Nothing Of A Sheikh


The Sheikh al Aseer has nothing of a Sheikh , in truth he is a hired mercenary who has hired other mercenaries and is connected to embassies and is paid by Qatar and his goal is to create a chaotic situation by targeting the army and calling for disarming the Resistance which is what Israel seeks and wants and the UN had issued a resolution regarding this matter . The unfortunate mercenary Sheikh wants to ignite sectarian and religious hatred and has -on many instances- cut the sea road preventing people from going back and forth to their villages . The influence of the mercenary Sheikh has spread to the neighboring Palestinian camp where other mercenaries have been recruited too and supplied with weapons and ordered to coordinate with al Aseer .And, because the thug sheikh wants to fill his pockets with Qatari oil money, the Lebanese have to suffer insecurity , instability , chaos and you name it. . Today , out of nowhere, al Aseer attacked an army check point in the vicinity of Saida killing 10 Lebanese soldiers -among them number of officers -and injuring many others. Now, the army has taken the initiative and is chasing the criminal and his mercenary thugs from place to place . While the Lebanese people do not want their army exposed nor sacrificed especially in these days where official exams are taking place and students are sitting for their Brevet exam among them the children of al ‘Aseer himself, they hope the security to be restored as early as possible ,there is very little possibility that al Asseer scheme will succeed , weren’t it for the cover provided him by number of Lebanese officials he would have been underlock. by now . Let us hope we rill get rid of this delinquent soon.

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