God’s “chosen” Psychopaths

No matter how much they try to “soften” the face of supremacist psychopaths, no matter how much they try to “normalize” their crimes and whitewash their behaviour, the truth remains ugly and glaring.
Something went terribly wrong in the mindset and attitudes of those people. Something is totally skewed in their perception of themselves and the world. The ideology of supremacy, the indoctrination, and the sheer facial expressions reflective of revolting arrogance leaves you speechless.
After watching  this “Israeli”  documentary, I realised that it is not a genuine attempt to “expose”  crimes and inhumane behaviour of the soldiers at checkpoints, but rather to whitewash the horrific nature of cold-blooded murders committed at these check points by these soldiers. It is an attempt give a “humane face” which begs for sympathy by presenting psychopathic soldiers in the image of imature innocent friendly adolescents who all they want is to “laugh”, “joke”, “have fun”, “take pictures” and be “with mommy”.
This work is not an investigative work, which aims to identify criminals, and uncover  those who participated in it. It is not a documentation of a crime-scene, but rather a statement of protection: “hey,  we know our boys have done some naughty things, but they are not bad boys at all”.
Omitting to mention the beatings of children, the killing, the shooting, the watching of patients die and of pregnant women give birth in agony and distress, which have been regular occurrences at these checkpoints, making them “execution and murder points” rather than just “check points”, thus concealing the horrific, violent  and sadistic activities, which translates to a deadly grinding daily reality in which Palestinians are forced to live under at gunpoint, is rather revealing and revolting.
Filmed 10-12 years ago, at the peak of Second Intifada, where shooting Palestinians was a daily practice, undoubtedly, this piece of work is another form of highly sophisticated hasbara piece which is done with the help of “perception management experts” as it is the nature of “Israeli” propaganda media, allowing criticism to certain degree, to give an image of a free, democratic, self–regulating and caring society which is even allowed to criticise their army.
At the same time their criticism is done  ”humanely”, not with the intention to identify murderers, hence to file legal cases against the culprits,  it is done in a manner that causes criminals the least damage. It does not present their murderous activities as something to be dragged into courts of justice for prosecution and to pay for their crimes.
Such concealment, dressed up s “exposure” is worthy only of contempt.

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The Tanya,  which explicitly divides people into two categories: Jews (refined ethical humans with divine souls) and non-Jews (corrupt sub-humans with animal souls).
The Tanya explicitly declares that unlike the Jewish souls, “The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever
Nefesh HaBahamis (Animal Soul), Nefesh HoElokis (G-dly Soul)
Jews, as we shall see, are different from GentilesJews have a spiritual purpose, Gentiles a physical one.1 This can be compared to hands and feet.”
every Jew has the nefesh (life force) of every human being known as the Nefesh HaBahamis (Animal Soul). His additional soul, neshomah, is also known as the Nefesh HoElokis (G-dly Soul).”
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