Hezbollah and Hamas Still Not Ready to Meet Face-to-Face

Published Friday, October 11, 2013
When news circulated a few days ago that head of Hamas politburo Khaled Meshaal was coming to Beirut to attend a conference on Jerusalem, many interpreted the step as part of improving relations with Hezbollah after the Syrian crisis caused a rift between the two resistance movements.

But as it turned out, Meshaal spoke by way of a video link from Turkey, which he was visiting to conduct some business. Hamas representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka explained that this was the plan from the very beginning, and the Palestinian leader had never intended to speak in person at the Beirut event.In response to criticisms that the situation of Jerusalem today called for a personal appearance by the Palestinian leader, Baraka said that the gathering was not an official conference, but a series of workshops that were intended to address the growing danger to the occupied city’s holy sites and its Palestinian residents.
Critics, however, suggest that Meshaal is not yet ready to make an appearance in a country like Lebanon, where the resistance axis (Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran) have a strong presence, because he does not want to upset his new Gulf patrons, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.Close observers did not detect anything out of the ordinary in Meshaal’s speech that would suggest a dramatic change in the movement’s political direction around the Syrian crisis. Unusually, Hezbollah’s Manar TV did not air the opening session of the conference, during which the Palestinian leader spoke, as is usually the case with such events.

For his part, Meshaal called for uniting ranks around the issue of Jerusalem, pointing out the need to establish the necessary military capabilities that can return Jerusalem to the Arab and Muslim fold once again. He concluded with a reference to the Syrian crisis by stressing the “right of the Arab and Muslim peoples to struggle for their freedom, democracy and dignity in a peaceful manner, far away from violence and sectarianism, and far from foreign meddling in our countries.”

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

Isolated Hamas leader Mashaal Pays Surprise Visit to Sutan Erdogan

Turkey's Erdoğan meets Hamas leader Meshaal
 The dispute between the two Palestinian factions has yet to be settled due to a number of disagreements over the distribution of power in a national coalition government and the status of Gaza, which is currently under the control of Hamas.

Khaled Mashaal  is in search of a home. By leaving Damascus, Hamas lost financial support from Iran, a common backer of Hamas and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to reports Qatar restricts the movements of Khaled Meshal residing in Doha since Hamas frontline leaders evacuated their longtime base in Damascus, Syria, in 2012. According to the reports, Meshal complained of a sort of “siege ” around him in Qatar and that these measures prevented him from talking freely to the press. As a result, Meshal considers changing his base and move to another capital, but his options are limited.

A Hamas official, Izzat Al-Reshq, denied reports that relations between the militant group and Qatar have been brought to a low level. He described the reports on the matter as propaganda designed to harm Hamas.

Hamas can’t move to Cairo, as the Egyptian army overthrew Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July, who is a member of the pan-Arab Muslim Brotherhood, the historic mother of Hamas.

“Qatar provides Hamas with all facilities it asks for,” said Izzat Al-Reshq, a member of Hamas’ politburo, the decision-making body of the Islamic movement.

“The relationship with Qatar did not change; it is in its best forms,” Al-Reshq added in remarks published on his Facebook page.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, which is close to Hezbollah, reported that Meshaal was experiencing trying circumstances in Doha, the Qatari capital. This situation, according to the paper, drove him to seriously contemplate leaving the city in favor of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum or perhaps Beirut or Tehran.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal paid a surprise visit to Ankara, where he met with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Tuesday for talks on Palestinian reconciliation and developments in the Middle East.

The meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office was announced only two hours before it took place.

A senior Turkish official from the Prime Ministry told Today’s Zaman that the request for the meeting came from the Palestinian side.

According to the official, who chose to remain anonymous, Mashaal and Erdoğan were expected to discuss the current situation in Gaza and regional developments including the prolonged Syrian conflict and the issue of national reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, which continues to administer the West Bank.
Khaled Mashaal. AA photoTurkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, National Intelligence Agency (MİT) chief Hakan Fidan, Deputy Undersecretary for the Prime Minister’s Office İbrahim Kalın and advisor Sefer Turan were also present at the meeting, Anadolu Agency reported.The meeting between Mashaal and Erdoğan came around four months after their latest meeting.It came at a time when rumors suggest that Mashaal, currently in exile in Qatar, is searching for another place to live.Speaking to Anadolu Agency, sources from the Office of the Prime Ministry declined to give further information regarding the agenda of the meeting.

The latest meeting between Erdoğan and Mashaal also took place at the prime ministry official residence on June 18. Gaza’s Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and a number of members of Hamas’ political wing had also participated in that meeting.

Mashaal spoke by video to a rally in Beirut. Meshal said only armed struggle against Israel (He ment against Syria) could achieve the right of return and protect Jerusalem.

