European Court Lifts Sanctions on Iranian Bank ‘Saderat’

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Iran: Bank Saderat IranAnother Iranian victory has been recorded against the injustice of the European governments too eager to please the United States.

After the Iranian Bank Mellat, ‘Bank Saderat Iran’ has won the verdict of the European Court and got out of the sanctioned institutions list.

The court of the European Union ruled that EU governments should lift the sanctions imposed on Saderat Iran, which sabotages European efforts to impose economic sanctions against Iran.

According to the Iranian news agency Mehr, citing the agency Reuters, the Court of the European Union stated in its decision that the European Union had not provided sufficient evidence that ‘Saderat Iran’ was involved in the Iranian nuclear program when sanctions were imposed by the European Union in July 2010.

The EU sanctions against the Iranian bank occurred after allegations that the bank offers financial services to certain groups to make transactions in favor of the Iran’s nuclear and missile programs.
According to a spokesman of the EU Commissioner Catherine Ashton, the European institutions will examine the Court’s decision, but they declined to comment.

Worthy to note that ‘Bank Mellat’ is to receive compensation for all losses suffered within the two years of financial sanctions.

Source: Agencies
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