Syria has –no doubt- defeated the purpose of the enemy in remaining unified and keeping its rule in place in what could be considered a victory over the World Order achieved by the Axis of the Resistance. The amazing thing- that cannot remain unnoticed- is that this victory – instead of being assumed by those who achieved it – is being transferred to others .
Maybe no none has heard before of a victory that has been transferred or maybe hijacked , but the truth is that a certain people can be deprived of the victory they have earned due to their sacrifices by some force which comes and intercepts it. This is something we personally have experienced in Lebanon in year 2006 -and also the Palestinians of Gaza might have experienced in the last Israeli assault on the district- when we felt that many Lebanese were deprived from celebrating this victory and were alienated from it.
And while Syria is being deprived from investing in this victory, those who are claiming this victory are non other than the Egyptians of TAMAROD and the Front of Salvation -supporters of the Mursi coup- even though they did nothing to support the Syrians and stand by them until very recently. They came to the scene- in fact – when everything was sorted out and when everyone knew who won and who lost.
The reason for this is that Egypt is in the process of leading the Arab World again after the Islamic “project ” failed in Syria and after Saudi Arabia has been exposed for what it is . In order to assume this new role, Egypt who has nothing to show for except the shameless agreements with Israel , needed to qualify for such a leadership by claiming the Syrian victory under the pretext that it has been fighting the same enemy in the person of the Muslim Brothers and deserved to partake in it.
The Egyptians – in fact- have shown up a little late on the Syrian scene to reap the fruits of such a victory but this did not prevent Egyptian writer Rif’at Sayyed Ahmed – hosted today by the Resistance Radio- to say that Egypt now belongs to the Axis of the Resistance!
This might sound shocking for a country that has been normalizing with Israel for the last decades at all the levels -whether economic or political or military- and has not questioned these agreements yet, and a country which is now “sharing” in besieging Gaza and summoned even to invade it on behalf of TAMAROD , not to speak of violating the rights of Palestinian fishermen to sail and closing most of the tunnels that supply the people of Gaza . How is Egypt to belong to the Axis of the Resistance then?
This question should be addressed to the Russians in the first place who are sponsoring this new alliance of Syria and Egypt against increasing their presence in the Mediterranean and getting a share in the Egyptian pie .

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  1. Danial

    “a country that has been normalizing with Israel for the last decades at all the levels” facing the same Zionists Brotherhood needs time to change the course. You know that Gazan’s are paying for the sins of Hamas who changed the course from a resistance movement to sectarian branch of Zionist brotherhood.

    You need to see this: It’s Mohamad sadiq Al-Hussain of Iran

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