“The world is antisemitic”, Oh… Really !

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Nahida Exiled Palestinian

 Through my interaction with many people of Jewish background, I began to notice that many amongst them have been conditioned and psychologically indoctrinated to think in terms of “us, and the world“.

The nature of the state of connectedness between them and the world is defined from a very young age in an unhealthy terms, thus as they grow older, the dynamics of this twisted relationship takes a very peculiar slant, an unbalanced bondage between an innocent persecuted perpetually victimised minority and a hostile, ruthless, hateful world collective.

 Evidently, such perspective is very different from that of the non-Jewish observer, especially people in the Middle East who are not burdened with the guilt of the holocaust, nor experienced that sort of historical discord amongst its multi-faithed communities,  who also have been, for over seventy decades,  at the receiving end of the violence and brutality of Jewish-Zionist occupiers.

The manifestation of  ”us and them” mentality appears in beliefs and thoughts like:

 For no particular reason there is global hatred against Jews which is inexplicable and incurable. Hatred which is spread all over the world geographically and historically,
  • They are an endangered species if they don’t aggressively and exclusively work to preserve their “race”, they will end up extinct,
  • There is a holocaust around every corner awaiting to exterminate them to the point of total annihilation,
  • Their “core Jewish values” are supreme set of morals unmatched by others, it contains nothing but good,
  • They are, for whatever inexplicable reason (genetic/nurtured for the secular and miraculous/ divine, for the religious)  “smarter” and more successful than others,
  •  Their “financial success”, their “intelligence” and their “achievements” made them subjects of envy, hatred and jealousy thus persecution throughout history,
  • Throughout history people rejected them and ghettoised them against their wishes,
  • This vendetta of the world against them calumniated in the catalytic event of the holocaust, which was the worst crime humanity has ever seen, has pushed them to stick together, choosing “Never again”  as their inspirational motto shared by all,
  • Thus fighting antisemitism and affirming the narrative of their rabbinic establishment about their “history of persecution” is a prime priority surpassed by none, it is the only way to “prevent” the upcoming holocaust,
  • They have to be permanently on guard, vigilant and alert to pick up the slightest sign of “antisemitism” and to catch it and kill it before it hatches,
  • They are a tiny minority having to survive in a sea of hatred, wherever they are, thus every member and his/her efforts count,
  • The global Jewish communities are innocent victims used by imperialism and Zionism and not supporters, enablers and alibis of the “Jewish state” and its crimes,

Having lived almost my entire life in forced exile, psychologically and emotionally strangled by the occupation of my Homeland, observing only an intensification of their crimes, and having being at the receiving end of an artificially-generated, Zionist-fomented  Islamophobia, this absurd claim and  mantra “the world is antisemitic and hates us with no reason” began to really annoy and enrage me, for it is an incredibly skewed perception reality, of oneself and of the world.

Such perception reeks of anti-human, actually of human-loathing sentiments, for its hidden connotations indirectly accuse humanity of pure evil, irrationality and stupidity combined, consequently makes-believe that they are way better than such “infantile human race”, superior in their morality and intellect, for they don’t stoop to such lows of “irrational hatred”. Thus, by this assumption about the existence of an innate hatred of Jews in the human condition, they set themselves morally apart and above the rest of mankind.

After many years of studying Jewish ideology, I came to believe that such perception of world hatred is nothing but projection. It is in fact a concealment for the inadequate and troubling feelings which may arise when they read the anti-human deluge in many of their sacred books and when they listen to Torah’s Commander-in-Chief teaching them that gentiles only exist to serve Jews.

In order to justify and explain away the supremacist hate-filled books about the “inherent evil” and the “inferiority” of the gentiles, compared to those who are “chosen”, they find solace and easing of conscience by accusing gentiles of irrationality and unfathomable  ”Jew-hatred”. Consequently -except for the brave few, they NEVER EVER find the courage, modesty or decency to look in the mirror and question the racist and supremacist ideology glaring and screaming at any objective observer. Never having the honesty and sincerity to reevaluate their deeds through which they either actively or passively support a criminal genocidal entity (except for the few, who then get accused of self-hatred, ostracised and persecuted).

Like spoiled little brats, who got used to getting their own little way, to do what they want and bully whomever they want, without ever being held accountable, they shout, scream and throw a tantrum whenever they are told off or confronted with truth.


Give me a break!!

STOP getting hysterical, shouting antisemitism at every genuine criticism

START looking within, reflecting and thinking

  • Where is antisemitism when they brag about their control of the media, and go insane when someone points out that somehow the media might be biased in its reporting towards “Israel”?
  • Where is antisemitism when a “Talmudist Ace” is put in charge of  Internet neutrality, thus in charge of control and censorship?

Tough inner journey has to be undertaken to eventually help those who search for truth and to enable them to see the perceptive of the gentile outsider, mixed with a little bit of empathy and humbleness, i.e putting themselves in the shoes of the “non chosen” for a little while and try to see the world from that perspective:

Those who refuse to look within, reject making this painful journey, clutch to layers of indoctrinations, and ignore serious questions of the self, as to why do they behave in such an irrational, stiff and reactionary manner when Jewish ideology is brought to table, and why do they want to keep such ideology beyond the boundaries of discussion ;

Those who refuse to shake their super-sized ego and look it in the eye, feeling snug and satisfied with their own fixated views and rejecting the idea that there might be different views out there;

Those who continue to chase phantom ghosts outside their own selves, thinking that doing so would ease their fear of the “upcoming holocaust” and would slay the ogres of “antisemitism” infesting the imagination of  their indoctrinated childhood;

They are hugely mistaken.

