On the Land Day, the 2011 Nakba-Naksa Days and the war on the Armed Resistance


 Hassan Hijazi and Izat aziz Muswada and tens of thousands of Palestinians marched to Palestine on  2011 Nakba and Naksa days to confirm that Palestine must be the compass of the Arab Spring.


Izat aziz Muswada  joined thousands of others as they marched to the ceasefire line between Syria and occupied Gollan Hieghts, he crossed the mine fields on the cease fire line in Majdal Shams, he and his fellow demonstrators were warmly welcomed, and he quickly began plotting a way to return Jerusalem… the IOF arressted him on Huwara checkpoint near Nablis on his way towards Jerusalem, putting an end of his dream of reaching Jerusalem and praying in Alaqsa.  He was detained his for few days before being expelled back to Syria.

After three weeks, on Naksa day Izat decided to try again. Unfortunately, his dream of returning home ended quickly and violently.

Hassan Hijazi did it, he reached Yafa (Java) .

“I don’t want to go back to Syria,” Hijazi told the Jewish media, I want to stay here in my village, where my father and grandfather were born.”

“Syria is a good country for Palestinians and I don’t know what the Israeli government would do to us. I want to stay here and bring my family here” , he noted.

Hijazi said that despite US and Israeli allegations, the protest at the border was not organized by Syrian President Bashar Assad as an attempt to divert attention from the domestic crackdown against anti-regime protesters. 

When asked what he thought of President Assad, who has ordered a violent crackdown against anti-regime protesters, Hijazi said solemnly, He is a good president.”

On 16/05/2011, after the 2011 Nakba day, Ismail Haneyya, speaking at a ceremony after several Gaza fishermen received new boats, said that Palestinian and Arab blood that was spilt during Nakba marches suggests that Nakba is being marked with a new spirit, and that the Palestinians have begun to ”bury the Nakba” for good.

“Palestine will see a peaceful flood of people that will eliminate [Israel’s] arrogance”  he added
“Gaza has been under siege for the past four years, but on Nakba Day, [Israel] has been besieged from all sides.”


One month later the rotten Oslo Palestinian leadership in ramallah, the BDS, NGOs, and the Sectarian leadership in Gaza which was preparing to rent its guns to the so-called Arab Spring changed accused Syria and Iran for trying to turn the escalating internal protests against Israel at the expense of the Palestinians, exploiting the “popular protests” in the Arab world.

Consequently, the relatives of the Naksa day martyres attacked the PFLP-GC headquarters in the camp and burned a number of cars in front of the building, a clinic and a kindergarten.  They also attacked a senior PFLP-Habash operative named Maher al-Taher, blaiming PFLP-Habash for inciting the young men to go to the Golan Heights “to serve the political interests of others.

In shorts the above event paved the way for the ongoing Yarmouk Nakba, and cofirmed that the conspiracy Syria is nothing more than a conspiracy against the Palestinian people and their right of return on one hand, and the other hand, isolate Syria from the Palestinian cause on , by pulling the right of return card and the Syrian veto on any Arab conspiracy against Palestine.

Around two years ago,  Ismail Haneyya, claimed “On Nakba Day, [Israel] has been besieged from all sides.”

On this anniversary of Earth Day, Gaza is still under Siege, mainly, by the Iblis Botherhood ruling Cairo, Yarmouk camp is occupied, by the friends of Hamas,

and Syria continues to resist and defend Palestine and true Islam resistor, against Wahhabism /Brotherhood gangs, and their masters in the NL Aviv and Washington.

Land Day protest in Sakhnin, March 30, 2013.
Land Day: Arab48 raising Syrian Flag in Sakhnin, March 30, 2013
أهالي سخنين في فلسطين المحتلة : جزيرة برا برا.. الأرض السورية حرة

Syria will be the victorious and Palestine will never die


Palestinians Revive Land Day, Assert Adherence to Resistance

Local Editor
The Palestinian people are reviving on Saturday the 37th anniversary of the Land Day in and outside Palestine in massive rallies.

37 years have passed on the “Land Day” which Palestinians commemorate annually to reassure their ownership of Palestine. This day was founded in 1976, when the Israeli occupation decided to expropriate thousands of Palestinian lands, specifically in Galilee.

Palestinian demonstratorDespite the peacefulness of the demonstrations, the Israeli military’s response was violent and led to several deaths and injuries.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement issued a statement, published by Paltoday, in which it stressed the importance of adhering to the land and sanctities, assuring that “defending them is a sacred duty which we derive from Islam.”
The Islamic Jihad added that “the choice of resistance and challenge is the only path for getting back our seized right.”

For its part, Hamas Movement stated that “the Palestinian people have the right to stay in their land and to get back all the lands occupied since 1948,” indicating that “occupation does not justify Zionist attempts to seize those lands, build settlements, and displace natives.”

Hamas added in a statement issued Saturday that “the public uprising of our people … on the 30th of March, 1976, assured their ultimate rejection to the Zionist plans to rob their lands and try to judaize them.”

“This occasion has formed a new stage in the confrontation of the Zionist enemy, which is public uprisings. From here, we stress the importance of armed resistance at this current phase, as well as the change of the balance of power in the conflict against the Zionist enemy,” the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement added.

In parallel, Fatah Movement considered “this occasion is considered to all the Palestinians, in Palestine and place of exile, a clash of cultural conflict, a conflict between the owners and defenders of the land… and the culture of extermination, expansion, and renouncement of other peoples’ rights, which the Zionist occupation symbolizes…”

Fatah added in a statement that “Land day is like an alarm to Israel’s policies which target land and people in order to achieve the settlement dream and the establishment of a Jewish state.”
“For us, this day will always symbolize the culture of steadfastness and victory,” it added.

Source: Agencies
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