Syria: 100 Gunmen Surrender to Army, more Israeli-Made Weapons Seized

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Around one hundred militiamen belonging to Jund al-Sham (Soldiers of the Levant) have surrendered to the Syrian army on Monday following fierce clashes between both sides, Al-Alam TV reported.

Syrian troops launched fresh operations against militants in Damascus neighborhood of Sayyada Zeinab (as) and stepped up their operations against strongholds of armed militants, mainly in the southern suburbs of Hajira and Beit Sahm in Damascus.

Syria militant groupsIn the meantime, army units have seized on Monday a number of Israeli-made missiles held by opposition armed groups to be used against the national military and the peaceful civilians.

“The seizure was made near the village of al-Tabeh in the countryside of the southwestern city of Dara’a,” Al-Alam TV correspondent reported.

Among the confiscated arms, there were a large amount of Israeli-made weapons and ammunition, including developed machine guns and wireless communication devices.

This was not the first time that Syrian troops have made such a seizure, where media outlets have showed previously arms with Hebrew inscriptions indicating they were originated from the Zionist entity.

Moreover, the Syrian army destroyed another weapon warehouse of the armed mercenaries in the countryside of Daraa Balad, located in the southern part of Daraa city.

Some clashes were also reported in Aleppo where dozens of militants were reportedly killed in heavy clashes along the al-Kastillo-al-Jandoul road.

The Syrian national military launched a wide-scale military operation in May 2013 in the country’s main provinces to restore security and release citizens from terrorist threats.

Syria was hit by a violent unrest since mid-March 2011, where the Syrian government accuses foreign actors, mainly the Saudi Arabia and Turkey, of orchestrating the conflict by supporting the militant opposition groups with arms and money.

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21-10-2013 – 19:08 Last updated 21-10-2013 – 19:08

Daily Newscast of Syrian TV, 21/10/2013

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