Once again the PSC expels Palestinians

Read the following email from Sammi Ibraem:
Dear Gilad

Yesterday, 26th of January, I attended the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign AGM in London. On entry, I was asked if I was a member and I replied that I wasn’t, but that I was a Palestinian journalist and would like to attend the meeting as an observer. I was given a package and a yellow badge.

However, a few hours later, during the lunch break, while standing in a queue in the cafeteria, I was approached by PSC Vice-Chair Kamel Hawash who again asked if  I was a member. I confirmed that I wasn’t, but that I had been granted observer status. Hawash replied that I wasn’t supposed to be there and that I must leave.
I am left perplexed. How can an organisation that claims to lobby on behalf of the Palestinians expel a Palestinian from its annual gathering? I am afraid that, yet again, we are furnished with clear proof that the PSC is now under full Zionist  control and that this group is serves now just as a mouthpiece for the British establishment and the Zionist lobby.

Regrettably, the PSC in the U.K. now has very little to do with the Palestinian plight or the Palestinian people.

Yours sincerely

Sammi Ibraem
An exiled Palestinian journalist

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