Murder on the Zionist Express


Life in Occupied Palestine often seems to be a daily diet of murder. Perhaps that is the nature of occupation, and perhaps this is all the more so when an element of religious supremacism is factored into the equation. The blog Failed Messiah has posted a story about a savage attack upon a Palestinian man carried out by a group of American Jewish students attending a yeshiva in Jerusalem. Allegedly the man broke into a dorm room. Reportedly the students responded by chasing him down, beating him, and stabbing him—apparently to death, though there seems to be some confusion on the latter. At any rate, the level of zeal exhibited by God’s chosen yeshiva students is almost phantasmagorical and quite suitable for a Halloween tale.

Below is an excerpt from the article, followed by a link to the rest. When you get over there, you’ll notice an audio file at the bottom of the story. It’s a recording of one of the American students describing the attack. Be sure and listen to it.  At one point he speaks of one of his friends “eating the guy’s lungs”—presumably spoken figuratively, though who knows?

An Arab allegedly broke into a dorm of a haredi yeshiva in Jerusalem late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. American-born haredi yeshiva students allegedly chased down the man, detained him, savagely beat him, pursued him when he tried to flee, beat him again and – at least according to one account – murdered him.

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