Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, Zionized western countries, are against Assad. What does this tell us?

Fatah, Israel, US, Sisi are against Hamas. What does this tell us?
[ 18/10/2013 – 08:19 PM ]
By Khalid Amayreh (Hamayereh) in Occupied Palestine

“A mere fleeting glance at the identities of Hamas’s enemies these days should be sufficient to vindicate the Palestinian Islamist movement, whose leaders paid the ultimate price in the course of the long and bitter struggle against the Zionist enemy….”

“Hence, the mere existence of Israel at the top of the list of Hamas’s enemies should really be enough to Judge Hamas as the proverbial “good guy” while dismissing its foes as the true villains….”

“Indeed, not a day passes without an Egyptian army post is targeted or Egyptian army personnel is killed by Egyptian rebels, embittered by the massacre of thousands of Egyptian protesters at the hands of the fascist coup makers.
Since the coup against the only democratically-elected president in Egypt’s entire history began on July 3, Israel has been quietly allowing Egyptian helicopter gunship to terrorize Gaza and launch attacks on suspected Islamist fighters. The coup makers, especially the puppet government of Adly Mansour, have been claiming that Palestinians from Gaza are involved in the insurrection against the junta.”


At the outset, I admit that the thug was right when he warned his Motherhood:

In less than a year we have seen a free fall to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The sectarian Hamayereh, instead of lashing Brothers, casts blame on the tens of millions of Egyptians who took to the fields to bring down the ruling Al murshid

In case you missed it:

Those living by the sword shall die by the sword Thus wrote Khalid Amayereh, a Sectarian anti-Shiite, Islamist big mouth, hailing the so-called ‘martyrdom”operation against the“National Security headquarters’ building in the heart of Damascus Wednesday morning, killing the Regime’s Defense Minister Daoud Abdullah Rajha and Intelligence Chief Asef Shawkat as well as 50 other soldiers.”

In case you missed it:

According to Hamayreh, Palestine belongs to Mursihood, “representing” 1.5 billion Muslims, But as “the Zionist entity is powerful militarily, thanks to its domination of the American government.” and whereasthere is no verse in the Holy Quran stating that the Palestinian problem must be resolved during Haniya’s life time, and whereas the ”Umma Leader” the rights of the Palestinian people will restored by“diplomatic action”.

In case you missed it:

In case you missed it:

“I would rather live under Israeli occupation than under the power of Hezbollah and its anti-Islam, false Islam deviationists, sectarian rapists and murderers who call themselves shias.”  Hamayreh

Read his sectarian poison.

“In recent weeks, some ignorant Shiite extremists have been attacking and vilifying me personally for my principled stance in support of the Syrian revolution against the cultic, murderous and sectarian regime of Bashar el-Assad.” he claimed.The media thugs, who are likely to be hired and paid by Hizbullah and/or the Iranian intelligence, have also been bad-mouthing prominent Muslim scholars, such as Sheikh Yousef al Qaradawi, as well as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, calling Sunni Islamic groups “the Ikhwan of America.” Qaradawi has been called the “NATO sheikh” and the Syrian freedom-fighters called “America’s fighters.” he added.

The Pig hopes and prays “that these media thugs don’t represent Shiites everywhere” 

The pig after his endless lies and smear campain against Shiites all Shiites at deLibration, is drawing ”a line of distinction between the Shiites of Muhammed and the Shiites of Iblis (the devil.),
In fact the sectarian Pig is drawing a line of distinction between Sunnis (Shiites of Muhammad) and Shiites, because every Muslim knows that Muslims after the death of Muhammed divided into Shiites (Party) of Ali and Shiites of Abu Baker.
The truth of the matter is that Brothers of America fanatics are trying to destroy all bridges with their Shiites, Alwaites, Druz and Christian brothers, which means that they only have themselves to harm. Needless to say, those who decapitate toddlers and children and rape women in Syria and then shout rather hysterically Allah Akbar have lost not only their Islam, but their humanity as well.
Yesterday we have seen (ABU DAAN– wearing beard) ”elected President” MURSI, forgetting that he is President “of the most important Arab country”, the president of all Egyptian, after destoying Gaza’s and Resistance lifelines, hiding  behind Gamal Abd Al-Naser and “behind the thin façade of the Palestine cause as well as…anti-Zionism” acting as the President of American brothers, calling for changinig the regime in Syria.  

I would tell the sectarian Pig that with or without visiting Jerusalem the damage of the catastrophic acts of American brothers would keep them busy for half a century to fix the damage. They will only have themselves to blame.
Being one of the “media thugs, who are likely to be hired and paid by Hizbullah and/or the Iranian intelligence,”, the one who called the International Brotherhood “the Ikhwan of America.” Qaradawi the “NATO sheikh” and the FSA, ”America’s fighters.” and called him Khalid “Hamayreh” and proved that Hamayeh is his real family name, and after reading the Story of a donkey an true son of Donkey’s tribe I would apologize for humilating all donkey on the earth  by calling the PIG a donkey.

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