The last stooge of all stooges who served Mubarak for ten years as minister of foreign affairs and who served the World Order for another ten years as the general secretary of the unhappy Arab League ; the pet who has licked all boots from NATO to Arab puppets ; the monkey who gave license to the NATO to bombard Libya and invade Libya and dispose of its wealth . The clown whose number is not over yet is been given today the performance of his life on the Egyptian revolutionary stage : Mister ‘Amro Moussa – with his “revolutionary” heart and spirit who for more than twenty years killed all the aspirations of the Arab Nation is now heading the commission that is writing the new Egyptian Constitution that will rule the Egypt of the Revolution . Big Deal Mister Moussa and what kind of revolution and what kind of constitution and what kind of trip have the Egyptians embarked on ? And is Egypt so much in shortage of real people that it is has gone to the tombs to unearth this stinking Mummy that speaks in the name of human rights ? Shame on the Egyptians and Shame on Egypt and fie to such revolution and constitution written by the Monkey of the Arab League .

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