From Jeff Blankfort To Gilad Atzmon and Philip Weiss

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6:18PM
Gilad Atzmon

FROM: Jeff Blankfort

TO: Gilad Atzmon and Phil Weiss

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: It has long been accepted that Zionism and Israel, because they can so easily cause antisemitism, are â€کnot good for the Jews’. But now, as I predicted, it has become evident that it is actually the so-called â€کprogressive’ Jews who constitute the real danger to Jews. That Judeo-centric spin, inherent in the Jewish â€کleft’, together with its relentlessly duplicitous inclinations have left us all with a very negative image of all forms of Jewish identity politics.

In reaction to my deconstruction of Philip Weiss’ latest and very problematic rant yesterday, prominent American pro-Palestinian activist Jeff Blankfort wrote the following to Philip Weiss and myself, which I publish with Jeff’s consent.

Dear Gilad

Write on, bro! I am amazed how after my banning Phil can still speak critically of Jewish establishment censorship of fellow Jews without facing his own hypocrisy.

I watched the JVP video (thanks for the link) and there is no mention that every Jewish settlement is illegal under international war; no mention of the wars that Israel has launched on Lebanon (concern for the fate of the Lebanese is not on JVP’s agenda or in its mindset, nor is Iran for that matter) and though it mentions with implied criticism but not the figures for US military aid for Israel, there is also no call for it to be stopped (or even suspended). Nor, and this is the key, is there any reference to the influential role of the American and world Jewish establishment in support of Israel and its crimes.

In other words, like Chomsky and Phyllis Bennis, JVP is providing cover for the Zionist establishment and trying to define the conflict in terms that don’t point accusing fingers at Jews as Jews as one would expect of anti-Zionist Zionists.I’ve copied Phil with this, should he choose to reply, but as this point I have no further expectations from him. He has simply proven your analysis to be correct. My mistake was thinking that he was an exception.


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