Syrian Army Kills 40 al-Nusra Front Members in Damascus Ambush

كمين محكم يسفر عن مقتل اكثر من 40 ارهابيا” واسر آخرين من “النصرة “

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Syrian Arab ArmySyrian army managed to claim on Monday most of al-Nusra Front group members during an ambush while trying to sneak to the East Ghota in Damascus countryside.

The national military units were able to kill about 40 militants of al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front terrorist organization and the so-called ‘free Syrian army’, in the area of Rahibeh in rural Damascus, according to the opposition “Cham” TV network.
“Armed opponents from al-Nusra Front and the free army ambushed the Syrian army in this region, after it had been agreed between them and the Reconciliation Commission to hand over their weapons to the Syrian authorities and end the rebellion,” the TV network said.

“The opponents exploited this agreement and attacked the Syrian army barriers in Rahibeh in an attempt to occupy it fully, which led to get involved in a battle against the army, which claimed several persons during the clashes dubbed as ‘violent’.”

“Artillery and aircraft projectiles were used in the battle, and left nearly 40 militants killed,” according to the opposition story.

Moreover, the Syrian army was able Monday to give a heavy blow to the so-called ‘Islam Brigade’ in rural Damascus, killing one of its commanders, Qasim Halabouni, in Qalamun region of Damascus countryside.

The opposition coordinators have confirmed on their Facebook pages, including the page “Information Office of the Bab Saba’ neighborhood”, the killing of Qasim Halabouni (Abu Mohammad) operations chief of al-Zubair bin Awam phalanges in Duma in rural Damascus, during clashes with the Syrian forces.

Syria was hit by a violent unrest since mid-March 2011, where the Syrian government accuses foreign actors of orchestrating the conflict by supporting the militant opposition groups with arms and money.

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