Putin: As Nobel Prize Winner, Obama Must Think of Victims before Attacking Syria

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Russian President Vladimir Putin called his American counterpart Barack Obama on Saturday not to forget that he holds a Nobel Peace Prize.

“I would like to say to Obama as a Nobel Peace Prize winner: before you use force in Syria, you should think of the victims that will fall,” Putin said, pointing out that “Russia calls for deep thinking before making a decision of operation in Syria.”

“Common sense notes that with the advancement of the Syrian government forces .. giving the trump card to those who continuously call for military intervention is nonsense and does not correspond with any logic, especially on the day of the UN inspectors arrival,” the Russian President added.

“I’m sure it was just a provocation by those who seek to drag other countries into the Syrian conflict and want to gain support from the international parties, first and foremost, the United States of course,” he stated.

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31-08-2013 – 14:25 Last updated 31-08-2013 – 14:25

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