Ismael Haniyya honored us with his awesome presence yesterday . and his no less awesome speech that he addressed on Saturday expressing his indignation regarding what is happening to al Aqsa .

No doubt, Palestine has a special place in our heart ; a place that has been occupied – for long -by HAMAS- and, for this reason we listened to Haniyya hoping to hear the voice of Palestine and feel Palestine .Unfortunately, we did not feel Palestine nor did we hear Palestine . We heard and felt Haniyya .And through him it was the voice of the Palestinian Authority and of Fateh – that we heard -to our great surprise . We expected something different like a straightforward speech or an assessment of the situation or a review of all that happened , but all we heard was denial .

Everything in Haniyya’s speech was denial . Denying the interference in Syria or in Syrian affairs , denying the involvement in Yarmuk camp , denying the destabilization of the lives of Palestinians in Syria , denying rallying against Syria , denying the internal crisis, denying the uncertain future , denying the Egyptian threat..

In fact, Hanniyya wanted to look and sound as if nothing happened on the political scene , as if everything remained the same , as if the global war on Syria did not take place , as if Syria was not half destroyed, as if HAMAS did not side with sectarian Islam, as if it did not defect from the axis of the Resistance , as if the Muslim Brothers were still ruling Egypt , as if we were not about to witness a 3rd World War , as if the Palestinian condition was not at its worst and as if HAMAS still enjoyed credibility and as if Haniyya – himself- was still the leader he once was.

All this has changed unfortunately, and it does not help denying these facts or acting as if these things never happened . On the contrary, it is most alarming and worrying to hear such a denying speech coming from Haniyya. Such speech- like the one we heard yesterday- means that the Palestinian issue has reached a dead end and that HAMAS is not about to review its position or go over its choices and make the right turn in the right direction . Nothing of this sort will happen with Haniyya or Mash’al .

By the way , Haniyya is not the only one suffering from this denial syndrome . This has grown into a common syndrome that has become generalized and not restricted to Palestinians . Now the Prince of Qatar wants to rebuild Syria, and Erdogan wants to free the Lebanese hostages , and the opposition wants to go to Geneva, and the Arab League wants to go for a political solution, and the US want Assad to remain in power and the Russians want to protect Israel , and on top of all : the Egyptian Army has become a national army . What to do with all this? And how to get out of this maze?

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