 Concealing the monster and covering it with however many layers of distractions, will not make it go away. As long as it is kept hidden and unspoken of, that monster will not die, it will always stay lurking beneath the surface waiting to jump and raise its ugly head any moment. That monster is an ideology of “chosenness”, “exclusivity” and “specialness” and a perceived history of “perpetual exceptional suffering”, both of which have to be brought up for open discussion, challenged and put on trial, before mankind put them, their ideology, their history and their crimes against humanity on trial.
Finally, if their aim is to prevent “antisemitism” and to stop hatred against Jews, our aim is to prevent anti-humanismgenocidal supremacy and to stop many Jewish ideologists from HARMING to DEATH Palestinians and many people around the world.





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George W. Bush

 Congressional Gold Medal (brass replica) awarded posthumously to Rabbi Schneerson in August 1994. The legend on the obverse reads "Benevolence Ethics Leadership Scholarship" in English, and "To improve the home" in Hebrew.

Congressional Gold Medal (brass replica) awarded posthumously to Rabbi Schneerson in August 1994. The legend on the obverse reads “Benevolence Ethics Leadership Scholarship” in English, and “To improve the home” in Hebrew.



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  1. Appologies for the miss spelling at the end of my first paragraph. It should have read. WELSH ALPHABET.

  2. The Jewish community seems to suffer from a collective form of pathological narcissism/narcissistic personality disorder, a serious mental derangement that is very dangerous to everyone involved. Deep-seated feelings of self-loathing, insecurity, and guilt are covered up with grandiose illusions of self. Egomania, psychological projection, lying, manipulation, sense of victimhood, paranoia, need to control others, not perceiving anything wrong with oneself, sense of entitlement, sense of specialness, and fragile emotions are all symptoms of this disorder.

    Please check out the following link, it’s very informative:

    mayo clinic-narcisstic personality disorder

  3. core jewish value is hate.

    • Every story the Kazar zionists tell are a fraud, particularly the one that tells of their flight from Egypt. The ten lost tribes of Israel were ( as my readings of history seem to point to ) tell of the race that came out of Egypt were not called Israelites or Jews. They were called the Khumry. The area they claim as Israel was in those days called Cannan. The Khumry may have had 12 tribes, and they may have believed in one God. Their alphabet is traceable through their wandering in what has been called the Exodus. The alphabet is found on stone stellas ( Hope I have spelt that right ) from Egypt, Pallestine, Turkey, Lemnos, Greece, Italy and finaly to Britain and Ireland. The same alphabet is in fact the same as the ancient Wesh alphabet.

      Further reading of this story can be gleened from the works and books on Allan Wilson and Baram Blackett and also the work of Michael Tzarion’s Ancient Origines of Ireland and from their respective websites.

      Since my last reply on this site, I did some further reading and the Kazars did only become Jewish in the 8th century AD and apparently were spread accross Europe from Kazaria with the onslaught of Gengis Khan and his hordes into Europe in the 10th century.

      It seems that lies, greed, fraud and murder are there way of life and of cause their always those who seek power and wealth will bow to their ways, one has only to look at the leaders of the US,UK and other leading leaders in the West and The New Word Order they are trying to create at any cost. May all the Gods of honest men whoever they may be stop this EVIL CABAL from succeding.

  4. The “Semitism” of the “Jews” is the biggest Fraud foisted on humanity. It is with this very fraud that this abomination called israel was born.

    It is from this fraud that the Zionists level their timeless guilt machine-gun – the machine gun of Anti-semitism. The only PROVABLE Semites in Occupied Palestine and the world over are the PALESTINIANS and the the minority jews that lived beside them in Palestine.

    If these European khazars are not jews, then they have no claim to Palestine. How perverted then these Zionists are for 1) Not being genetically linked to ANY of the 12 tribes of israel and lying to the world and 2) Denying the proven semites and owners of the land the Right of Return?

    The Arabs fail themselves by permitting the perversion of this fact and accepting the claim by these frauds.

  5. I was raised Jewish but am from a mixed marriage (Jewish mother, Christian father). It took me until my late thirties to realize everything you have described in your article. I decided that my family is too brainwashed to even try to argue against, especially certain very intellectually snobby people in my family who bully everyone with their “brains.” I cut off contact with them, not just for the above reason but it certainly was a factor. It isn’t only difficult for non-Jews. Jews who disagree with the party line are subjected to venomous attack within their own ranks. I’m tired of being one of the “chosen” ones. I just want to be an ordinary person. It definitely fed my pathological narcissism that was instilled in me by my mother and took YEARS to even realize and begin to heal through therapy. You’ve hit the nail on the head when you talk about projection. The degree to which Palestinians are treated as subhuman astounds me. How can any rational Jew look at a map of Palestine pre-1947 and now and not ask themselves ‘just how exactly did all those people wind up sequestered in these ghettos?” I think Israelis should at least be honest and admit that they value their survival over that of the Palestinians (i.e. the law of the jungle). Instead they ethnically cleanse them and then stack insult upon injury by portraying them as savages because they dare to fight back (isn’t that what Jews in the Warsaw ghetto did?) But I don’t dare speak out in groups. I don’t have the strength of character or the energy to defend my beliefs with the same over-the-top passion that the average brainwashed zionist does. My mother traumatized me irreparably with her self-righteous, neurotic, intolerant stance on everything and because of the scars it has obviously left on me, I desperately avoid interactions that are likely to lead to hysterical outbursts and verbal abuse from people, which is exactly what you get from people who are brainwashed when you challenge the most sacred of their beliefs.

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