Another point of view was delivered today by Najah Wakeem head of the Al Sha’b party , Lebanon , who said that the Syrian situation is not close to be settled in any way and what is expected is that USA will not settle for a defeat and will escalate instead within view to undermine the Syrian society more and exhaust the army because US cannot afford to lose at this point and the proof is that the flow of criminals and weapons heading to Syria has not stopped yet . US is facing now great economic challenges and is being threatened by the rise of the BRICS countries- as an independent economical block – who are planning to start their own bank with 100 billions and to develop a currency of their own . Considering this state of things, US will try everything to maintain its position and presence in the region.

Wakeem revealed the fact that one of the major goals of the opposition is to succeed in reducing the Syrian army from 600 thousand soldiers who now constitute the Syrian Army , to 100 thousand soldiers which was one of the ten requests of the opposition in addition to the abdication of Assad and other demands . The direct foreign military intervention was supposed to achieve this goal whereby, and after shelling some important military targets that will inflict great losses on the Syrian Army , 30000 foreign soldiers will be introduced from Jordan to reach Damascus .. This is what was offered to the Iranians by the US administration, to allow a limited strike against Syria that will go without retaliation against giving some concessions on the nuclear issue, something that Teheran refused from the beginning.

As for the fighting happening now between the factions of the opposition , Wakeem said that all these factions are monitored by the US administration directly or indirectly through one of the affiliated countries and they are all the creation of USA and it seems that USA wants al Qa’ida to control the area of north Syria on the borders with Turkey for reasons that might have to do with the pipe line gas coming from the Gulf countries to Europe across Syria to spare Europe the trouble of buying gas from Russia. Wakeem said that delivering the Syrian chemical weapons to the International Community is considered a loss , especially that Israel has all kinds of strategic weapons , but having USA shell Syria by Tomahawk missiles is a greater loss so Syria had to choose between these two losses .

Wakeem praised the president of Syria saying that he has met him more than once and was impressed by his extreme politeness and as a president , he not only cares about providing the Syrians with what they need in these hard times but is worried about how the society as a whole will heal. Wakeem said that the president of Syria should never give up the presidency and will not give up and he is the sure winner of any presidential elections by the majority of voters. As for Lebanon , what is in store for Syria is also in store for Lebanon which is civil war and civil unrest and sectarian and religious warfare that seeks to draw the Resistance into local conflicts at the expense of the essential conflict with Israel and weaken thus the forces that will not pacify with Israel .

The president of Lebanon got- in NY at the UN General Assembly – the green light from Obama to start forming the new Lebanese Cabinet that has been waiting for months to be formed and this is where the conflict will start if the Resistance and the allies of the Resistance will not be given their due share in the new cabinet according to their actual size on the ground . This green light might be a set up that might start the whole thing and one has to be aware of the fact that what is sought is the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and this has already started by evicting Syria from the Arab League and having the other Arab foreign ministers reach an agreement -through the League, with the US administration- about the Palestinian land exchange that will legalize all Israeli settlements . This role assumed by the Arab League is liable to end the existence of the League as representing Arab interests . The war on Syria has for sole goal keeping the forces of the Resistance busy in local conflicts and getting all concessions one could get from Palestinians so that Israel acquires the legal permanent status it needs to keep on existing in this hostile area .

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