It is through HAMAS that the sectarian assault on Syria was made possible. HAMAS is the key the Arab Gulf countries and the world used to get to Syria and for working and destroying the country and disintegrating it . And this is no exaggeration . The Arabs of the Gulf could not get to Syria- in the first place- without HAMAS license, because it would have looked as if the Arab Gulf countries were assaulting the Palestinians and the armed Resistance itself since this Resistance had found shelter in Syria- for many decades- and had maintained its status and position due to the Syrians’ support .

It would have been very difficult for Arab Gulf countries to cross to Syria had HAMAS maintained its Resisting position and remained in the axis of the Resistance . More so it would have been almost impossible because HAMAS– in the Muslim and Arab view- was deservingly carrying the Palestinian banner and had acquired – deservingly -a status of legitimacy and credibility regarding the Palestinian Cause, due to its success in confronting the Israelis and assuring a minimum of independence and autonomy for the district of Gaza . No doubt that HAMAS had earned this status at the cost of many sacrifices.

It required the withdrawal of HAMAS from the axis of the Resistance, and its alignment along the sectarian line, and become the Trojan Horse to allow the assault on Syria to happen . And so it happened. Syria is not Libya in any way. Syria is a strong resisting country that has not given in or presented concessions to the enemy nor has opened its gates to foreigners . It has maintained its position of non recognition, and has worked on strengthening this position by hosting the Palestinian armed Resistance and by supporting the Lebanese armed Resistance providing it with the weapons it needed .

When- lately- HAMAS withdrew from the axis of the Resistance in favor of sectarian alignment, Syria could no more easily defend its pro Palestinian position and pro Resistance stand and sound- therefore -more royal than the king. It had to alienate this capacity and fight alone the battle launched against the Resistance that should have included HAMAS instead. The priority given by HAMAS to sectarianism over armed Resistance exposed greatly Syria and made it look isolated inside and outside and bereft of the major element of strength which the support of the Palestinian cause had provided. Not only this but HAMAS started presenting a real threat to Syria by having some leaders of HAMAS recruit people on the ground- among refugees- to fight the Syrian army .

The ally had really turned into an enemy, and nobody should believe Khaled Mash’al when he says – in defense of HAMAS attitude toward Syria -that HAMAS sides with the people- as a rule -and that is why it is backing (not to say directly participating in ) the Syrian( bloody ) revolution as if Qatar or Saudia were the haven of democracy or the Prince of Qatar Jean Jacques Rousseau himself . All this is nothing but crap . The truth is that the leadership of HAMAS has joined the sectarian pole at the detriment of the Palestinian Cause fighting in Syria against its own cause on behalf of Muslim Zionists and Israelis which fact must not be openly spoken.

Finally it would be up to Palestinians to decide where the Palestinian cause stands and whether the attitude of HAMAS leadership really expresses the Palestinian reality, and whether they have something else to say .

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