Syria is not alone in this endeavor to do as pleases Syria , Syria is part of the axis of the Resistance and this victory over the world order has been achieved by this axis who joint efforts on the ground , this victory was that of Syria and that of Hizbullah and of Iran also and Russia also could use this victory positively to promote itself in the region . And this victory is that of Palestine above all and this the direction and this the central cause , not only the for Arabs and Muslims but it is universally speaking so . This war is for Palestine and Palestine will remain the Qibla for all committed people . Those committed to religion or to their national feeling or to their feeling for humanity in general . If one does not give priority to the Palestinian cause then one has lost his compass . What is good for Palestine and Palestinians is good for all . Syria has paid a price but Syria does not gain anything in providing a cover for what is happening against Gaza and against HAMAS precisely on behalf of the Egyptian Army who is by no way a National Army and has stopped being so since the shameful agreements that have recognized Israel and normalized with it .

The Egyptian Army -until further notice- is still coordinating with Israelis and still cooperating with Israelis and instead of fighting the Israeli entity they are fighting the MB -who are a natural constituent of the Egyptian Society – and rallying against them and tightening the siege on Gaza in a way that is worse than what Mubarak did .There is no logic in betting on this army before this army goes over its choices and its ties with Israel. The wisest path to follow is the path of Hizbullah who has never severed his ties with the military faction of HAMAS , the leaders of HAMAS should be exposed for what they did and replaced but we should still bet on the Palestinian armed Resistance of HAMAS as Hizbullah is doing and bring it back to the resistance bosom .Hizbullah has acted previously inspired by wisdom and is still acting this way and everyone has everything to gain from trusting the wisdom of the Resistance and follow the light of the Resistance in these times where darkness prevails .

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