbas statehood, Hamastan, Jordan Option and the War on Syria

Update: Jordan King visiting Abbas on Sept 6

According to Nidal Hamadeh Jordan on the crater:

Jordan option

What king of Jordan said about his future role in the War on Syria?

Jordan is currently is facing difficult economic conditions shaking the political and security stability leading to demonstrations in the majority of cities and some Palestinian refugee camps for the first time on Thursday. 

Informed Jordanian sources citing a number of people who attended the meeting with the Jordanian monarch with a group of young people claimed that King Abdulla said during the meeting that the northern Jordan border with Syria will have an important role in the coming period.

The Jordanian sources add that these statements of the Jordanian monarch coincided with things taking place on the ground. Eye witnesses in Aqaba, the Jordan’s only port south of the kingdom said lines of American are relegated in the port of Aqaba and sent to the northern borders of Jordan with Syria.Arrivals from Aqaba and Jordanian and southern cities to Amman complained from the road congested with trucks carrying tanks to the northern areas bordering Syria.

In a meeting with personalities from the city of Karak, south of Jordan in the lunch establishment Abdul Salam Majali Jordanian Prime Minister who signed the Treaty of Wadi Araba with the Zionist entity, the Jordanian monarch Abdullah said in reply to a question to one audience about the situation in Syria:
The situation in Syria confuse Jordan, especially in light of the economic crisis, is no longer able to bear more pressure U.S. Gulf.

The monarch added that, according to his information,  Syria is alomost out of hard currency reserves. Syria have only four billion dollars, and  according to this opinion is not enough in light of the  ongoing crisis,

One audience Said that the Jordanian monarch was embarrassed with the question to him and signs of  tension appeared at his face and he elaborated in explaining the pressures Jordan faced, and his moving to the position of partner in the Syrian crisis is the result of pressure by stressing the seriousness of the next phase. He asked the audience togetherness and take their role in explaining the pressure on Jordan to the people due to the position of “neutrality” adopted Jordan,

مسلحون في سوريةDespite Jordanian Information Minister Samih Maaytah denial that his country changed its position, informed sources claim that Jordan began taking the Turkey’s role in the Syrian crisis, the northern  zone is declared as closed military security/ military zone. Alert was raised in this area and smugglers are prevented  from using the usual smuggling routes to the extent that the clashes took place between the smugglers and the Jordanian army.

The Jordanian intelligence was a while ago coordinating contacts and meetings with the socalled Free Syrian Army to agree on arms smuggling routes to Deraa adjacent to the border with Jordan and shield weapons for distribution to other areas of Syria.

The sources pointed that the Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh received  Ex-Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab and the “opposition” leader Riad Seif and held talks with them about the agenda of the meeting of the Syrian opposition” in Doha.

According to Jordanian politicians, the change in the Jordanian position indicates that Turkey has reached a dead end in the Syrian crisis and therefore preferred to withdraw  and leave it role Jordan.

Some political figures said the new role of Jordan, entering the line of the Syrian crisis in the last quarter of an hour, is like suicide especially that the Syrian crisis is moving toward a political settlement.

The implication of Jordan in the Syrian file as a substitute for Turkey is linked with what is happening on the Palestinian file and the escalating serious talk about the annexation of the West Bank to Jordan, especially that the Jordanian monarch when asked at lunch Karak about the possibility of re- annexation of the West Bank to Jordan, he referred the question to Dr. Abdul Salam al-Majali, who attended a meeting in Ramallah attended by Palestinian figures including Palestinian businessman Munib al-Masri as well as Israelis” officials.  During this meeting, they discussed re-annexation the West Bank to Jordan through a JordanianPalestinian confederation. I guess Nidal hamadi, the author meant re-annexation  of the the westbankers not the West bank land.

Personally I agree with Nidal’s analysis, it explains why Abbas was desperate to get UN non-state membership, and explains the king of Jordan‘s support for Abbas and the twostate option.  The Jordan’s king, is cornered facing two bitter options, either commiting sucide by entering the Syrian hell, or the Jordaian option.  As for Hamas, as long as Mishaal is slated to become the first President of a Palestinian State in Jordan.” Hamas will keep standing on the fence.

Finaly, I repeat with nahida the exiled Palestinian, Untill Liberation and Return: Its the beginning of the  END

My People do not despair
The hour of liberation approaching fast
“Road Maps”, Road Blocks, “Peace Processes”, Blockades,

Walls, Checkpoints, Prisons, Exile, Siege, Home-Demolition, Uprooting Trees,
School Destruction, Machine-guns, F16, Drones, Bombs, White-phosphorus …
Does not scare us into submission

Swollen Bank Accounts, Casinos, Fat pockets, Fame, Membership into privileged Clubs…

Does not lure us into accepting crumbs

Sticks and Carrots are not for us
Get that into your heads army of Zion

Yes Sticks and Carrots are not for us, Get that into your heads army of Zion
 Read my post: The Statehood, the Carrot and the Stick: “The stick is a carrot, and the carrot is a stick”

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