The poet says: “ Palestine is a pool of blood and tears and cries, either you end the battle or you allow the people to finish the battle for you” . The question is : Who will finish the battle of Palestine? The battle is waiting to be finished and who knows when this will happen and where? The failure of the assault on Syria caused by the predators , who wanted to repeat- in Syria- what they did in Palestine more than sixty years ago, tells a lot .

The same predator acted this time also with different means and brought- instead of Zionist gangs – his ugly war machine made by merciless terrorist fanatics trained by him and financed by the Gulf oil. It was in the name of fake Islam that all this was conducted like it was conducted before by Zionist Jews in the name of Judaism . And you can feel and see the same hands behind it all, and you cannot be mistaken. The same author is there , the same predator that has left his signature everywhere .The same purpose was to be achieved: slaughter and partition and defeat and displacement of great numbers of people, of different religions and sects, and installment of a Religious State built on hateful fake Islam that will turn Syria into another occupied Palestine or –at best -another Saudi Arabia . A new Syria that will pacify with Israel .

Still you find people saying that the Syrian events started as this and as that and there was uprising in the air . These are the intellectuals of the west who still think that our nation should follow the path drawn by them, those who think that they know better and that the west has something to give to the east .Maybe there was uprising in the air, but- on the ground- there was neither uprising nor insurrection but the conspiracy of the colonialist predator aided by his local clientele ; nothing but death and destruction and destruction and death. How long it will take Syria to recover no one knows, and how long for the society -as a whole -to heal no one knows also. One thing is for sure this should not be repeated anywhere, in any other place, in any Arab or Muslim country, or any country on the face of the earth .
This should never be allowed to be repeated. The predator knows this; that this might be his last strike that was not successful by the way . There are new players on the ground , hidden and active players that changed the whole equation, and the predator was not master of the situation though he caused the usual damage . This player is the mighty Resistance of Hizbullah, and this player is Iran who turned the equation in favor of Arabs and Palestinians, and in favor of the cause .

After this defeat in Syria , the predator has been rushing here and there to do away – in Arab Countries-with the whole setting of the rule of Sectarian Sunni Islam, which is the Islam that pacifies with Israel, in order to promote- again- the secular forces that also pacify – and to a greater extent – with Israel, and resume -thus-the original scheme of undermining the Armed Resistance using this time the secular forces set against religion after using the sectarian ones.

The secular rule- backed by the militaries in Egypt- comes in handy to help the predator get out of the Syrian mess where the Syrians are daily progressing on the ground . This is why the predator is rushing to come up with an understanding with the Palestinian Authority, to save whatever could be saved, in this critical time where Syria is still busy retrieving its villages and towns, and where the Palestinian Resistance of HAMAS is at a loss of what to do after the ousting of the Egyptian Muslim Brothers and that of the princes of Qatar and the troubles faced by Erdogan .

The predator is trying to catch up on the lost time, and getting ready for the next round against the Resistance, overlooking the fact that the Resistance- who won the first round-will not lose the second .

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