عــــن مــِـشــعــل هـــنيـــه وهـــرج ســـرده

بقلم: د احـمـد الاســــدي

إحــذر مـِـنْ ســَـرد الـكـــلام مــِـزحـــتـــه و هــَـرج الـحـديــث طـراوتــــه , وإحــتقــر مـَـنْ تـــَـنـكــر لأصـــلــه  و تــاجــر بــِعـَـرضـــه ومـَـنْ أعــتـاش عـلـى فـراش أمـــه ,  ولا تــلـتـفــت لــكـلـب أكـثــرَ مـِنَ  النـبــاح أو تـنتظــر مـِنْ إبــن عــاويــة صـَـلاح , ولا تـرتجـي رجــولـة مـَـمـنْ  جـعـل شــرفـــه ليـل نهـار مــُـبـاح , ولا تقـويـم لـِـمـنْ ارتضــى لنسـاء قـومــه جهـاد نكــاح , والــرجــال بثـبـات مـواقـفهــم وصــفـاء معــادنهـــم ووفــاءهــم لـعهــدهـم   ليس بــذكـوريـتهــم وعــدد زيــجـاتهـم  , و عــنـاد الجــاهــــل مـهـلكــــة مثلمـا تهـــور الأحـمــقلـيس بشــجـاعــة , وعــجـبـي بــمـن نـاصـب الحـق بـالعـــداء وتـلـون مــع البــاطـل كـالحــربـاء وضـاجـع الـرذيـلــه فـي مـخـدع العفــه و الـبــراء , وأعـتقــد إنَ كــل النـاس عـلـى جــريـرة بـعـضــه بــلـــداء , فـــراح يــنـاطـح جــدار الـكذب والافــتـراء , ويــحــتلـب مـن ثـيــرانـــه حــســـاء , و يـبتغـي مـِنْ جــُرب إبلـــــه فـــراء .

مـوقـف حـمـاس مـَـشعــل هــنيــه وبـنـادقـهـم المـأجــوره مـِـنْ الحـدث الســـوري , وإنْ كـان خـارجا عـن فضـاء تـوقعـات الـدعـم المنقطـع النظيــر الذي قـدمتــه دمـشـق وشـركـاءهـا فـي محـور المقـاومــة لحمـاس جمعــا وقيـاداتهـا فـي الخـارج تحـديـدا , لكنـــه عـبـر عــن حـقيقــة عمـالـة  كـل مـَنْ لـــه جــذور اخـونجـيــه شـــيطـانيــة مجـرمـــه , وبكـل تـأكـيـد إنَ لســت جـميـع قيـادات حـمـاس وخـصـوصـا الجنـاح المعـارض لإنغمـاس مشـعـل وهـنيــه فـي اللعبــه التـأمـريـة القطـريــة يخـصهـم الـتوصـيف , لــكـن يـبقــى المـوقــف العـام والســائــد الـذي لمســنـاه بـالفعـل والممـارســة لحماس الحركة , يـتـراوح بيـن انكـسـار الـبـندقيــة المقـاومـة وتحـولهـا الـى اداة تخـريبيــة خـيـانيــه رخـيصــه فـي ســـوريـة ومصـر وفلســطيـن , وبيــن عمـالــة قــيـاداتهـا لنهـج المقـاومــة وانحيـازهـا الاعمـى وراء اجـنـدة تنظيـم الاخـوان عـلـى حسـاب قـضيـة الشـارع الفلســطـينـي ونضـالـة التـاريخـي , حـيـث أنَ مـوقـف حـمـاس هـذا وانحـرافهـا لا يمـكـن ادراجـه فـي قـائمـة الاخـتـلاف بـالجـزئيـات او التضـادد بـالـرؤى الـذي يحـاول البعض وضعـها فـي كفة مـيـزانها لتبـريـر وتســويق الأعـذار , وحـتـى لـو كـان الحـال كـذلـك جـدلا وليس تيـقننـا لكـانت حمـاس قــد الزمـت نفسهـا وجمهـورهـا الحيـاد والناي بـالنفس وهـو اضـعـف الايمــان , وعليــه إنَ مـا اعتبـره البعض مفـاجئــه فـي رســالـة خـالــد مـشـعـل الخـطـابيـة الأخـيـرة الـتي تنـاول فيهـا مـوقف حمـاس الجـديـد مـِنْ مـا يجـري فـي ســـوريـة , و وصـفـتـه وسـائـل اعـلام مســانـدة فـي منهجهـا العـام المعـلـن  لمحـور المقـاومـة , ولا اقــول مقـربــة مـِنْ اصحـاب القـرار فيــه , كـالميـاديـن تحـديـدا ,  بـإنه رســالـة تصـالحيـة واضحــه مـوجهـه للقيـادة الســـوريـة , لا يـرتقــي بـالنسبــة لنـا الـى درجــة اعـادة النظـر فـي مـواقفـنـا مـِنْ حـمـاس وقيـاداتهـا المشـعليـه , ويــوجـب عـدم البنـاء عـلـى هـكذا مـواقـف مســتجـده واعطـاءهـا اي اعـتبـار , لأنهـا لـم تــأتــي عـن تـَـغيــر فـي القنـاعـات اوانـفصـال عـن الجـذور , بقــدر مـا إنهـا نـفعيــة رخيصــه ومحـاولـة مكـشـوفــه للخـروج مـِنْ طــوق العـزلـة والاحتـقـار الذي تعيشــه حـمـاس فـي الشـارع الفلسـطينـي , ومـا هـي عليــه مـِنْ ضـائقــة فـي حـدود قطـاعهـا الغـزاوي , واحـتقـار فـي الشـارع المقـاوم  بعـد فقـدانهـا لشــرف الحـركـة المقـاومـة الـذي طـالمـا كـان يـراه فـيهـا المــواطـن العـربـي المســانـد لحـق المقـاومـة ومشــروعهـا التحريري .

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