The FM of the Israeli-Gulf-Protectorate: "Why do we not break the law just this once!"


“…It is no longer a secret that most of the Arab countries – and particularly the oil-rich Gulf states – are knee deep in the bloodletting taking place in Syria. If there was ever any doubt, the Arab League has taken the step of openly encouraging sending arms to the opposition.In a 6 March Arab League meeting held in Cairo, the Arab foreign ministers – with a few exceptions – talked openly about arming the Syrian opposition and discussed the possibility of giving Syria’s seat in the organization to the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC)….
Diplomatic sources told Al-Akhbar that it was Qatar’s foreign minister Hamad Bin Jassim al-Thani who proposed giving Syria’s seat to the opposition alliance. This led to a legal debate in which the League’s general secretary, Nabil al-Arabi, argued that the seat can only be assumed by a representative of a sovereign nation.
“It is true that we have recognized the Coalition as representative of the Syrian people,” Arabi said, “and we know it controls parts of Syria. But sovereignty requires a framework to give expression to it.”
The Qatari foreign minister responded by saying that “you’re talking about the necessity of abiding by the law, while Bashar al-Assad breaks all the laws on a daily basis – why do we not break the law just this once and give the seat to the SNC now?” …”

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