Even Israel’s Media Says Netanyahu Speech Was An Embarrassing Bomb: But I Loved It

Netanyahu “All I’m asking is give war a chance”


Ha’aretz has a great report about the failed Netanyahu speech at the UN. What a miskane (Hebrew for pathetic guy). He had to bring his own cheering section with him, the always appealing Sheldon Adelson, Dore Gold, and Alan Dershowitz.

The hall was half empty and those who were there were busy adding the VSCO cam app to their iPhone 5′s. But not Bibi’s Gruesome Threesome. They cheered their porcine hearts out. Anyway, here’s the Haaretz story about  it:

When Netanyahu made his entrance, in front of a half-empty, drowsy hall, his friends, advisors, supporters and entourage all rose to their feet and applauded for several minutes.

Still, the fans in stands hardly helped…. Netanyahu’s speech was tired, bothersome and boring. In contrast to the Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s sophisticated PR campaign, which led to his taking the UN by storm, Netanyahu sounded like an old, scratchy vinyl record….Netanyahu sounded like a defeated man who recognizes his inability to influence international dynamics.

Brutal.  I, however, loved the speech. Here’s why:

Netanyahu’s speech at the General Assembly was another gift to all those who want to see Iran and the United States resolve their differences — particularly on nuclear issues — peacefully.

By responding to Iran’s outstretched hand with snarling sarcasm and the open threat of war, Netanyahu has dealt Israel out of the entire US/Iranian diplomatic process.  Netanyahu made clear that he has no interest in anything President Rouhani might say or offer. His interest is in discrediting him and convincing the United States to join Israel in an attack on Iran.

But now, thanks in part to this speech, what Netanyahu wants or thinks doesn’t matter.  With 85% of Americans supporting improved relations with Iran (according to the Washington Post poll), President Obama has the mandate he needs to go forward.

Yes, Netanyahu will have those politicians bought and paid for by AIPAC. But the Iran breakthrough, like the prospect of war with Syria, is bigger than that.

In conclusion, I am delighted by Netanyahu’s speech. He has clarified yet again who he is and why history is passing him by.

Not that Netanyahu cares, but the people of Israel, like the people of Iran, can breathe easier knowing that Netanyahu will not be able to give war a chance.

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