Islam On Trial

Daniel Mabsout,

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Big deal ! The Al Azhar University has broken its golden Sphinx silence and has condemned the Fatwas- issued by certain Sheikhs of the religion- licensing the marriage between teenager women- fourteen of age and above- and different fighters subsequently, as a form of Jihad permitted during the war on Syria. The al Azhar labeled these Fatwas as illicit and not allowed in Islam.
Rejoice O Muslims and human beings because the Al Azhar has finally spoken , and has decided to deliver something for the occasion after the crimes have extended and multiplied , after girls have been abducted from Tunisia and elsewhere and have eloped with terror groups that call themselves Mujahideen . But this happy interference- that made our day- will be restricted and limited to this domain .There was no follow up and no will or desire -on behalf of the Al Azhar- to expand more on the subject and break the silence concerning the dubious practices of the Syrian opposition .There was no mention of the crimes committed by people who claim to be Sunni Muslims . No mention of the torturing , the killing of helpless civilians, the liquidation of soldiers , the rape of women , the sacking and stealing of belongings and other material, the abduction and evicting of people and the conspiring with foreign forces and Intelligences and the killing of Sheikhs and notorious ‘Ulemaa’ in addition to the destabilizing of a whole peaceful nation and society .
The Al Azhar does not seem concerned with such illicit acts and will not condemn the killing of innocents and that of ‘Ulemaa’ and label them as non religious and non Islamic . There is no doubt that the hateful acts of the thugs of the opposition are covered by most Sunni religious authorities and sanctioned as a form of Jihad , otherwise , the fighters would not have claimed to fight under the banner of Islam . There is religious license given to this war on Syria under the pretext that it is carried on by a certain sect against another .
No doubt that this ugly war is justified by major religious authorities instead of being denounced and condemned and seen in its ugly true picture as a war launched by Israel and the allies of Israel, against the forces of the Resistance. Sunni Islam in general and- especially al Azhar- and the high religious authorities of the religion have embarked on a very dangerous trip exposing their own religion to great misfortune . All this because these religious references are playing in the hands of rulers and kings, and have become affiliated to them, and have subjugated Islam and religion to the forces of corruption and blasphemy and evil bringing thus Islam under the control of the Zionists and their masters and slaves.
What will remain of Sunni Islam after all this is done? Not much I presume unless a real religious consensus is formed that condemns and labels -as non Islamic- all the illegal , illicit practices of the opposition witnessed in Syria . Religion – in general- whether Islam or Christianity – cannot afford such distortions and deviations and evil doings committed in its name . If not corrected or straightened, these distortions and deviations and evil doings will cause religion to turn into something else that is not itself. As a result, religion might become an institution – maybe rich and flourishing – but it will cease to be a real religion because it will lose its ethical foundation and moral background that is the platform for all spiritual knowledge and true commitment . Sunni Islam cannot recover alone from such a defamation caused by people who claimed to be Sunni Muslim ; therefore this Islam needs to review its position, and go over its choices, others wise it will be doomed to undergo the fate of other degenerate practices.

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