Beware of Side Battles


Why Palestinians should resist and NOT accept to be dragged and distracted, by the so called Jewh-anti-Zionist “supporters” into fighting side battles of “antisemitism”, “holocaust denial”, “conspiracy theories” and “LGBT rights”:

  • Under the pretext of fighting anti-Semitism and racism, the hijackers aim to obfuscate and cover up any study or scrutiny of Jewish supremacy and racism  .
  • Under the pretext of fighting racism and anti-Semitism the goal of the hijackers is to block and prevent serious investigation of  global Jewish Zionist networks and organizations in their respective Jewish communities world wide, and their role in supporting, defending and protecting the criminal Zionist entity.
  • Under the pretext of the uniqueness and exceptionality of Jewish suffering, they aim to justify the need of the perpetual existence of a “state for the Jews”, a “homeland for the Jewish people” in Palestine, an “Israel”, a “safe-haven” where the “eternally persecuted” Jews can finally call “home”, where they can exercise their “sovereign rights” to be a “nation”; be it as it may, an invented one, and be it as it may at the expense of another nation and the almost total extermination and dispossession of another people through wars of conquest and genocide. They call their omnibous solution, a Secular state for ALL its citizens. Hence preparing the ground of the soft, cultural, factual and permanent TAKE OVER of Palestine (early Zionists called that type of soft takeover, Cultural Zionism).
  • Under the pretext of the uniqueness and exceptionality of Jewish suffering, our detractors want to impose on Palestinians to give up their rights to resist and defend themselves, they want Palestinians to abandon the idea of reinstatement of their stolen land, and to impose on them the acceptance of sharing permanently their land with those who oppressed and dispossessed them for decades, those who have systematically violated, desecrated and destroyed the beloved land of Palestine.
  • Under the pretext of avoiding  “conspiracy theories”, we are forbidden from examining the role of FALSE FALG operations, a speciality “perfected” by Mossad, thus fail to identify real culprits and point our accusations at the wrong target.
  • Under the pretext of becoming “progressive” and “liberal”, and by tying our cause with campaigns like “gay and LGBT rights” we take a huge risk of becoming their vehicle to promote their agenda at our backs, while destroying in the process all that which is precious in our culture, the  welfare of the child, the family the  community, the cohesiveness of society and sink into the abyss of moral degradation, for we know for a fact that the calls for such “freedoms” will not stop there , and will continue to push for more perversion, until nothing is left to protect.

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  1. Isn’t “uncovering Zionism” the biggest distraction there is? What do we do after we’ve uncovered it?

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