by Daniel Mabsout,
The revolutions of the NGOs are not revolutions , nor is the revolution of the Ikhwaan a revolution nor is Mursi a revolutionary and never will he be one . Neither Barad’i nor Amru Moussa will ever be revolutionaries , they’re a bunch of reactionary people who fit for museums to figure among fossils , they will make you cry , A revolutionary like Wa’el Ghonim will make you cry also , nominee for Nobel Peace Prize, a sandwich revolutionary from Google . Sheikh Imam did not live to witness the Google Revolution not the Face Book Revolution or the Qatari Revolution of Moza and al Jazeera. The revolutions of the oil Gulf princes . Sheikh Imam did not see all this .

There are plenty of these Revolutions everywhere , Revolutions of Hillary and NATO and of good Egyptian kids who have taken the western world for model and example and whose mind is controlled by Hillary . Good Egyptian kids who will do as they are told and not transgress the limits lady Hillary has set for them . Sheikh Imam did not live to see all this . A revolution lead by ghosts and heading to a ghostly place , Sheikh Imam did not live to see a mediocre president brought to power to rule after millions took to streets and then threatened to be deposited by no less mediocre protesters, by other stooges waiting in line for their turn to come and for the US/Israeli green light to show .

Sheikh Imam did not live to see a Revolution lead by hired stooges , where the peasant and worker and soldier were not present as such . Sheikh Imam did not live to see a revolution that did not close the Israeli embassy , nor retrieved the shameful peace agreements with Israel , nor embraced the Palestinian cause , nor defended the armed Resistance nor opened the border of Rafah .

Sheikh Imam was spared all this , spared the shameful attitude regarding Syria , spared the hosting of the so called Syrian /NATO opposition funded by the corrupt Saudis , he was spared the shameful attitude of the Arab League and spared the shameful affiliation of Egypt to Western agendas , spared to see a masquerade called revolution and a staged event called Spring cooked in the back stages of foreign embassies Sheikh Imam was spared all this , because Sheikh Imam deserved much better than this , deserved the real Revolution he praised and embraced , the real Revolution of the Real Egypt , of the authentic Genuine Egyptians , of the soldier and the worker and the peasant and the poet, of the student and the teacher and the artist , of the struggle against the real enemy, the sworn enemy of the nation . Sheikh Imam deserved much better than this . And Egypt deserves much better than this, than Mursi or Barad’i or Moussa or Ghonim .

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