Abdallah Shallah, general secretary of the Jihad said that the establishment of a Palestinian State on the 1967 territories by way of negotiations will never take place and the Israelis will never let it happen . What is in store for the Palestinians is not a state of any kind but further partition whereby Gaza strip is supposed to become part of Egypt and the West Bank to be partitioned between Israel and Jordan and as reward Israel will be recognized as a Jewish state by Palestinians . This Jewish state will take care of whatever remains of Palestine within the 1948 borders as is happening to the Bedwins of the Naqab right now.

Shallah called for the stopping of all negotiations with Israel on the spot because these negotiations are a danger to the Palestinian Cause and to Palestinians, and they have led to nowhere . The peace process itself -said Shallah- was liquidated with Arafat , and the killing of Arafat – poisoned at the hands of Israelis- meant the killing of this peace process in which Arafat was engaged . The Israelis want no peace . While Israel is no more expanding on the Arab land due to peace agreements on one hand and to its defeat and withdrawal from Lebanon on the other hand, it is consecrating its hegemony over Palestinian territories . It has turned Jerusalem into a Jewish City and is now besieging Gaza like never before whereby Gaza is now without electric power.

The negotiations have totally failed and starting from this failure there is need to build the National Palestinian Project that will involve all Palestinians wherever they are : in Camps or in usurped land or abroad . All Palestinians are invited to partake in this project that is constituted of 6 major points:

The first is that Palestine is one country belonging to one people who are the Palestinians .

The second is that it belongs to no one to compromise over the Palestinians’ rights or to give up any of the Palestinian rights in Palestine.

The third is the unity of the Palestinian people.

The fourth is the reconstruction and reconstitution of the one Palestinian will.

The fifth is the right to resort to armed Resistance as a the choice dictated by the Palestinian will.

The sixth is the restoration of the Arab and Muslim dimension of the cause .

Shallah -finally- insisted on the Palestinian armed struggle on the ground of its legitimacy , its effectiveness and its reality after the negotiations have reached a dead end and this is the choice of the Palestinians who voted for HAMAS and wanted HAMAS to rule because- added Shallah- HAMAS is a Resistance movement .

Shallah was precise and direct and honest and to the point in explaining the situation and the choice , we salute him and salute al Jihad al Islami who is showing to Palestinians the way out of this endless suffering .

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