The UN withdrew the UN commission for enquiry from Syria before they achieved their mission on the ground and write their final report about the use of chemical weapons and the Syrian minister of foreign affairs said that Syria will not accept a report that is not complete. The US will go to war alone accompanied only by France . UK, Canada, Italy and Germany and others are NOT going. Obama spoke again about a limited assault but no one knows how it will escalate not even Obama who seems to be subject to great confusion where his power and credibility is being tested . Experts say that this confusion is due to the fact that Iran and Hizbullah have not disclosed their plans or spoke about their intentions. Iran will not allow the enemy to cross the red lines which are: threatening the regime and invading Syria . These two things will bring Iran to interfere and Hizbullah to retaliate . Some sources say that there are at least 30 thousand US marines in the US military bases of the region and they have received special training in Jordan and elsewhere . Some of those are very likely to have already been introduced to Syria. . Once this war is launched no one knows how it will end and when, and Obama will be the last to know.

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