Borreman: Zionists Are Apostates Who Reject Authentic Judaism

Eslam al-Rihani Jewish observant Hadassah BorremanJudaism is considered a monotheistic religion. How does it see the oneness of God? The Messiah? What does the Zionism present? And how we can fight it?
In an interview with Hadassah Borreman, member of the anti-Zionist Jewish organization in Belgium, she strongly accused the Zionists of being the most party which violates Judaism, and the most detrimental to the Jewish people.

“The Oneness of God is a key point in Judaism. At the end of the morning prayer, we recite the thirteen principles of faith of Maimonides (1138-1204). The first principle says: I believe with perfect faith that the Creator, blessed be His Name, is the Creator and Lord of all creatures, and that He alone made, makes and will make all things,” she stated.

However, on the spiritual movements within Judaism, and the best way to worship God, the observant Jewish said “there are actually spiritual movements which adopt books like the Holy Zohar…”

“The non-Jewish origin Zionists have violated one of the 13 principles of Faith..”

“But what God asks of the Jews is to study the Torah in verbal and writing, along with practicing the Halokhoh (Code of Jewish Law), to behave just like our Sages have taught us with righteousness, truth, love with every creature,” she added.

Answering a question on the Messiah, how does she prepare for his coming and whether the Zionist entity has a role to play in this, Borreman believed that the Jew – faithful to the Torah – expects the Messiah every day.

Jewish Kabbalah“Three times a day we pray for his coming… The twelfth of thirteen Principles of Faith (Ani Ma’amin) says: I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah, and even if delayed, I await his coming every day. Our Sages say that whoever rejects one of the thirteen principles, is subtracted from the Jewish people!” she noted.

Moreover Borreman assured that the Jews nowadays live in the worst ordeal with Zionism and its illegal entity in the Holy Land, “because it is heresy.”

It is an attack against our Jewish identity, this satanic ideology which has lost many souls Jewish in their by denying the Jewish faith for a nationalist policy,” she added.

“Zionism is also a Nakba for the Palestinian people who suffered and is still suffering today the barbarism of expansionist Zionist regime and its criminal army. The existence of the Zionist entity in Palestine is blasphemy. It is the source of conflict in Palestine and in the world.”

Zionism with its entity and its lobbies around the world (AIPAC, Mossad … CRIF) delays and prevents the Messiah!

Borreman also pointed out that “it is imperative that we recognize that the Zionist entity should be dismantled and the small groups that revolve around, and also the ideology of Zionism must be condemned and eradicated from our land.”

“Muslims and Jews must fight Zionism, injustice and immorality which is a matter of pride in the West, because Zionism – along with its entity and lobbies across the world – delays the arrival of Messiah,” she stressed.
Anti-Zionism JewsRegarding the similarities between the Jewish and Islamic spirituality, Borreman admitted that “there are similarities between Jewish spirituality and Islamic spirituality certainly!”

“Having read about Islam, discussed, worked alongside Muslims, I can say that there are many parallels in our respective times, which themselves are composed of diverse and complementary movements that have their own traditions,” she figured out.

“We are moving in the same direction which is Close to the Almighty. Jews and Muslims, we agree in principle in different areas of life, although the practical application differs. For example: Faith in the Oneness of God, prayer, fasting, eating Kosher-Halal, purity / purification, decency in dress and relationships, separation between men and women ..,” the observant Jewish added.

We must accept and dare say that until Messiah of the Jews or the Mahdi of Muslims arrives, we must learn to live together intelligently, in accordance with our differences. We must fight the common enemies: Zionism, injustice and immorality which bring chaos in society and are a matter of pride in the West. When the Messiah comes, he will reveal everything to everyone, everyone will see the truth about everything,” Borreman concluded.

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