Overall Perspective To The Syrian Situation

Chemical weapons have been used for the 14th time world wide and the International Community has not lifted a finger according to expert Habib Fayyad . Syria is fully prepared to face any assault and rates second in the world as far as ground defenses against air raids are concerned .8000 Syrian Kamikaze soldiers- said another source- have pledged to defend Syria till death and Pilots have pledged to carry on Kamikaze attacks on the US carriers- if necessary . Syrian missiles – according to Fayyad -can reach and destroy the US carriers in the sea and it is enough that the Iranian warships advance two km into the passage of Hormuz so that the flow of oil to the west be stopped.

The backing down of Russia – according to Fayyad – might be a trap set to the US in order to expose the US forces to Syria’s military retaliation, but – for all practical purposes – Russia is an ally and NOT a partner . Feltman went to Tehran seeking assurances from Iran regarding the possible Iranian response to a limited US attack , the Iranian silence and the refraining on behalf of Hizbullah of giving any information of a future involvement in an eventual US attack caused the great indecision of the US administration regarding the anti Syrian military operation .

US- it seems- is navigating in unknown waters and does not have a clear perspective and while its strength has decreased since Bush days , the strength of its enemies- whether Iran, Hizbullah or Syria -has ten times increased always according to Fayyad.

Sheikh Kabous carried a different offer to the Iranians in which US would put pressure on the monarch of Bahrain to give in to the Bahraini opposition against Iran turning a blind eye to a limited US military assault on Syria , deal that Iran refused said Fayyad.

The Iranians have set two lines that- if crossed -will cause their direct interference in the struggle , one of them is seeing the opposition gaining ground at the expense of the Syrian Army to the point of threatening the legal authority, and the second is foreign forces invading Syria for which Kassem Suleimani- the commander of the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian par to ‘Imad Mughniyye as he is considered – will call for direct military intervention.

In case of a distant assault on Syria , and in case there is need for it, it is Hizbullah -rather than Iran – who will respond in a way that has NOT been disclosed yet.

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