As if by a magic tour this ugly war launched on Syria by the World order has turned into a war launched by Syria against terrorism. How did this happen? News are speaking about foreign representatives heading to Syria in order to coordinate with the Syrians the details regarding this new war assigned to Syria, and some foreign governments are even in the process of forming an army of the opposition whose task will be to fight al Qa’ida in Syria.. This is the deal Russia has reached with USA along with the chemical weapons deal which will allow the presence of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean provided Israel remains safe .

In return, Assad will remain in power and will continue the war but this time the war will be against terrorism and the enemy will be well defined and labeled as constituted of religious extremists and fanatics whom Russia will be more than happy to eliminate . All the other factions of the opposition that do not fit this description will be dismantled and will join either al Qa’ida or the Syrian army.

Still, the thugs from all over the world will keep on flowing into Syria in great numbers from Jordan trained and equipped by the CIA and monitored by Israel, they will fight the Syrian army and try to secure entrance to Damascus .

In this deal US gets away with what it does since it can hide behind al Qa’ida and continue the process of destroying Syria, and Russia also got a deal which is a military presence in the Mediterranean .

This war on terrorism is nothing more than shifting of the original struggle with Israel ; it serves more than a purpose. It replaces the fight with Israel with another fight that benefits Israel and the world order . It keeps the Arab armies busy fighting a fictitious enemy called Terrorism created by the establishment. It destroys Arab countries and dismantles Arab societies that will be torn by internal conflicts . It exposes and threatens directly the armed Resistance to Israel . Should Syria really settle for this and carry on this task ? Weren’t there any other alternatives ?

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