The Antiracist / Racist Ballad

Let us watch this video which seems like a bundle of lies packed together and not less than an Israeli / US propaganda whereby Zionist Jews are behind many of the campaigns launched against Jews themselves to turn them- once again- into victims of segregation and racism . Racism that will not originate – this time – from Nazi Germany or European anti Semites but from Arab Muslims.This thing of anti racism that worked once and led to the creation of the usurping state of Israel must work again- this time- to maintain and support the state of Israel that is being threatened in its own existence .The scene opens on a fabricated lie whereby the speaker – non other than Horror Wits ( Horowitz)- shows up saying that Hizbullah has told Jews to gather in Palestine so as to finish them off once for all instead of chasing them all over the globe. Hizbullah- of course – never said anything like this and never chased Jews and never will. Horowitz then addressed a female student from the audience – a Muslim veiled woman belonging- as mentioned after- to the Muslim Student Association- asking her whether she was for or against this so called statement of Hizbullah, and the Muslim veiled lady to answer that she was for it, endorsing thus the speaker’s lie .

How funny and unrealistic ! Imagine yourself in a US university in a public gathering, saying that all Jews should go to Palestine and get killed once for all at the hands of Arabs , something that you wouldn’t even think of saying in the whole Arab world not to speak of a US campus . No need to mention that this was staged in advance and the lady was fed this response on purpose.

After this instructing introduction on the Next Generation TV – where all this is happening- the so called Investigative journalist called Lee Kaplan showed up and -like a real Zionist -started complaining about all this racist anti Israel anti Jewish activism dressed in peace activism that has taken over US universities whereby- in some cases – Jews and Israelis have been prevented by Arab Muslims from speaking and voicing their opinion without the administration doing anything to stop this violation .

The investigative Israeli journalist- who monitors a blog called DAFKA- explained this attitude of administrations by the fact that they get donations from both Iran and Saudia . Of course Mister Israeli journalist was merely adding to the first lie another lie that says that Iran- together with Saudia – was giving donations to US universities for the purpose of having Muslim Student Associations campaign against Israelis and Jews on US campuses.

Of course non of this is true . And as if this was not enough , the dubious Israeli journalist- in order to complete the picture- mentioned the fact that – not only Saudis and Iranians were working hand in hand – but also Muslims and communists were doing the same- coordinating and campaigning together against Israelis and Jews- for different reasons -of course – but for the same racist goal! And our far sighted journalist explains this by saying that while communists are set against Jews because they form the rich class, Muslims are set against them for reasons related to Muslim culture and religion .

How wonderful ! This is how Jews are having the whole world set against them and this is how they are again the abused victims! All this to show that Jews are being targeted – as a race- by Muslims , and thus invite Muslims to join the racist /anti racist circus that Israel is running now in its new version in which both – Muslims and Jews – will have an equal claim for Palestine since they were equally racist.. This is not only happening in this instance with the smart Zionist inquisitive journalist but in other instances as well.

Remains the final touch of the whole scenery -as offered by the investigative journalist of DAFKA –whereby we are introduced to a special trend of anti Jewish anti Israeli activism in the person of so called peace activist pro Palestinian Jewish Anna Baltzer – who – according to journalist Kaplan- is storming US campuses.

After all the lies that we have been hearing the whole time , we were supposed to believe this one that lady Baltzer -whom the smart journalist accuses of having a fake identity and a fake name- is the hand behind the anti Jewish anti Israeli campaigns that are exposing Israel and attacking Jews for the sake of Palestinians ! Welcome to Miss Baltzer ! the fake or the real , and we find ourselves at a loss whether to believe the Zionist dubious inquisitive journalist or the dangerous Jewish activist whom he was promoting rather than exposing .

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