Why are Americans totally oblivious to the fact that “their” Federal Reserve Bank is Jewish?

News today that Janet Yellen is to be the new chairwoman of Federal Reserve, replacing Ben Bernanke. Not surprising of course is that Yellen is Jewish, continuing a long tradition since the formation of the FRB.

Quite remarkable when you know only around 2.2% of the American population is Jewish.

So what makes Jews especially able to run the most important financial institution in the USA & the world? Is it because they do such a great job in controlling the economy, an economy which to all accounts is about to fall off a precipice? Or could it simply be that Jews tend to hire and /or promote other jews to important positions for the purpose of control.

What is clear is that the Federal Reserve has just since 2008 created  2.9 trillion dollars by a system called “Quantitative Easing”, the simple printing of new money.

$2,900,000,000,000 would clearly take care of all the USA’s internal problems, including decent health care, but instead it’s been given to banks, mostly jewish controlled, although the Federal Reserve itself is unable to explain where most of the money went http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF_19oR4km8   .

So the question is , how long will Americans put up with this embezzlement and who will they blame , because at the end of the day they are the ones who will have to pay these huge debts


The Federal Reserve Bank 

The first chairman of the American Federal Reserve was Charles Sumner Hamlin. He was jewish

Second, Jewish William Proctor Gould Harding.

Third, Daniel Richard Crissinger. jewish descent. Also one of the most famous freemasons of the time.

Fourth, Roy Archibald Young. Jewish

Fifth, Eugene Isaac Meyer. Jewish , Also first president of the World Bank.

Sixth, Eugene Robert Black. Jewish

Tenth, Arthur Frank Burns. Jewish

Twelfth, Paul Adolph Volcker. Jewish  descent.

Thirteenth, Alan Greenspan. Jewish

And lastly, the current (fourteenth) Chairman is Ben Bernanke. Jewish

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  1. Wonderfully Enlightening ! WHO likes or wants ‘FOREIGN-CONTROL’ of one’s Country or Key Positions or Key-Institutions WITHIN your Country ? Nobody ! Especially an Institution as Important as the Federal Reserve Bank which essentialy Prints Dollars for the USA Govt and then charges INTEREST on that money, huge amounts of money, like the Treasury Bonds and Property Bonds :$85 Bìllíon, per month, which ordinary Americans, even those not yet born, MUST PAY INTEREST on, for the Rest of their lives, whilst Banksters and other close-knit ‘associates’ simply receive BAILOUT-MONEY when their ‘businesses’ FAIL ! The latter OWNERS are nothing more than Crooks ! Corrupt, Deviant Thugs, having ‘CONNECTIONS’ with White House Staff, that obtain WAIVERS from White House Lawyers, to Circumvent obvious Arrest for FRAUDULENT Activities ! Do not be Fooled : Profit and Interest are NOT the same ! INTEREST is Profit MULTIPLIED ! That is why God Almighty had OUTLAWED Interest in ALL Scriptures . Please refer : Bagwangita, Bible and Qur’aan. If Interest is DANGEROUS can you imagine the Unlawful Application of ‘Usury’ in Economic Transactions ? Usury is Profit COMPOUNDED. To appreciate the Differences between Profit, Interest and Usury, you Must do Calculations for each such as buying Cars, Computers, Homes and Furniture, for example, inserting All Math-Variables such as Price and term etc You will find that Banks and Governments that support ‘INTEREST-RATE Transactions’ have ENSLAVED ALL Borrowers to such an extent that for each 100 000 Loaned by Banks, they actualy Receive back a minimum of 500 000! That, briefly, is the Application of Interest . It gets worst when USURY is applied! That is why the current system, based on Interest, is Deceptive, Fraudulent and simply Theft, for which those concerned, under Real Law, ought to be Charged, Arrested and Jailed for life..but EXECUTION is prefered as the Harms caused to people and Societies is Unimaginable.Therefore, those people that still Value and Respect Gods’ Laws, as well as those that understand Ethics generaly and specificaly in business and commercial transactions, we need to Unite Urgently, to Save Mankind from an Impending doom and the youngsters from permanent Economic Slavery. Alex Costello : mercy786gift@gmail.com

  2. Well G. Thomson if you think they are doing a good job at banking there’s no problem. My guess is it will become apparent in a very short while that they are looking after themselves at the US public’s expense

  3. Hmm…just goes to show how efficient and effective Jewish people are at banking. What are you so worried about? Sounds very anti-semitic to me – and I’m not jewish.

  4. could you please correct the link in my comment above. It seems to be cut off too soon. It should be

  5. One of master´s degree professor was a college of her, I know that they are right, we want to see the numbers. Fraud using ERP all over the world through IT indian Companies and Indian Consultants. Necesitamos las herramientas, la educación no tiene el nivel adecuado debido a grupos en el poder. http://lnkd.in/bwjACS9 We need the tools, we have a low level of education because these elites. Of course if they do not kill her before

  6. The federal reserve bank is part of the NWO which is of course pure zionism. Here is an article that summarizes our dire predicament we find ourselves in today.

    I send this to each and every person that means anything at all to me and ask them for their opinion. They should show all their friends and ask them for their opinions.

    Be sure to take the time and go through the links at the bottom of the article.

    To understand the callousness of the Zionists in control, the treatment they met out to the victims of 9/11 gives you some idea. You can see this if you watch the RT video that AE911 truth has posted here. (On the left side of their page)

    For the most accurate and complete research and listing of the network of criminals that brought us 9/11, I encourage you to study:

    “Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World”
    “Solving 9-11: The Original Articles”
    You can order these at bollyn.com or amazon.

  7. Laura I think you mean the more “politically correct” term is “Zionist Jews” . Reality is that we know they are Jewish but we are not certain they are Zionist jews, unless they’ve disclosed that information

  8. the more correct term is Zionist Jew. they do not like people to know that fact, its a well guarded secret that there is a difference between a Jew and a Zionist. Zionist have been lobbying this country for decades to protect the Jews because of the Holocaust. Order out of chaos stuff. people are clueless because media wont tell them the truth and who owns media, ZIONIST. go figure.

  9. The Governor of the Bank of England which is nothing to do with the people or the Government of ENGLAND has also always been a Jew. The first one called himself Patterson, a Scottish name, but he was not Scottish. He was Jewish.

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